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  1. PlantstronginTEXAS

    I just made these tonight because I had a big pot of soup and cornbread sounded good. These muffins have a lot of corn flavor. Mine turned out a bit dry but they were really good crumbled into my hot soup. I did leave out the stevia also. I felt good eating them knowing there was no fat .

  2. Denise

    These were so good crumbled over the Veggie Chili! I’m going to freeze some so that I have them the next time I make the chili, which I know will be a staple this winter!

  3. Brittany

    These are DELICIOUS! I could not recommend them enough. Perfect with Julie’s veggie chili. I used 1/2 the amount of stevia.

  4. Jennifer

    These turned out quite dry. I took them to a family get together with omnivores and it was a mixed bag. Some loved them, some politely took a few bites and threw out the rest. I liked (not loved) them. I will try more liquid the next time, I will make them again.

  5. Julie Marie

    The recipe has been revised. No more dry muffins!

  6. Penny

    Made these tonight and they were a huge hit. At first I didn’t think they were cooked enough in the middle but my daughter said she liked them like that and after they cooled off the center firmed up. I’m really loving how simple and easy these recipes are and how great all of them have been.

  7. karen harris

    Made these today. I replaced the soy milk with unsweetened almond milk and the jalapeño with green chile. Fabulous! This is a very substantial muffin and would be good for breakfast as well as dinner. I may try to bake in a 9×13 pan and then use as “stuffing” topped with red chile gravy (no flour or oil) for our Christmas Eve dinner. Great recipe Julie Marie!

  8. tina iovine

    Absolutely LOVE these muffins!! Such a great recipe!! I have to make more and freeze them!! Thanks Julie!!

  9. newhopeden

    I didn’t add the peppers because they all ended up in my chili. But the muffins turned out good and went good with the spicy chili!

  10. Amy

    These are my go to breakfast on a regular basis!! I don’t like jalapenos so I add onion and a little spinach to make these extra special. I also love using a mini muffin pan for extra portability!

  11. Penny

    Made these again but used the Masa Harina for the corn flour. Love it, couldn’t stop scooping it from the bowl to taste!
    Julie your recipes amaze me every time I make one:
    1) they are so easy to throw together
    2) you use simple ingredients not something I have to run around town to find for one recipe
    3) your recipes are ALWAYS so tasty!!

    I have NEVER found a more sustainable ‘diet’ (which is now my lifestyle) than PD. :-)

  12. huclkengirl

    I didn’t add the spice but they muffins were awesome! I loved them! Really good with the chili!

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