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Class #001 – Starting a Protective Diet

By : | 13 Comments October 29, 2013 | Category : Fundamentals, Premium Classes

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  1. posted by victoria sandiford on December 7, 2013

    Hello, I’m confused: You stay that olive oil is not a whole food because the oil is removed from the rest of the fruit, but later on you say that soy beverage is a whole food because it’s the liquid pressed from the soybean? what’s the difference?

    Also, is that corn tortilla made from genetically modified corn? 90% of the corn produced in this country is genetically modified so if it’s not organic, it’s likely genetically modified. Do you believe it is important for promoting health to stay away from genetically modified foods?

    Thank you. I’m excited to start. I believe this is a good healthy plan.

    • posted by Julie Marie on December 10, 2013

      Hi Victoria,
      The soymilk that I recommend is made with the whole soy bean. It is cooked and blended with water. Olive oil is extracted from the olive leaving the shell of the olive behind. The oil is missing the fiber and vitamins found in the whole olive.
      The corn tortillas I choose to eat are genetically modified. If you choose to go non-GMO I recommend 365 brand organic corn tortillas. I will be having a class about GMOs and organics on Feb 4th. Really great baked tortilla chips are my favorite food and without them I could never stay on plan. The non GMO tortillas bake up into card board. If I didn’t have the others it would lead me to cheat with oil covered traditional GMO corn chips. This is when I say its way better to eat oil free GMO foods over deep fried GMO corn chips.

      • posted by victoria sandiford on December 10, 2013

        “Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, Julie. Looking forward to my first live class tonight. Vicky

  2. posted by MConnie Silva on September 10, 2014

    I’m so excited to join PD, I have listen to you presentation today finally, I now will continue to listen to your presentations, I have learn so much just by listening to your first (1) lesson will continue to listen to many more that you have posted thank you so much for that. I find it to be very educational, to bad that we were not taught to eat right from the very beginning, It’s never to late to learn. I have learned so much just from listening to you today. No wonder I haven’t been able to loss weight because just about everything I eat contains a lot of fat. Once again thank you for being you.

    • posted by Julie Marie on September 15, 2014

      Right back at you! xo

  3. posted by fitgirl7 on March 13, 2015

    Those corn tortilla are “abstracted” food to right? after we bake it over 125 degrees… I mean how is it wholefood? Once anything has been processed or pasteurized and cooked and not naturally prepared and is just not in its natural state anymore. Moreover, fat don’t make us fat. That’s just not true. I lost over 30lbs in 8 weeks (way too fast) and was mostly fat not muscle. I loss this weight on a high fat low carb diet (Keto diet) and I don’t recommend it either unless you are morbidly obese and the switch to your type or a raw plant and fruit base diet. and no fat is not a trigger .. it actually helps create satiety. I kept my weight off for 3 years that way… I ate a clean organic whole foods diet and I did not run and eat unnatural food. However, its not good for our arterie. point blank. Moreover, when I went on a low fat diet I was triggered to eat more there was not enough satiety . One question are those GMO corn tortillas? 80% of the corn produced in the USA or Mexico are GMO corn? I do agree with the ideal diet of your diet somewhat… but anytime you limiting or demonizing certain natural foods like nuts create a fad diet thats just my opinion create binge eating point blank. The reason I join is learn some new ideas to add to my mostly raw plant and fruit whole food diet and to sway my family to come my way. And thank you for a great diet!

    • posted by Julie Marie on March 13, 2015

      These are non GMO corn tortillas made from ground corn. Baking whole grains doesn’t remove contents of the grain. When I removed oils, nuts, avocados, coconut and sugar out of my whole food plant based vegan diet I was able to shed excess body fat and maintain it without struggle or extra exercize. This is advised by many plant based doctors and proven in nutrition science. The removal of these ingredients reduces and reverses inflammation and disease. For more information see the FAQ on the home page or the PD-Ed archived lessons.

  4. posted by GM on December 2, 2015

    I can’t find the detox plan . It says go to it then it’s not ther

    • posted by Julie Marie on December 3, 2015

      Gail Marie, This is a video.

      • posted by Mary G on March 13, 2016

        I can find it either – I click on the video but it doesn’t open

        • posted by Julie Marie on March 15, 2016

          Hi Mary,
          This class is part of our premium programming. Are you a premium member? If so be sure you are logged in and the class will be available to you.
          If your are not enrolled in our programming, here’s a link to learn more: https://protectivediet.com/what-is-pd-ed

  5. posted by [email protected] on February 3, 2016

    Hi Julie Marie
    Thanks so much. Your insights are excellent . Thanks
    Elma Heldzinger

  6. posted by MaryinWillits on June 17, 2016

    That comment about ” natural flavor- beaver butt” was on a 60 Minutes tv episode done by Morley Safer on food additives. I think someone posted it on Protective Diet Living.