Sugar-Free Icing Premium PD Recipe
Sugar-Free Royal Icing Premium PD Recipe
Tapioca Pudding Premium PD Recipe
Crispy Kale Chips Free PD Recipe
Real Plant Based Mayo Premium PD Recipe
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Class #343 | Slimming Down with Concession Stand Nachos This class introduces Instant Cheeze Sauce--super silky, made of pantry staples, and ready in less than three minutes. Your Protective Diet just got even more convenient, exciting, and sustainable. Invite your friends over! Concession Stand Nachos are on the menu!
Class #342 | Burritos With Homemade 12-Inch Flour Tortillas This class features another genius recipe. These oil-free, whole grain, organic, flour tortillas will become a mealtime staple. With just one ingredient and Julie Marie’s proven tips, the most protective burrito on the planet also makes the easiest dinner clean-up ever.
Class #341 | Pre-Gaming & Post-Gaming For Caloric Reduction This class has nothing to do with the Super Bowl—unless you’re referring to the SUPER bowl of low calorie, anti-aging, cell recycling, disease decimating food in your Protective Diet kitchen! This class shares tips for activating AMPK, your cellular energy manager.

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Latest Recipes

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Plant-Based Taco Bell Meat Premium PD Recipe This recipe is a high-fiber, protective, whole food, plant-based remake of Taco Bell’s seasoned beef. A health promoting copycat of… View Recipe
Concession Stand Nachos Premium PD Recipe Boring diet food is the number one reason people struggle to lose weight and often stop short of reaching their… View Recipe
Instant Cheeze Sauce Premium PD Recipe The world's healthiest and silkiest oil free, nut free, plant-based cheeze recipe is here—AND it’s ready in only three minutes!… View Recipe
Instant Pot Shepard’s Pie Premium PD Recipe Warm up with microbiome boosting resistant starch seasoned with protective warming spices. This modern day Shepard's Pie satisfies winter appetites… View Recipe
Protective Winter Slaw Premium PD Recipe A vibrant celebration of seasonal crunch that promises to invigorate your taste buds and nourish your body from the inside… View Recipe
Instant Pot Dried Beans and Rice Premium PD Recipe Elevate your grain bowl or burrito night with this Mexican inspired Instant Pot recipe. It is quick to assemble with… View Recipe


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