Queso con Carne Premium PD Recipe
Mock Artichoke Dip Premium PD Recipe
BBQ Riblets Premium PD Recipe
Pico De Gallo Premium PD Recipe
Dill Pickle Dip Premium PD Recipe
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Class #344 | Reduce Toxic Load: Castor Oil Deodorant & More This class will elevate your beauty routine and reduce your toxic load with natural skincare tips and the power of castor oil. Julie Marie demonstrates her daily toilette featuring soothing anti-inflammatory treatments that diminish wrinkles and support the liver.
Class #343 | Slimming Down with Concession Stand Nachos This class introduces Instant Cheeze Sauce--super silky, made of pantry staples, and ready in less than three minutes. Your Protective Diet just got even more convenient, exciting, and sustainable. Invite your friends over! Concession Stand Nachos are on the menu!

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Castor Oil Deodorant Premium PD Recipe Castor oil is a naturally antibacterial, effective, and easy to apply deodarant. My no-mix method makes natural living easier and… View Recipe
Natural Dishwasher Detergent Premium PD Recipe Toxic, carcinogenic chemicals and endocrine-disrupting fragrances in commercial detergents remain on dishes we fill with protective food and beverages. Chemicals… View Recipe
Taco Well Pizza Premium PD Recipe Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza was my favorite drive-thru nosh. With Protective Diet, we can enjoy old favorites while still remaining… View Recipe
Instant Mac & Cheeze Premium PD Recipe Just 15 minutes to a satisfying protective dinner! Mix and eat or make and bake while slimming down with Protective… View Recipe
Plant-Based Taco Bell Meat Premium PD Recipe This recipe is a high-fiber, protective, whole food, plant-based remake of Taco Bell’s seasoned beef. A health promoting copycat of… View Recipe


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