Plant-Based Nutritional Intervention Results are typical on a Protective Diet Diane’s Testimonial

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    I now have completed month four and I’m going strong. Taking it one day at a time! I’ve lost over 40 lbs. Reduced my blood pressure medicine and eliminated the need for cholesterol medicine completely. I love all the great recipes I’ve tried. The PD-Ed lessons are such a great resource. And the support from Protective Diet Living is amazing! The first 30 days was challenging at times and I haven’t been perfect but I feel like I’ve found a lifestyle that is going to work for me and break that awful dieting cycle! I’m not hungry. I get to eat so many wonderful foods without worrying or feeling deprived. It almost feels like cheating sometimes. I feel great and I’m only a few pounds from my previous “goal weight”. I’m excited to see what my optimal healthy weight will be with out worrying about maintenance

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