Benefits of Soy

Soy and Cancer
Soybeans naturally contain the protective isoflavone genistein
Genistein acts as a chemotherapeutic agent to cancer
Genistein is an angiogenesis inhibitor that inhibits the metastasis of cancer
To learn more about genistein, Watch PD-ED Lesson #281 – Making Perfect Yogurt And Including Soy On An Anti-Angiogenic Diet To Prevent Cancer
Every single solid cancer tumor ranging from breast to prostate to lung to colon must have angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth) to grow beyond a pinpoint size
Without angiogenesis, cancer cells can not grow
Clinical studies have eliminated the theoretical concerns that soy intake may worsen breast cancer or interact with tamoxifen treatment because genistein is a phytoestrogen
Among women with breast cancer, soy food consumption has been shown in numerous, large-scale studies to be significantly associated with decreased risk of death and recurrence regardless of estrogen receptor status or tamoxifen use
To eliminate the global threat of cancer, we must implement an antiangiogenic diet as early as gestation or from the moment we learn this life-saving information
The wait, watch, scan, and treatment method is resulting in premature death
Cooking protective foods and living proactively enhances all aspects of our lives

Choosing Organic Soy
We include whole organic soybeans blended, cooked, or fermented in the form of shelf-stable or homemade unsweetened soymilk, okara, tofu, homemade soy yogurt, tempeh, miso, and reduced-sodium tamari for cellular protection.
Avoid soy along with any ingredient that is processed into concentrated protein powders or with oils and flavorings in food products

Soy and Breast Cancer: Focus on Angiogenesis

Supportive PD-Ed Cancer Classes
#307 Cancer Diagnosis on a Protective Diet
Part 1 of a two-part series, this class is the talk your doctor can’t have with you. Legally, doctors can only offer diagnoses and aggressive, standardized treatment plans. But there are other options.

#308 Anti-Cancer Diet
Part 2 of a two-part series, this class covers synergistic functional foods that reverse and prevent disease by inhibiting angiogenesis. Whether you use food as a holistic treatment or choose the standard medical protocol, a Protective Diet will shield your healthy cells from the impact of chemical treatments and the proliferation of disease, assisting your body in healing and maintaining homeostasis.

#281 Making Perfect Yogurt And Including Soy On An Anti-Angiogenic Diet To Prevent Cancer
Learn to amplify the protective benefits of genistein with fermentation.

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