Better Than Kombucha Premium PD Recipe For the love of kombucha I created this tangy, thirst-quenching, fizzy, sugar-free, and alcohol-free alternative. This bubbly beverage has the… Continue Reading
Medicinal Chai Latte Premium PD Recipe Chai means tea in Hindi. The original blend was spicy, bold and medicinal—nothing like the sugary Chai Latte Big-bucks offers… Continue Reading
Matcha Premium PD Recipe The cellular protective catechin Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) and an abundance of detoxifying chlorophyll in organic Japanese Matcha prompted me to… Continue Reading
Sugar-Free Shrub Premium PD Recipe This colonial era fruit-vinegar beverage, loaded with sugar and sometimes spiked with spirits, has made a trendy comeback with the… Continue Reading
Organic Soymilk Premium PD Recipe In response to the food shortages in 2021, I created an easy-to-follow method to make cancer-protective soymilk for forty-four cents… Continue Reading
Rejuvelac Premium PD Recipe You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to sprout and ferment one organic ingredient to create… Continue Reading
Chia Chugger Satiation Sipper Premium PD Recipe This multi-level prebiotic functional beverage will supply your healthy resident microbes with a variety of protective polyphenols and resistant starch.… Continue Reading
Adult Hot Chocolate Premium PD Recipe This hit-the-spot chocolate beverage is a winter favorite. Iced or hot, it can be enjoyed year round, but I especially… Continue Reading
Protective Coffee Premium PD Recipe This is our favorite robust-roast coffee replacement that contains noteworthy organic protection. The roasted and ground organic root of the… Continue Reading
Citrus Slushie Premium PD Recipe Get excited to cool off this summer with an obesity protective, inflammatory disease protective, UV protective, anti-aging Citrus Slushie. Incorporating… Continue Reading
Skinny Mocha Frappe Premium PD Recipe With the Skinny Mocha Frappe you won't miss the ritual of a summertime iced coffeehouse treat on a Protective Diet… Continue Reading
Fresh Herb Tea Premium PD Recipe Herbal beverages contain non-nutritive oxidative-stress blasting bioactive compounds. They are calorie-free cocktails packed with ‘lifespan nutrients’ called antioxidants that reduce… Continue Reading
Caraway Coffee Premium PD Recipe This calorie-free robust roast will promote comforting mood-boosting feelings of euphoria as your healthy gut microbiota communicates with your brain.… Continue Reading
Chocolate Rooibos Latte Premium PD Recipe We’ve created a high-quality copycat blend of this PD community's favorite tea bag to cut costs, reduce waste and maximize… Continue Reading
African Red Premium PD Recipe Reach for a hydrating and protective African Red polyphenol pick-me-up when you’re feeling snacky. Thirst and dehydration trigger hunger hormones… Continue Reading
Choco Tonic Premium PD Recipe A warm satisfying sipper, treating our body to quadruple disease protection. Pure chocolate, spicy ginger, and curcumin are shown to… Continue Reading
Blue Chai Premium PD Recipe This calorie-free all-natural flower blossom brew is potent with protective anthocyanidin. These cobalt blue antioxidants protect the plant from damaging… Continue Reading
PD Dark Roast Premium PD Recipe I drink this soothing Dark Roast for several reasons. It is mentally therapeutic to slow my racing mind. It contains… Continue Reading
Protective Spiced Cider Premium PD Recipe Feel fantastic with a hot cup of Protective Spiced Cider! This comforting fall favorite will warm your pipes, sooth your… Continue Reading
Chai Latte Premium PD Recipe Chai is a protective blend of black tea and warming, aromatic whole spices, cherished in India to preserve health and… Continue Reading
Protective Diet Tuber Tonic Premium Recipe Enjoy this warming elixir ritual designed to hydrate and protect your body. Protective Diet Tuber Tonic is my spicy protective… Continue Reading
Holiday Nog Premium PD Recipe Creamy plant-based and sugar-free winter-spiced healthy Holiday Nog is refreshing and indulgent-tasting, making the holiday season exciting and protective on… Continue Reading
Wicked Hot Chocolate Premium PD Recipe This hot and spicy satisfying sipper is my favorite winter weekend warmup beverage. The original Wicked Hot Chocolate was created… Continue Reading
Mulled “Wine” Premium PD Recipe Mugs of hot ruby red cheer filled with fragrant warming aromatics are traditionally sipped to celebrate Christmas throughout the United… Continue Reading
Skinny Frappe Featured Image - © Skinny Frappe Premium PD Recipe You won’t miss the ritual of a summertime cold coffeehouse treat on a Protective Diet. The classic Mocha Frappe has… Continue Reading
Freshca Premium PD Recipe Grapefruit soda pop started out south of the border and was packaged as Fresca, Goya Refresco, and Jarritos Toronja. Also… Continue Reading
Protective Pale Ale Premium PD Recipe How about a non-alcoholic calorie-free icy cold one? When choosing to eliminate alcohol from the diet I recommend treating yourself… Continue Reading
Sparkle Tea Premium PD Recipe Eliminating diet soda pop from my routine was one of my biggest hurdles to healthy living. This beverage replaces the… Continue Reading
Sweet Tea 3 - © Sweet Tea Premium PD Recipe Drinking sweet tea is one of the oldest, most beloved Southern year-round daily traditions. It is brewed strong, heavily sweetened… Continue Reading
Simple Syrup - © Simple Syrup Premium PD Recipe Simple syrup is a liquid sugar used to sweeten beverages. Protective Diet has created a sugar-free simple syrup to sweeten… Continue Reading
Moscow Mule - © Moscow Mule Premium PD Recipe This warming wintertime cocktail was created in 1939. The Moscow Mule peaked in popularity in the 50s, died off in… Continue Reading
PD Cocktail - © PD Cocktail Premium PD Recipe If you're hosting a celebration and you'd like to serve your guests a special beverage, here it is. This beautiful… Continue Reading
Strawberry Lemonade Refresher - © Strawberry Lemonade Refresher Premium PD Recipe Sip on this Protective Diet sugar-free Strawberry Lemonade to cool off and rehydrate this summer. This blended up beverage is… Continue Reading
PD Latte - © PD Latte Premium PD Recipe When we stop consuming coffee, our physical addiction to it passes within a day or two. The memory of the… Continue Reading
hibiscus tea Flower Water Premium PD Recipe This gorgeous, ruby red, zero-calorie beverage tops the charts with antioxidant power leaving green tea in the dust. Hydrating and… Continue Reading
Shamrock Shake - © Shamrock Shake Premium PD Recipe In March everyone is racing to the drive-thru to pick up a 16 oz, 660 calorie, sweet minty green creamy… Continue Reading
Hot Cup of Cacao - © Hot Cup of Cacao Premium PD Recipe Protective Diet created a hot chocolaty winter treat to satisfy your chocolate fix, keep you on plan and reaching your… Continue Reading
Rice Milk - © Rice Milk Free PD Recipe If you have a high-speed blender and a ½ cup of raw rice, you are only a minute away from… Continue Reading
Oat Milk - © Oat Milk Free PD Recipe Making your own Oat Milk eliminates the additives and sugar found in packaged plant-based milks. It will save you money… Continue Reading


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