Terms & Conditions

Protective Diet Education enrollment and Premium Membership is a digital product rendered upon completion of the checkout process and is nonrefundable.
Directions to cancel your recurring Premium Membership to Protective Diet Education:
If you are logged into your premium account, you will see the steps to cancel below.
If you see a login box fill it in with your email and password, click the unsubscribe button and follow the cancellation steps.
After unsubscribing, you will have access to premium content until one minute after your next billing date (for the remainder of your billing cycle) and you will not be charged again.
Cancellations must be made before your monthly billing date to avoid future charges.
Prorated refunds are not offered on Protective Diet Education or Premium Memberships.

You may resubscribe at any time, enrollment fees and current monthly rates will apply.
A lapse in payment for monthly program dues will automatically terminate and downgrade your membership.
A grace period of one week is automatically extended to assist you with any outstanding payments before your premium membership is terminated.
Enrollment fees are due to re-enter the program following a lapse in membership dues or cancellation.

Phone Consultations are fully refundable when reservations are canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled call time.

Cooking Classes and presentations are fully refundable when reservations are canceled seven days prior to the event or class.

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