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Lost Weight, Gained a Smile and a New Outlook!

By: aisling | 1 Comment | | Category: Testimonials

Today is my last day of the 30 Day Detox! In 30 days, I have lost six pounds without being hungry, counting calories, or feeling deprived. The food on a Protective Diet is delicious. The support that Julie, Jerry, and the rest of the PD family provide... more

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Drop in Cholesterol – Thank you!!!

By: Sue King | 0 Comments | | Category: Testimonials

My cholesterol readings have long been my biggest health issue. I was once tested as high as 333. I have been fighting being 20-50 pounds overweight most of my life. The only thing that ever seemed to lower my cholesterol before this was regular exercise. But,... more

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30 Day Detox Progress

By: aisling | 1 Comment | | Category: Testimonials

I am excited to share my progress so far! Today is Day 22 of my 30 Day Detox. I am starting to feel rising energy levels and a great deal of mental clarity and emotional evenness. The pictures show my progress, the one in the gray shirt... more

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Hurray! I love!!!

By: Sue King | 2 Comments | | Category: Testimonials

I am now on week 8 on a Protective Diet (PD) and I can't be happier with the program! I was feeling thin today, so I jumped on the scale to see the scale at 180! Yes, 180 means 8.5 pounds lost in the last 7 weeks.

The best... more

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I was skeptical… at first!

By: JamesMichaelElmore | 1 Comment | | Category: Testimonials

I have to admit, when my mother suggested this idea of no meats, diary, oils, etc. I was highly skeptical. Those are all the things I love bout food! Then we made some of the recipes, starting with suaces like the sweet mustard dressing, ketchup, etc. I loved them. We... more

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My PD Journey – April 2015 to January 2017

By: rosaleedow | 5 Comments | | Category: Testimonials

Before PD I had tried MANY weight-loss programs fighting obesity all my adult life. A few times I even got the weight off for a few months; but I was never able to maintain long term. By the time I started PD I had some health issues I was concerned... more

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For My Health and Happiness

By: joann9991 | 1 Comment | | Category: Testimonials

I'm very proud of all members who have chosen to change from an unhealthy diet to a healthy eating lifestyle. I'm just starting all over, Nov 19, 2016. I was eating clean, not eating meat, exercising, drinking water, etc. etc. And then one day about three months ago, I... more

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Continuing My Protective Diet Journey on Protective Diet – Dianna H

By: Diwith5 | 1 Comment | | Category: Testimonials

My 3 Month update in my On-going Protective Diet Journey has me down 30 pounds now!

I am SO enjoying not being driven by the thought or craving of "Food", but the Freedom of enjoying the opportunity to Nourish my body with every bite I take.

This Month I... more

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Lost Weight Without Hunger!

By: Tonya Sneed | 1 Comment | | Category: Testimonials

I first began the whole foods program in February of 2012 at the age of 43. I had gained some weight and was miserable. I was having severe issues with uterine fibroid tumors, with heavy periods lasting 2 to 3 weeks, which in turn resulted in fairly severe anemia. I... more

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18 lbs in 30 days and still Going

By: Sarra Donathan | 4 Comments | | Category: Testimonials

As I think back to the person I was 30 days ago I am amazed. I felt a desperation and obsession when it came to food. My life revolved around the next meal and the next diet I was failing. I was introduced to Protective Diet when I seen the... more

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