Class #150 – Complimentary Video Coaching Hour

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    AngelaPD: Hello Julie
    sbb1024: no w are on!!
    PDtece: Hi Julie!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:02:52pm
    Vegangirl58: @Traceyann24 I never really liked Stevia
    AngelaPD: I am not a huge fan of stevia – in somethings but not a lot
    sbb1024: no srevia do not like it
    auntruthie: Less is more with stevia

    Tue Nov 1, 6:04:40pm
    AngelaPD: Agreed Auntruthe
    AngelaPD: CHOCOLATE PIE!!!
    amylong: Hi Everyone!!
    AngelaPD: Hi AMy
    a2darleen: Hi Amy!
    PDtece: Grand slam!!
    sbb1024: grand slam 7/0
    jerrypd: Hi Amy, and everyone else!
    PDtece: Hi Jerry!
    jerrypd: Thanks for the update

    a2darleen: yes Amy Julie is on.

    Tue Nov 1, 6:06:29pm
    jerrypd: Amy click play (oh and make sure no one is streaming anything else like netflix amazon etc)
    sbb1024: i will watch tomorrow going to wtch the game..God bless all of you!!!!
    a2darleen: See you Susan!
    PDtece: Bye Susan
    jerrypd: thanks for tuning in Susan!
    sbb1024: xxooxxoo
    AngelaPD: Bye Susan

    Tue Nov 1, 6:08:07pm
    AngelaPD: And today was affiliate payday!!!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:11:12pm
    PDtece: My friend that I met up with today (we hadn’t seen each other for 30 years!!) asked me to help her get rid of her illnesses. She has migraines, IBS and osteearthritis. She feels OLD and wants to feel like I do.
    AngelaPD: Good job, Tece!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:12:35pm
    PDtece: I had written to her about PD before but seeing me in person was “proof of the pudding”

    Tue Nov 1, 6:14:53pm
    PDtece: Yes, bad timing about the potluck!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:19:00pm
    AngelaPD: If you are new to the class – a pressure cooker will be one of your best friends!
    FLdobes: I just watched class #149,but the live class will not play. Just keeps circling…
    jerrypd: Maybe refresh…also close all other tabs and windows

    Tue Nov 1, 6:20:12pm
    jerrypd: are you on your computer, phone or some other device?
    AngelaPD: JERRY!
    AngelaPD: lol

    Tue Nov 1, 6:21:50pm
    jerrypd: she insists on doing ALL the cooking, then she tells me I have to learn about it…can’t win for losing I guess LOL
    AngelaPD: LOL

    Tue Nov 1, 6:23:00pm
    PDtece: I have LUX60
    amylong: I’ve tried restarting and all other devices are off. Guess it’s not going to work for me. Good night everyone! I will have to catch the replay. Very sad.
    FLdobes: I just shut everything down and rebooted (computer). Still just running.
    a2darleen: Thanks for coming Amy! Thank you again for introducing me to this program!
    jerrypd: Only the DUO model allows you to toggle the keep warm function on and off
    amylong: Darleen we should get together soon!!
    a2darleen: Yes!
    VeganHeatherLynn: CAN YOU REVIEW TIME DELAY?

    Tue Nov 1, 6:24:34pm
    LisaAll: FLdobes I have better luck with Chrome than Internet Explorer.
    FLdobes: I use Safari
    jerrypd: Safari causes nearly all the problems with the class

    Tue Nov 1, 6:26:02pm
    FLdobes: I just watched an archived class with no problem Then the live class wanted me to update Adobe……
    LisaAll: hmm
    jerrypd: Did you update adobe?
    VeganHeatherLynn: Thanks
    FLdobes: yes. Maybe I shouldn’t have??
    jerrypd: no I’m glad you did

    Tue Nov 1, 6:27:22pm
    jerrypd: try using a different browser…I’ve even disabled safari on Julie’s phone
    jerrypd: causes me headaches

    MollyBurkey: My favorite kind of meal most days!!!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:28:33pm
    AngelaPD: 78
    jerrypd: This is the browser I recommend
    AngelaPD: And my dentist says my gums look great! LOL

    Tue Nov 1, 6:30:30pm
    LisaAll: Pantrystocking is very important. Then you can just make whateve you feel like — you’ll have all you need.
    FLdobes: Thanks Jerry. I’ll try to figure out how to do that tomorrow
    AngelaPD: The pantry is key!
    MollyBurkey: The PD pantry is wonderful.

    Tue Nov 1, 6:31:59pm
    AngelaPD: I had everything to make the chocolate pie – I didn’t have to shop for anything
    amylong: Got in on my work computer. Thanks Jerry. I used to watch on Safari all the time in the past so didn’t realize that was the issue

    Tue Nov 1, 6:33:19pm
    jerrypd: Yay Amy, so glad you stayed tuned
    AngelaPD: LOL Brown Rice!
    jerrypd: what browser are you using now?
    amylong: chrome on a pc
    PDtece: My dad (recently had surgery) gave us his timeshare for this week. I brought all our prepared food from home (great little kitchen here). We stopped at Trader Joe’s for fruit and veg. I was mentioning to my husband today about how many hundreds of dollars we have probably saved on NOT going to any restaurants on this trip.
    AngelaPD: Right Tece!!!!
    LisaAll: Tece I think you should buy cute little pants with all that savings
    a2darleen: Yes, I stay at nicer hotels since I am not going out to eat.
    AngelaPD: You are saving $$$

    Tue Nov 1, 6:34:28pm
    PDtece: I do need more pants!!
    AngelaPD: I went out today and bought a new food processor for the same price it would have cost me to have 4 nice meals out. EASY justification

    Tue Nov 1, 6:35:43pm
    PDtece: Nice, Angela!
    a2darleen: I feel better making my own food compared to going out because I KNOW I have good food safety practices. Read the health inspections for restaurants. Gross!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:36:59pm
    LisaAll: I bought a red cabbage on Saturday. It never made it home. I am afraid it is rolling around in my trunk. And i miss my cabbage in my salad!
    PDtece: I cannot believe how reasonable the tortillas at Tortilleria Lily are!!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:38:09pm
    jerrypd: Aren’t they delicious Tece?
    LisaAll: My totillias are cheap. A BIG pack for $2.50. And they are warm….!
    jerrypd: Awesome Lisa
    PDtece: Oh Jerry! YES!
    AngelaPD: I know, Darleen. I used to eat at a Mongolian BBQ- I had them always clean the grill before cooking my meal. But now I cannot even look at their grill without thinking how gross it really is
    PDtece: I am making tacos for dinner!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:39:10pm
    AngelaPD: I get 36 warm tortillas for $2.50 – I but 2-3 packs a week!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:40:25pm
    a2darleen: No worries about cleaning chemicals in my office! That would cost money.
    AngelaPD: LOL Darleen
    Traceyann24: Today was Day 1 on my detox, and I did great!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:41:32pm
    a2darleen: Yeah Tracyann!
    AngelaPD: Good job, TraceyAnn!!!
    LisaAll: Good for your Tracyann!
    PDtece: Yay, Tracey!
    jerrypd: Is this your first live class @Traceyann24?

    Tue Nov 1, 6:42:45pm
    Traceyann24: no, been a member for 1 year today, but keep falling off the wagon.
    FLdobes: I’m in!! Had to change some settings in Safari security.
    LisaAll: Yay FL

    Tue Nov 1, 6:43:54pm
    jerrypd: How exciting!
    @FLdobes and @Traceyann24
    a2darleen: Yay FL!
    jerrypd: time to stay in it for your optimal health @Traceyann24

    Tue Nov 1, 6:44:54pm
    FLdobes: LOL, chewing noise!
    PDtece: Jerry doesn’t have hair to absorb the sound
    Traceyann24: I know. I decided it’s time to make my health a TOP priority!
    jerrypd: @Traceyann24 That’s the key
    a2darleen: In Japan noisy eating is polite. It shows you appreciate and enjoy the food. Jerry is a happy eater! Be a happy dinner companion Julie!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:46:02pm
    jerrypd: It will get difficult to stop before long.

    Tue Nov 1, 6:48:14pm
    jerrypd: like for me I’d NEVER smoke another cigarette (I’ve only had 1 in my life). Likewise I will NEVER eat off plan just because my health means something to me. It has nothing to do with anything else really, for me it’s about optimal health. My perspective isn’t the only way, it just became SUPER EASY when I decided to do this for health more than any other reason
    PDtece: I completely agree with your statement, Jerry!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:49:46pm
    AngelaPD: It is amazing how easy it is to be PD. I need to get back to thanking the food for helping my body – sometimes I get too busy and forget to focus.
    LisaAll: Me too Jerry.
    a2darleen: DOES LUCKY EAT ONLY UNTIL he is full? Some animals eat and eat and some stop at full. Just curious.

    Tue Nov 1, 6:50:53pm
    LisaAll: And I find it easy too Angela. I am always shocked when someone says, Oh that must be hard. I’m like, what? hard? I eat brownies all the time.
    AngelaPD: My puppies and older dog stop at full! I didn’t think it was possible – but they do.
    PDtece: Just passed my 11 month anniversary. It is very easy to stay 100%. The rewards make it easy.
    MollyBurkey: I can’t imagine eating any other way!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:52:23pm
    AngelaPD: Someone said to me today that they could never restrict to be a vegan. I laughed! And then I explained what I eat
    jerrypd: @Traceyann24 you’ll get there, I’m excited to watch your progress
    LisaAll: I had a very tiny fit friend ask me about PD. It was so fun to explain that its health, not weight loss. Good for skinny littles too.

    Tue Nov 1, 6:53:35pm
    AngelaPD: Yes, Lisa.
    a2darleen: Yes, I am all about the health.

    Tue Nov 1, 6:54:54pm
    a2darleen: Yup, she gave up the bottle months ago.
    Traceyann24: the archives are quite overwhelming!
    LisaAll: I need to do mine testimonial
    PDtece: Yay, more testimonials!
    PDtece: Yes, Lisa!

    Tue Nov 1, 6:56:25pm
    jerrypd: here’s the link to that speaker

    Tue Nov 1, 6:57:37pm
    LisaAll: Well I meant to just stop in before running to the gym. But it was too nice in here. Oh well on the gym

    Tue Nov 1, 6:58:41pm
    AngelaPD: Glad you stayed, Lisa
    LisaAll: Will do some push ups tonight after a long dog walk. Win win

    Tue Nov 1, 7:03:11pm
    PDtece: Thanks, J and J! Time to make my Lily tacos!
    MollyBurkey: Thank you!
    LisaAll: Good night all!
    a2darleen: Good night all!

    Tue Nov 1, 7:04:55pm
    PDtece: Enjoy your family!

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