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Class #238 – Protective Beverages

By : | 2 Comments May 28, 2019 | Category : Electives, Premium Classes

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  1. posted by Dorothy Blevens on July 5, 2019

    I’m wondering if there’s anyway to add a link to your ingredients on the video page? Like maybe in the comments you can link the ingredients. Like this videos about the pea flower tea. . That way we can do our shopping right away and not have to go back to protective diet, click on shopping, find the ingredients, then find me go to the link. I just think it would be nice to watch the video and have the ability to immediately click the link and go purchase.

    • posted by Jerry Christensen on July 5, 2019

      Great idea Dorothy! I added a section for at most 6 suggestions so you can simply click and order. As This will be implemented starting with class 241. If you are watching the archives and notice a suggested product link please comment to let me know so I can add it.

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