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Class #298 | Stress Elimination Challenge

By : | 2 Comments November 2, 2021 | Category : Back On Track, Motivational, Premium Classes

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  1. posted by Nancy Mathews on November 3, 2021

    I hear ya Julie, he pandemic freaked me out. My daughter told us she was pregnant January 2020. The pandemic was just unfolding, my daughter is over weight and 35 years old. Very high risk. I was in a terrible mental place. Plus, my boss of 11 years told us he was retiring in October 2020. The results, 40 pounds packed back on after a 120 pound weight loss. I’m back on track, I had to give myself a “Moonstruck” slap across the face. Right now I’m doing a 3 day fast to reset my pallet. I let nuts, nuts and more nuts creep into my evening stress eating habit. There’s no nuts in the house and after the last 2 years I can finally see light again. I never once went off my WFPB lifestyle, I just over ate. Like you,, we also moved after living in our home before that for over 10 years. The stress of moving, then my husband lost is job of 21 years. The plant closed. He’s 59 years old, thankfully he was able to get a new job but its an hour commute and a very physical job. It was just to much for me. Life is a roller coaster. Be sure to not get sucked into other peoples drama, food shortages are real but… where you are food shortages so severe that would empty the store shelves across America is very slim. Trust in your country, have faith <3 We love you.. remember to breath.

  2. posted by Nancy Mathews on November 3, 2021

    Comment continued… Julie Marie, you are experiencing overwhelming grief with the loss of your mom. Couple that with turning your life upside down with a major cross state move. What your going through is pretty normal. I can NOT recommend grief counseling enough. I lost my dad 17 years ago yesterday. I lost my mom 4 years ago. Her death was the result of elder abuse at the nursing home she resided at. The pain was unimaginable on my heart. Please Please Please reach out to talk to a grief therapist. After just one session I could feel myself breath again. It was the BEST money I ever spent. (BIG HUG) <3

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