Class #092 – Food Anxiety

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    Tue July 28, 6:05:01pm

    Tue July 28, 6:05:23pm
    momthedork: Got it.

    Tue July 28, 6:06:16pm
    JenniferParsley: OK, refreshed and it’s fine

    Tue July 28, 6:06:26pm
    CJinPodunk: k

    Tue July 28, 6:07:49pm
    momthedork: It’s good for me.

    Tue July 28, 6:08:25pm
    veganinblack: oooooooo

    Tue July 28, 6:08:25pm
    eileenyoder14: Hi everyone!!

    Tue July 28, 6:08:37pm
    JenniferParsley: ok, back, fudge for brekkie, AWESOME!!!

    Tue July 28, 6:08:41pm
    vegangirl58: Stop teasing us!!!

    Tue July 28, 6:09:04pm
    vegangirl58: Can;t wait!!!

    Tue July 28, 6:09:11pm
    momthedork: Love fudge!

    Tue July 28, 6:09:13pm
    SandyShepherd: Hi, Eileen and Jennifer

    Tue July 28, 6:09:18pm
    JenniferParsley: We know how hard you work Julie, I will be patient.

    Tue July 28, 6:09:21pm
    JenniferParsley: Hi Sandy!

    Tue July 28, 6:09:32pm
    momthedork: Always worth the wait!

    Tue July 28, 6:09:43pm
    eileenyoder14: Hi Sandy

    Tue July 28, 6:10:04pm

    Tue July 28, 6:10:34pm
    protectivediet: ME (Jerry)

    Tue July 28, 6:10:45pm
    momthedork: Lucky Jerry!

    Tue July 28, 6:11:36pm
    protectivediet: I count my lucky stars everyday!

    Tue July 28, 6:11:39pm
    vegangirl58: Loved the newsletter. Thank you.

    Tue July 28, 6:11:48pm
    momthedork: PD makes eating this way so easy!!!

    Tue July 28, 6:12:40pm
    sharonhess: Initially I was also worried about tofu – but one of the greatest barriers to staying with whole foods plant based was that I love creamy dressing — PD has been so easy because I love the food

    Tue July 28, 6:14:25pm
    momthedork: Gyros, & fishless sticks.

    Tue July 28, 6:14:58pm
    julieb: Tofu bacon is my favorite

    Tue July 28, 6:15:05pm
    momthedork: Love the bacon!

    Tue July 28, 6:15:23pm

    Tue July 28, 6:16:11pm
    JenniferParsley: Sounds like this letter was from a certain sect of plant based eating (AJ) and wanting to criticize what Julie teaches because it isn’t exactly what another plant based leader teaches. This behavior makes me crazy. I wish everyone in the plant based world could just get along. ALL of these leaders and teachers leading people to plant based diets in any form are doing good things for human health and the planet. We should celebrate all of these plans and teachers! **Rant Over**

    Tue July 28, 6:16:50pm
    SandyShepherd: Nicely said, Jennifer! I sooooo agree!

    Tue July 28, 6:17:40pm
    veganinblack: ive always loved tofu and do eat it in a lot of dishes, i also disagree that it tastes flat until your taste buds get clean, ive served it in dip to a SAD crowd at my gallery openings and nobody knew it was even dairy free much less oil free

    Tue July 28, 6:18:16pm
    veganinblack: @JenniferParsley why cant we all be friends

    Tue July 28, 6:18:17pm
    sharonhess: I have found that the combination of having foods I truly enjoy combined with eliminating craving producing additives has gotten me to a place where I don’t have craving, where I don’t over eat and I never feel guilty. And I lose weight too!

    Tue July 28, 6:18:20pm
    mavery1454: Having problems watching video. was using firefox. getting an adobe
    reload page / submit crash report thing on the top of my screen. Went
    to try using firefox or chrome and I am locked out. I can see the chat
    box but that is it. will have to watch the replay.

    Tue July 28, 6:18:24pm
    JenniferParsley: I do the same thing Marci. SAD eaters love onion dip, homemade ranch, etc.

    Tue July 28, 6:18:34pm
    veggie365: Hi, all! Here a little late!

    Tue July 28, 6:18:40pm
    momthedork: Everyone related differently from different teachers. You need to find the one that works for you. PD is what works for me.

    Tue July 28, 6:19:00pm
    SandyShepherd: Sorry, Maria

    Tue July 28, 6:19:20pm
    CJinPodunk: Good way to sneak in the APPLE PIE comment of the night Jerry.

    Tue July 28, 6:19:33pm
    SandyShepherd: LOL!

    Tue July 28, 6:19:36pm

    Tue July 28, 6:19:45pm
    momthedork: The night would be complete with out mentioning apple pie!!!

    Tue July 28, 6:19:51pm
    momthedork: Would not

    Tue July 28, 6:19:51pm
    protectivediet: hoped you would find the humor I inteneded

    Tue July 28, 6:19:51pm
    veganinblack: im working on it so much, steo at full, been snacking at work a bit because its been slow and im bored

    Tue July 28, 6:20:01pm
    veganinblack: stopping at full

    Tue July 28, 6:20:06pm
    sharonhess: Made the creamy coleslaw and baked beans for my SAD eating family members and they LOVED it — the kids too!

    Tue July 28, 6:20:55pm
    vegangirl58: They should see your chia seed burgers!!

    Tue July 28, 6:20:57pm
    sharonhess: Without enough starch my brain starts craving sweets — eating enough starch is critical for eliminating cravings

    Tue July 28, 6:21:33pm
    JenniferParsley: I am still working on it too Marci. I do very well most of the time, yet occasionally emotionally eat. Today was a rough day for me and I wanted to numb with food. At least now I see the pattern and stop myself because I know numbing out with food won’t solve anything. I am watching my PD class, then going to bed, and starting over tomorrow.

    Tue July 28, 6:22:11pm
    veganinblack: ive been talking to myself about hey are you really hungry or just need something to do

    Tue July 28, 6:22:13pm
    sharonhess: Great plan Jennifer!!! Tomorrow is a new day

    Tue July 28, 6:22:43pm
    veganinblack: my ideal is one belt loop away, it was starting there last summer and hasnt gone back

    Tue July 28, 6:22:51pm
    sharonhess: I do that too Marci — then I seriously high five myself when I don’t eat out of boredom!!!

    Tue July 28, 6:23:07pm
    julieb: eating 50/50 really helped kicked my weight loss into gear. also watching the videos in PD-ED is really helping me stay focused.

    Tue July 28, 6:23:35pm
    eileenyoder14: I can understand jennifer. This is the second week that I have been taking care of my sick husband. He has a BAD case of shingles on his face and we are in quarantine. Can’t see grandkids, etc. So I am trying to stay focused. I never go off plan, but may eat too much sometimes.

    Tue July 28, 6:23:38pm
    veganinblack: 10 more lbs to go, and i thought ive never even get here, PD has just been life changing

    Tue July 28, 6:23:38pm
    momthedork: I’m doing much better at stopping before I’m full, but I need to work on the 50/50 plate.

    Tue July 28, 6:23:40pm
    JenniferParsley: The videos help me too Julie. I think this is an underused resource from PD.

    Tue July 28, 6:24:08pm
    momthedork: The videos are so motivating!

    Tue July 28, 6:24:42pm
    veganinblack: i am able to get thru a movie without popcorn some days, wow right

    Tue July 28, 6:24:56pm
    vegangirl58: So sorry eileen. Hope he gets over it. No fun!

    Tue July 28, 6:25:22pm
    julieb: now that I’ve been focusing on my food when I eat it I notice other people when they are mindlessly eating!

    Tue July 28, 6:25:38pm
    eileenyoder14: Thanks! It has been pretty rough but we will get through it with the Lord’s help.

    Tue July 28, 6:26:54pm
    JenniferParsley: Sorry to hear that Eileen. My bad day was also related to caregiving – had to take my grandmother to the eye specialist today, injections for age related macular degeneration. She is so frail and her eyesight is failing, it is hard to watch and I am such an empath, it really drains me and makes me sad.

    Tue July 28, 6:28:04pm
    SandyShepherd: Do sorry Jennifer. It is hard. Eileen, it is so hard to see someone go thru the pain of shingles.

    Tue July 28, 6:28:27pm
    eileenyoder14: yes, I can relate so much Jennifer! I have been so concerned for my husband and don’t like to see him in severe pain. He also had to go to the eye doctor to make sure there were no blisters on his eye and there were so now we are doing drops too.

    Tue July 28, 6:28:48pm

    Tue July 28, 6:28:49pm
    eileenyoder14: Yes it is Sandy.

    Tue July 28, 6:28:57pm
    mavery1454: I kept refreshing. I can see the class for now.

    Tue July 28, 6:29:04pm
    vegangirl58: Iced tea

    Tue July 28, 6:29:11pm
    momthedork: So sorry Eileen. Must be hard to watch that but remember to take care of yourself too!

    Tue July 28, 6:29:16pm
    SandyShepherd: So many nerve endings there, Eileen. hope he gets better soon.

    Tue July 28, 6:29:23pm
    vegangirl58: The strawberry lemonade is good too

    Tue July 28, 6:30:19pm
    eileenyoder14: Mom I am trying really hard to take care of myself. I also have thyroid issues so I am working on keeping my stress level down! No income for possibly a month too cause he can’t work.

    Tue July 28, 6:30:33pm
    julieb: I really like that analogy!!

    Tue July 28, 6:30:54pm
    protectivediet: @JenniferParsley I would say the answer to what we do when our coping mechanism doesn’t suffice…MICROGOALS (Next week’s class)

    Tue July 28, 6:31:09pm
    JenniferParsley: I agree Julie, you have to walk the walk to inspire others. I was thinking lately that Simon & I are the healthiest people I know! That’s why people always ask us about our diet, we are a walking billboard for a PD.

    Tue July 28, 6:31:38pm
    JenniferParsley: Thanks Jerry, can’t wait to hear more about micro goals.

    Tue July 28, 6:31:51pm
    SandyShepherd: I look forward to that day, Jennifer!

    Tue July 28, 6:32:23pm
    julieb: I’m excited to be an example for my parents- that’s one of the things that helps me to stay focused

    Tue July 28, 6:32:44pm
    JenniferParsley: You will arrive there Sandy, there is no way you can’t when you eat a PD.

    Tue July 28, 6:32:55pm
    protectivediet: Thanks for making it happen and sanding strong in who you are. You are a shining example of success. So many of you are

    Tue July 28, 6:33:05pm
    veganinblack: over eating is so uncomfortable

    Tue July 28, 6:33:20pm
    SandyShepherd: Thanks, Jennifer! You are so right.

    Tue July 28, 6:34:04pm
    momthedork: My husband and I are looking forward to that too Jennifer. We are well on our way.

    Tue July 28, 6:34:24pm
    sharonhess: I find the same Marci — I’ve been trying to slow down – especially at dinner because I end up eating just a bit too much and then I don’t feel so great

    Tue July 28, 6:34:59pm
    JenniferParsley: Simon just joined me, he said to say Hi to you Jerry

    Tue July 28, 6:35:00pm
    veganinblack: i remind myself when full and if I want more, that over full is uncomfortable

    Tue July 28, 6:35:08pm
    veganinblack: hi simoon

    Tue July 28, 6:35:20pm
    protectivediet: Hi Simon!

    Tue July 28, 6:35:34pm
    JenniferParsley: Simon says hello Marci, Ms. Veganinblack.

    Tue July 28, 6:36:03pm
    sharonhess: It seems like when I eat too quickly my brain gets the full message just a few bites behind my stomach

    Tue July 28, 6:36:16pm

    Tue July 28, 6:36:18pm
    veganinblack: eat slower, chew more, i need to do that

    Tue July 28, 6:36:39pm
    JenniferParsley: Great job Maria!!!

    Tue July 28, 6:36:58pm
    julieb: yes I liked it when Julie said before to ask yourself do I want more because I’m hungry or just because it tastes good. The answer is always because it tastes good & I can wait until the next meal to taste it again.

    Tue July 28, 6:37:57pm
    mavery1454: that is so true!

    Tue July 28, 6:38:53pm
    sharonhess: I had some really sad news about a good friend last week and its been hard — the day I found out I did eat about a 60/40 plate rather than 50/50, but I was still sad — and that was an appropriate feeling for the situation — sitting with it was hard though

    Tue July 28, 6:39:20pm
    veganinblack: a lot of times when i stop at full and say you can have something later, i often dont have a snack

    Tue July 28, 6:39:41pm
    JenniferParsley: Sorry to hear that Sharon. It is great that you recognized that it is appropriate to just feel sad. Feel the feelings.

    Tue July 28, 6:39:47pm
    veganinblack: putting away lunch is also a good way to not over eat dinner

    Tue July 28, 6:40:01pm
    mavery1454: so sorry sharon

    Tue July 28, 6:40:04pm
    sharonhess: same here — I had been thinking about the frosty, but never got hungry again after dinner

    Tue July 28, 6:40:16pm
    anon1927: What does SAD stand for

    Tue July 28, 6:40:29pm
    veganinblack: i also can be lazy and dont want to make anyting after dinner

    Tue July 28, 6:40:48pm
    julieb: I agree – I never realized how much extra food I ate when I was putting food away.

    Tue July 28, 6:40:54pm
    mavery1454: SAD standard American diet

    Tue July 28, 6:40:56pm
    JenniferParsley: SAD = Standard American Diet (= unhealthy junk)

    Tue July 28, 6:40:58pm
    SandyShepherd: Standard American Diet

    Tue July 28, 6:41:02pm
    veganinblack: Standard American Diet

    Tue July 28, 6:41:05pm
    anon1927: thanks

    Tue July 28, 6:41:13pm
    veganinblack: heh we were all on that

    Tue July 28, 6:41:20pm
    sharonhess: Thanks Maria — Ive had to learn that feeling sad is tolerable. It is a new concept for someone who ran from emotions for most of her life

    Tue July 28, 6:42:04pm
    JenniferParsley: We can definitely change our behavior, it can be a long, painful process though. Lots of lessons to be learned…again and again.

    Tue July 28, 6:42:07pm
    sharonhess: Binge eating feels so out of control and then I would never know when the cycle would stop

    Tue July 28, 6:42:23pm
    mavery1454: PD is so much more then about the food. It’s a full transformation. You are on your way sharon.

    Tue July 28, 6:42:32pm

    Tue July 28, 6:42:34pm
    sharonhess: Thanks!!!!

    Tue July 28, 6:42:49pm
    SandyShepherd: It is a full transformation, Maria!

    Tue July 28, 6:43:03pm
    sharonhess: I sure don’t miss the binging!!!

    Tue July 28, 6:43:33pm
    julieb: Yes I also like how J&J say to come to your meal hungry so you’ll enjoy it more. & that’s easier to do when you don’t overeat at the previous meal.

    Tue July 28, 6:44:58pm
    sharonhess: Ahh the trance — yes I have so been there — and thats the freedom of PD — I don’t do that anymore

    Tue July 28, 6:46:02pm
    sharonhess: Julie – its knowing that you did all those things that drew me to PD in the beginning — its all the stuff I did and exactly how I felt

    Tue July 28, 6:46:33pm
    julieb: yup been there done that LOL

    Tue July 28, 6:46:46pm
    SandyShepherd: Love and relate to the 2 soda thing! LOL!

    Tue July 28, 6:46:48pm
    JenniferParsley: Yes, it helps me so much to hear that Julie has been there too. And look at her now, the perfect example of health living on tortillas and veggies. These stories actually help me.

    Tue July 28, 6:46:59pm
    sharonhess: Yep – the 2 soda’s

    Tue July 28, 6:47:09pm
    vegangirl58: Goodnight al

    Tue July 28, 6:47:10pm
    protectivediet: Any questions?

    Tue July 28, 6:47:12pm
    vegangirl58: all

    Tue July 28, 6:47:20pm
    protectivediet: we’re wrapping up if not

    Tue July 28, 6:47:29pm
    sharonhess: Good night everyone!!! great class tonight!

    Tue July 28, 6:47:31pm
    protectivediet: great job, this is going to be an awesome class

    Tue July 28, 6:47:44pm
    CJinPodunk: thanks!

    Tue July 28, 6:47:54pm
    protectivediet: It will probably be sharable…we’ll see

    Tue July 28, 6:47:56pm

    Tue July 28, 6:48:29pm
    sharonhess: 50/50 plate at lunch and dinner

    Tue July 28, 6:48:50pm
    veganinblack: PD food is amazing, all the spices and flavors

    Tue July 28, 6:51:12pm
    JenniferParsley: Binge eating, not chewing well, and distracted fast eating all create bloating. When I consciously eat, chew well, and stop when full, my stomach feels so much better after a meal. I feel thin and light.

    Tue July 28, 6:51:37pm
    sharonhess: I so hate tracking! I so love being able to listen to my body

    Tue July 28, 6:52:41pm
    veggie365: The fudge looks amazing!

    Tue July 28, 6:52:47pm
    mavery1454: Even when I an not seeing the weight loss on the scale but I have seen it in my clothes.

    Tue July 28, 6:53:04pm
    SandyShepherd: Me too, Maria

    Tue July 28, 6:53:12pm
    JenniferParsley: My weight never changes, I just love that about PD.

    Tue July 28, 6:53:27pm
    mavery1454: I have never liked counting calories.

    Tue July 28, 6:53:44pm
    anon2655: that’s my biggest challenge – getting rid of the scale!

    Tue July 28, 6:53:58pm
    sharonhess: Luckily mine is still changing lol —

    Tue July 28, 6:54:27pm
    JenniferParsley: Funny Sharon
    When you reach your happy thin goal weight, it will never change.

    Tue July 28, 6:54:39pm
    sharonhess: Our PDL group is the best ever!

    Tue July 28, 6:54:49pm
    SandyShepherd: Yes it is

    Tue July 28, 6:56:57pm
    anon2655: I like the idea of writing up your success story ahead of time & then working to make it come true

    Tue July 28, 6:57:19pm
    sharonhess: Jennifer thats when I treat myself to some amazing clothes because I won’t be outgrowing them

    Tue July 28, 6:57:21pm
    SandyShepherd: It’s a great idea. Sets your goal

    Tue July 28, 6:57:23pm
    mavery1454: It’s the same thing as setting goals.

    Tue July 28, 6:57:33pm
    JenniferParsley: I want to make a peach pie for brekkie. Peaches are in season at the Farmers Market now. That sounds delish, with yogurt on top.

    Tue July 28, 6:57:46pm
    veganinblack: great class

    Tue July 28, 6:57:51pm
    sharonhess: nom nom — love peaches

    Tue July 28, 6:58:06pm
    mavery1454: peach pie are really good Jennifer

    Tue July 28, 6:58:20pm
    veggie365: Thanks, J & J!

    Tue July 28, 6:58:23pm
    SandyShepherd: Bye

    Tue July 28, 6:58:26pm
    momthedork: Thanks!!

    Tue July 28, 6:58:27pm
    sharonhess: night

    Tue July 28, 6:58:33pm
    ProtectiveDiet: Thanks! Love Julie xoxox

    Tue July 28, 6:58:35pm
    tanisha: Great class. Thank you!

    Tue July 28, 6:58:44pm
    JenniferParsley: Yes Sharon, new clothes when you are at goal will be awesome! Good night!

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