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Oil-Free Egg Rolls Premium PD RecipeThis gluten-free plant-based recipe has the texture of traditionally fried thickly-wrapped wheat skins that we love to bite into and… Continue Reading
Chinese Hot Mustard Premium PD RecipeMustard is a member of the cabbage family. The seeds contain myrosinase, the enzyme needed for cooked cruciferous vegetables to… Continue Reading
Sugar-Free Sweet & Sour Duck Sauce Premium PD RecipeExtra duck sauce packets was my regular request when I ordered Chinese take-out. More than enough soy sauce packets were… Continue Reading
Zesty Noodle Bowl Premium PD RecipeThe excitement I found in a carryout box of zesty Pan-Asian noodles with chopsticks has danced through my food memories… Continue Reading
Veggie Sushi Rolls Premium PD RecipeSushi in Japanese means vinegar rice. Short grain sticky rice holds veggies together or can be wrapped with nori to… Continue Reading
Sticky Brown Sushi Rice Premium PD RecipeSticky white rice is traditionally used to make Japanese sushi or Korean Gimbop rolls. A Protective Diet offers innovative recipe… Continue Reading
Gomashio Premium PD RecipeWe are making and shaking this Japanese seasoning on just about everything. Simple steamed veggies become exciting. Add an additional… Continue Reading
Sushi Roll Bowl Premium PD RecipeI'm a huge fan of the high-energy feeling that follows enjoying a beautiful platter of healthy vegan sushi rolls, but… Continue Reading
Sushi Sauce Premium PD RecipeMy refrigerator door is at last complete with this Asian inspired additive free quick blend condiment. Designed to complement the… Continue Reading
Japanese Mayo Premium PD RecipeCommonly sold in travel sized bottles and frequently carried in hand as often as a cell phone in Japan. The… Continue Reading
Pad Thai Premium PD RecipeFamous on the streets of Thailand for its combination of salty, sweet, sour and spicy sauce that is tossed with… Continue Reading
Shanghai Cucumbers - © Shanghai Cucumbers Premium PD RecipeI loved this P.F. Chang’s signature appetizer so much that I had to give it a Protective Diet remake. It… Continue Reading
Chop Suey Salad Premium PD RecipeThis recipe offers the benefits of raw food protection with Chinese takeout appeal. Pick up your chopsticks and enjoy veggies… Continue Reading
Asian Vinaigrette Premium PD RecipeThis is the ultimate oil-free umami dressing, with the body and balance to dress any salad creation from Asian style… Continue Reading
Tofu Lettuce Wraps7 Tofu Lettuce Wraps Premium PD RecipeThis is one of my top favorite restaurant remakes. It is as delicious as the original PF Chang's version and… Continue Reading
Oil-free Broccoli & Garlic Sauce - © Broccoli in Garlic Sauce Premium PD RecipeThis recipe is one of my favorite weekly quick and easy, flavorful and satisfying go-to recipes. It uses Protective Diet… Continue Reading
Orange Chick'n 1 - © Orange Chick’n Premium PD RecipeThis sweet, sticky & tangy classic Chinese Orange Chicken dish received a special Protective Diet make-over. It looks just like… Continue Reading
Spring Rolls - © Vietnamese Spring Rolls Premium PD RecipeFresh and beautiful describes these little bundles of salad that you can eat with your hands. They are the perfect… Continue Reading
Peanut-less-Peanut Sauce - © Peanut-less Peanut Sauce Premium PD RecipeThis sauce is perfect as a dip for Vietnamese Spring Rolls or for tossing with a cold noodle salad. It… Continue Reading
Sweet Garlic Chili Sauce - © Sweet Garlic Chili Sauce Premium PD RecipeWhen sugar ruled my life, I dipped everything in this sweet and spicy sauce. I’m thrilled to be enjoying it… Continue Reading
Sweet Sour Stir Fry - © Sweet and Sour Stir-fry Premium PD RecipeProtective Diet has made it possible to have delicious sweet and savory Chinese, without the thirsty hangover of oily, sugar… Continue Reading
Brown Rice - © Perfectly Cooked Brown Rice Premium PD RecipeAt last you are going to learn to cook brown rice perfectly. Forget those over priced and over cooked anti-environmental… Continue Reading
Unfried Rice - © Unfried Rice Premium PD RecipeThis recipe will have you tossing out your takeout menus. You will be enjoying all the flavors and satisfaction of… Continue Reading
Hot & Spicy Get Well Soon Soup - © Hot & Spicy Get Well Soon Soup Free PD RecipeThis Asian style soup is just what you need when you are feeling weak or just in need of a… Continue Reading
Szechuan Green Beans - © Spicy Szechuan Green Beans Free PD Recipe and Cooking VideoProtective Diet's Spicy Szechuan is a takeout lover’s dream come true. Dark and rich garlic gravy laced with chiles tossed… Continue Reading
Healthy Hottie Sauce - © Healthy Hottie Sauce Free PD RecipeAre you hooked on garlic chili sauce? This recipe is a copycat of the red hot garlic-laced Asian sauce. Unlike… Continue Reading
Spicy Asian Noodle Salad - © Spicy Asian Noodle Salad Free PD RecipeThis colorful and spicy oil-free naturally sweetened Asian inspired cold noodle salad is a perfect picnic or BBQ dish. Continue Reading
Edamame - © Edamame Free PD RecipeI was first introduced to these little warm fuzzy pods in a Japanese restaurant. I fell in love with the… Continue Reading
Chinese Take-In - © Chinese Take In Free PD RecipeThis aromatic, brown gravy stir fry is traditionally seasoned with garlic and ginger. After experiencing this health-promoting oil-, sugar- and… Continue Reading
Asain Style Kale - © Asian Style Kale Free PD Recipe & Cooking VideoKale lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow, shortens muscle recovery time, and reduces our risk of disease. The only problem… Continue Reading

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