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Protective Diet-Ed is a live and interactive weekly webcast lesson about the application and benefits of a Protective Diet. Each week covers a different topic of discussion relating to an oil, sugar and nut-free whole food plant-based diet and lifestyle. The format allows you to ask live questions and interact with other students in the classroom. These interactive courses are designed to be affordable, help guide you, offer support and make this lifestyle successful, easy and rewarding. Learn the science, application, and tips and tricks to experience fast and sustainable results with nutritional intervention. Members receive access to online weekly classes, live question and answer, and exclusive new recipes reserved for PD-Ed students only. If you can’t tune in live on Tuesday at 8:00 pm CST, you may watch the recorded lesson at your leisure. You will have access to all archived classes for the duration of your membership. Julie Marie is looking forward to working with you and sharing all her proven effective tips and tricks to guide you to optimal health.

Protective Diet
The most comprehensive and sustainable plant-based application program available

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    0 Topics

    Class #332 | Canning Whole Applesauce

    Julie Marie dons her mother’s apron to demonstrate her shortcut system for home canning organic, sugar-free, whole applesauce. Protective Diet…

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    0 Topics

    Class #331 | Top Cancer Protective Ingredients, Socializing Without Alcohol, and Preserving the Harvest

    In this lesson, Julie Marie shares tips for how to manage social pressures, how to have fun at wine-focused parties,…

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    0 Topics

    Class #330 | Puffing Pita On The Grill with Quick Mix Tzatziki Sauce

    Pita Bread puffs at the oven’s hottest setting—but ovens are off for the summer in the high desert. The outdoor…

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