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Class #206 – Tea Ritual & Spices for Protection Boosting your protection with every sip and bite on a Protective Diet Continue Reading
Size 22 to a Size 2 Julie Marie shares her weight loss transformation and cancer experience with Dr. Mondo on Facebook Live February 27, 2018 Continue Reading
Class #190 – Cancer & Angiogenesis Inhibitors Daily diet to prevent and regress tumor growth Continue Reading
Class #187 – The PD Groove Enjoying the process and maintaining the PD Advantage Continue Reading
Class #181 – Keep It Out & Keep It Off Stress-free optimal health maintenance with a sustainable practice. Continue Reading
Class #155 – Cancer Prevention & Regression on a Protective Diet 4 take action practices, angiogenesis inhibitors and IGF1(Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1) Continue Reading
Class #150 – Complimentary Video Coaching Hour Primary topics covered: The Affiliate Program, Instant Pot Operation, Making a Commitment To Optimal Heath Continue Reading
Class #126 – Cancer: The Protective Diet Advantage My brain cancer, the endothelium & eating PD in the hospital for a protective advantage Continue Reading
Screenshot 108 Class #108 – Whole Food Detox and Taste-bud Reprogram How to manage common detox symptoms of fatigue and reduce bloating and gas during your transition to a whole food… Continue Reading
Class #107 – User Guide Navigating the classroom and getting the most out of PD-Ed. Learn how to use the website features to your greatest… Continue Reading
Class #92 – Food Anxiety Are you afraid of a Protective Diet’s delicious looking recipes? Some fear and avoid certain recipes because they resemble problematic… Continue Reading
Class #44 – Fundamentals Understanding fundamentals of the Protective Diet, what makes it unique, the 30 Day Detox and taste bud reprogramming Continue Reading

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