Gluten Free

90% of Protective Diet recipes are naturally gluten free or have a delicious gluten free option in the Notes section. This makes it easy for anyone challenged with celiac disease or gluten intolerance to practice a Protective Diet. The gluten free section on the site was added to make Protective Diet easier to navigate for those who consume a wheat free diet.

A sustainable diet for optimal human health contains whole grain wheat. Whole wheat offers us the ability to make high fiber burger buns and classic pizza crust. Kids are able to enjoy whole grain healthy Protective Diet Pizza Puffs vs. the processed oil filled versions sold in your grocer’s freezer.

When pizza is calling our name, we have many choices of crust including an oat crust option on the Mini Party Pizza recipe. When we remake classic recipes into health promoting recipes for Protective Diet, we always choose the best ingredients based on health impact, performance in a recipe and tradition. Cost of ingredients and resources are always considered along with options for those with ingredient intolerance. Each week when a fresh new recipe is posted our entire community has been considered. We try our best to create recipes with options for everyone. Some recipes can’t be perfected and recreated to replicate the original requested classic without the use of whole grain wheat. This has only been the case in 10% of all Protective Diet recipes.

I do not suggest the practice of a wheat free or gluten free diet for achievement of optimal health and your ideal body weight. Our community has a history of these achievements with the inclusion of all whole gains and whole grain flours including wheat. Science has shown the removal of gluten to result in higher rates of diabetes and obesity. The committed practice of a Protective Diet results in fast positive health changes, but sustainability is key. A diet that eliminates flours and whole grains is unsustainable and will promote off-plan eating, feelings of deprivation and struggle. Eating a whole food plant based diet is sustainable, enjoyable and successful with the inclusion of whole grains and wheat. A Protective Diet is designed to be a long-term diet and lifestyle for the entire family to enjoy.

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