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  1. I am so excited to start eating this way full-time! I am going to go to whole foods this weekend and try to stock up on things that I can’t get at my local store! I am trying to loose weight and I do fear potatoes and pasta haha! However I am taking your word for it and trying it! My goal is to make something and freeze the rest because I would be the only person eating it in my family:) I do have a question for you! Do you have a limit on potatoes or pasta you eat in a week? For example do you only eat pasta dishes maybe 3 times a week and potatoes maybe 3 times a week? I just don’t want to over do it! Thanks for all the help:)

    Kristie Clark

    1. I just have to say in May will be 2 years eating a PD and its the best decision I ever made! It saved my life and I am so glad I jump in 100%! Reading my comment above I never realized how life changing this was going to be! So if you are checking the site out don’t let anything stop you! Jump in already:)

    2. I never limit my potato intake. I had a student who enjoyed five potatoes a day. I hate to bring up calories, but that’s only 750 calories. Add some salsa, oil free dressing and veggies and you might be at 1000 calories. Potatoes are full of fiber, protein and loaded with vitamin C. I enjoy organic whole wheat pasta about twice a week. It will not cause a weight loss set back. Please revisit
      Carbs are used for energy to regulate our body temperature. They will not be stored as fat! We were designed to run on starches. I eat until I’m full and satisfied at every meal and I come in at about 1300-1500 calories a day. I don’t recommend counting. These are all clean high fiber calories that your body will burn up.

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