Plant-based recipes the family will love, education, lifestyle guidance, and support. Protection for human health, all animals & our planet.

Protective Diet is an oil-, sugar-, nut-, and additive-free whole food plant based diet and lifestyle. It’s designed to support, guide and nutritionally intervene to produce optimal health and protection for human life, animal welfare and the earth.

Julie Marie Christensen is the Creative Director, Oil-free Vegan Chef and Recipe Developer for the Protective Diet Test Kitchen, Director and Educator at Protective Diet Education, TV Chef on Health Local (a public access series focused on the elimination of childhood obesity), Plant-based Cooking Instructor for Humana Guidance Centers, Public Speaker, Creator of The 30 Day Whole Food Detox and Taste Bud Reprogram, The 50/50 PD Plate, 21 Meals to Mastery, Host of Protective Diet Mind & Body Retreat and PD One-Day Intensive.

PD-Ed has guided many students and their families with the application of a Protective Diet to reverse disease, reach their ideal body weight, and eliminate food addiction. Julie makes the application of a Protective Diet easy, rewarding, affordable and sustainable.

Julie Marie is certified in Plant Based Nutrition with eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. Dr. Campbell, Dr. Mc Dougall and Dr. Esselstyn gave her the education and confidence to apply her cooking skills and ability to teach and inspire her students with a diet that is optimal for all humans, no matter what age or stage in life. She is best known for her ability to teach plant-based affordability, day to day application and her innovative easy to follow cooking techniques and comfort food favorite recipe remakes designed for the entire family. She surrounds herself with an ever-growing community of global support that is successful with this lifestyle and is excited for the opportunities to share and grow with Protective Diet.

Protective Diet is not just Mommy’s diet. It’s a diet and lifestyle for the entire family to achieve optimal health as a team.

Protective Diet is an information and recipe resource guide. It is the host of Protective Diet Education. It is an aide in transitioning to an oil-, sugar-, nut-, and additive-free whole foods plant based diet called a Protective Diet. A Protective Diet focuses on the promotion of the endothelium and the foundation of the immune system. This plan isn’t just for those new to a plant-based diet. It is also for the seasoned vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian to improve the way they eat and live to successfully achieve optimal health, and to improve animal welfare and our environment. This site is for anyone interested in increasing their consumption of whole foods and kicking their sugar and processed food addictions to the curb. Even a vegan diet can consist of high fat, colorless, salt-filled, sugar-laden, processed food. Julie Marie makes the purest of healthy, nutrient-dense, plant-based eating fun, rewarding, affordable, familiar and delicious. The application of a Protective Diet is designed to eliminate food cravings and guide you to optimal health.

Warning: This eating plan will cause many healthy side effects, including, but not limited to: reaching your ideal body weight, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, clearing blockages, reversing type II diabetes, making you heart attack proof, eliminating food cravings, strengthening your immune system, increasing energy, eliminating constipation, stopping Candida, easing joint pain, reversing many autoimmune diseases, improving skin appearance, and attracting a healthy partner…just to name a few.

As a chef and cooking instructor, I have learned people are starving. They are starving for pure, clean, nutrient-dense food. Most people don’t know how to separate the good from the bad at the grocery store. Unfortunately, people are confused by all the sales-driven information they receive from the media. Do I need to eat a gluten-free diet and what is it? What is hydrogenated oil? Is high-fructose corn syrup okay in moderation? How do you get enough protein without eating meat? These commonly asked questions are raised because we, as a society, are so far from eating real food and there is much confusion about what is truly health promoting. I have spent the past eleven years studying nutrition and have learned how plants heal the body. I have learned most people don’t even know how much protein is appropriate to consume or how much they are currently consuming. I have also learned that most of America knows they aren’t eating what they should to maintain health and remain disease-free. They want to try, but don’t know where to start.

My goal is to provide this proven, effective and informative education program to support and guide everyone who wants vitality and to feel perfect within their body. I make it simple and cost-effective to adopt a Protective Diet. I will empower you with the ability to take control over your heath and future with your food choices. I offer one-on-one guidance, group workshops, phone coaching, live and interactive online weekly classes called Protective Diet Education or PD-Ed, cooking classes, support groups, live chats, and presentations followed up with company and community workshops. I hope you will enjoy my original, innovative recipes, application tips, cooking techniques and guidance videos to assist you with ultimate dietary consciousness.

Please visit the Personal Journey tab/page for my personal recovery and health history with before and after pictures. Use my experience along with the Protective Diet community’s experiences as a paved path and proven guide to optimal health. Use my knowledge and experience to shortcut adopting a plan that will simply map out how to reverse disease, reach your ideal body weight and never go to bed hungry. You will enjoy eating starches in abundance and never count a calorie or point again. Join our Protective Diet community and feel supported on your path to optimal health.

The best of health and protection from disease will be owned by those who eat an abundance of plants.

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  1. I have just heard about your website. I am always looking for good websites like yours. I have been on a vegetarian – vegan diet for a long time. I can’t wait to investigate your website to find more healthy recipes. I met Chef AJ when she was teaching one night at Whole Foods in Huntington Beach, CA. I was so amazed with her that I purchased her book and use it quite often. I also follow Jill Nussinow since I had a pressure cooker that I was scared to use. With her book I no longer have a fear of the pressure cooker.

  2. I’m interested to get started on this beautiful and awesome program you have here, I found you from a posting on Facebook from my cousin Mary Avery, I want to start a new beginning on how to cook and eat right, I also want to feel more energize and have lots of energy. I’m interested and knowing where to begin and how?

    1. Hi Connie,

      I love Maria! You are so blessed to have her in your life. They best way to get started is to enroll in PD-Ed and start watching the lessons. These classes are designed to give you the foundation of the plan and show you how to get started. They guide you and answer many questions. The live weekly classes offer support and interaction with myself and other people living this healthy lifestyle. Also join the Face Book support group called Protective Diet Living by clicking on the blue tab on the home page of Looking forward to your success and guiding you along this path to optimal health!

      Best of Health,
      Julie Marie

    1. I recommend a whole food plant based diet that includes nutritional yeast in many of the recipes. This contains b vitamins. If you would like to supplement, I recommend methyl B-12. I personally do not take any supplements.

  3. Yeah thank you for explaining that to me!:) I am always scared to add the salt but maybe I need to as I transition like you said! Thank you again for answering questions that I have! I am telling everyone I can about your site!

    Kristie Clark

  4. I have already made many of your recipes and love them! I am super excited for you new site:) Thanks so much for all the information and making cooking fun! I do have a question about salt! How do you feel about it? I have always been told not to use it. That it is bad! I notice you do use sea salt in some recipes. Just wanting your opinion:) Thanks!

    Kristie Clark

    1. It is always best to eliminate salt in our diet. The amount I use in my recipes is considered low sodium. When buying jarred or canned beans/tomatoes I always choose no salt added or cook my own. The majority of my recipes are using unprocessed whole food ingredients. I add the sea salt to make it palatable to someone transitioning
      from a standard diet. I have to make recipes that excite people with full flavors. As there taste buds grow accustom to whole clean unprocessed food the salt can be eliminated. Get the sugar, oil, nuts and animal products out first then you can cut back on the minimal salt that is used in my recipes. The salt in my diet is equivalent to about one potato chip a day. I hope this helps you to understand how low in sodium my recipes are compared to an average diet.

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