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  1. Class #320 | Beauty Broth Hot Pot Slim-down Support Challenge 
  2. Class #319 | Sip On Polyphenol Protection & Intro to Hydroponics
  3. Class 318 | Garden Confetti Bread Cooking Demonstration
  4. Class #317 | Walipini Field Trip, Watermellon Harvesting, and Seed Saving
  5. Class #316 | Seven-Day Sauerkraut: Preserve Your Harvest with Small Batch Fermentation
  6. Class #315 | 12 - Steps To Improve Your Metabolism
  7. Class #314 | Veg-it-Up with Zucchini and The 50/50 Bowl Balance
  8. Class #313 | Master Fasting - A Transitional Approach For Maximum Benefits
  9. Class #312 - Calling All Health Geeks & Health Enthusiasts
  10. Class #311 - Time-Sensitive Immune Boosting Benefits of Summer
  11. Class #310 - Using Bread Makers and Milling Whole Grains
  12. Class #309 - Get Excited and Get It Done
  13. Class #308 - Anti-Cancer Diet
  14. Class #307 - Cancer Diagnosis on a Protective Diet
  15. Class #306 - A Deep Pantry Saves Us Money & Time While Improving Food Quality
  16. Class #305 - Protective Sprouts
  17. Class #304 - Personal Weight Loss Consultation
  18. Class #303 - ProtectiveDiet.com Tutorial
  19. Class #302 - Lifeline Recipe Good & Bad Actions Produce Results
  20. Class #301 – Kids’ Spaghetti Pasta-Bake Casserole and Demonstration featuring Melt and Bake Cheeze
  21. Class #300 | Okara Pie Crust Demonstration with a Happy Thanksgiving Pep Talk
  22. Class #299 | Making Organic Soymilk & Yogurt
  23. Class #298 | Stress Elimination Challenge
  24. Class #297 - Fall Harvest and Winter Food Storage
  25. Class #296 | Incorporating Dried Herbs for Flavor & Protection Incorporating Dried Herbs for Flavor and Protection and Tips to Resolve Binge Eating Cycles
  26. Class #295 | 48-Hour Fast: Day Two
  27. Class #294 | 48-Hour Fast: Day One Support
  28. Class #293 | 48-Hour Fast: Plan & Prep Guide
  29. Class #292 | Travel - Manifest - Peach Buckle
  30. Class #291 | July Garden Tour : Learn as we GROW with community support
  31. Class #290 | Fitness Support: High-Energy Fuel, Build Muscle, & Get Shredded Fast
  32. Class #289 | You Are Not a Victim of Osteoporosis - It's Reversible & Preventable
  33. Class #288 – Socializing & PD Living – a “This Is How We Do It” live broadcast
  34. Class #287 | Achieving A Pro Mindset
  35. Class #286 - Our New Workplace for Wellness
  36. Class #285 Protective Kimchi 101
  37. Class #284 – House Hunting Travel Meals & a Personal Jump Start with Bill
  38. Class #283 - Melt & Bake Cheeze Pro Tips
  39. Class #282 | Become Vanilla Rich with Bean Saving Bonus Batches
  40. Class #281 | Making Perfect Yogurt and Including Soy On An Anti-Angiogenic Diet to Prevent Cancer
  41. Class #280 | Corn Crisps, PD Success, & The 50/50 Plate Practice
  42. Class #279 | Nutty Butter & The Noodle Bowl
  43. Class #278 | Winter 2020 - Fresh Produce Restock and Enjoying Indian Food
  44. Class #277 Holiday Special – Gingerbread Cookies & Sugar-Free Royal Icing
  45. Class #276 Mastering PD Cooking Techniques featuring Plant-Based Stroganoff
  46. Class #275 Thanksgiving Preparation Tips & Eliminating Social Media Conflict
  47. Class #274 - Road Trip Travel
  48. Class #273 - Mexican Sweet Corn Cakes, Red Lentil Chili & Apple Pie Filling
  49. Class #272 - Allergies and the Microbiome
  50. Class #271 - You Can’t Outrun an Unhealthy Diet
  51. Class #270 - Protective Diet Pro Tips
  52. Class #269 - Getting Comfortable Enjoying Delicious Food
  53. Free Class #268 – Mind Games: Self Awareness & Celebrating Success
  54. Class #267 – Finger Salad, Chips & Dip for Dinner featuring Refrigerator Tacos
  55. Class #266 - Homemade Tortillas & Pro Tips for Perfect Chips
  56. Class #265 - What's Your Food Mood
  57. Class #264 – Two Years Day Fasting on a Protective Diet
  58. Class #263 – Bag of Questions
  59. Class #262 - Rebuilding Our Immune System is our Social Responsibility
  60. Class #261 - Eliminate Produce Waste & Shopping Trips
  61. Free Class #260 - Day One On a Protective Diet
  62. Class #259 - Oil-Free Garlic Naan in my Workplace for Wellness
  63. Class #258 - Pandemic Pantry
  64. Class #257 – How the Gut Microbiota Influences Our Behavior & Controls Our Wellbeing
  65. Class #256 – Cornflakes & Cholesterol
  66. Class #255 – Baking Bread & Following Through on a Protective Diet
  67. Class #254 - Taquitos & Living In the Moment to Reduce Stress
  68. Class #253 – Benefits of Nutritional Yeast and Making Cheez-It Crackers
  69. Class #252 - Making MoJos - New Year New You
  70. PD-Ed Class #251 - Nice Cream Sandwiches & Building a Strong Immune System
  71. Class #250 – Instant Vanilla Extract
  72. Class #249 – Paralyzed By Stress
  73. Class #248 – Self Awareness Training – Not Hungry, but I’m Eating
  74. Class #247 – Intro to Indian
  75. Class #246 – The Instant Pot Advantage: Pro Tips, Tricks & Accessories
  76. Class #245 – Promoting Autophagy While We Eat, Sleep And Play
  77. Class #244 – Back To The Basics 2019
  78. Class #243 – Health Benefits of Spicy Food
  79. Class #242 – Tips From The Pros Weekend
  80. Class #241 – Increase Protective Lycopene with Fermented Salsa
  81. Class #240 – All Natural Beauty
  82. Class #239 – Tweak Your Physique
  83. Class #238 – Protective Beverages
  84. Class #237 – What I Eat In A Day Spring 2019
  85. Class #236 – Weeknight Setup SUS
  86. Class #235 – The Benefits of Sulforaphane & Co-Cooking Egg Rolls
  87. Class #234 – Know Your Fast Five
  88. Class #233 – Biology of Burning Body Fat
  89. Class #232 – Fermentation Techniques & Tools Part 3 – Probiotic Pickles
  90. Class #231 – Enjoying Fermented Food featuring The Pro Bowl
  91. Class #230 – Fermentation Techniques & Tools Part 2 – Dry Brining & Blending Fermented Hot Sauce
  92. Class #229 – Fermentation Techniques & Tools Part 1 – Water Brining
  93. Class #228 - Benefits of Fermented Food
  94. Class #227 - Navigating ProtectiveDiet.com
  95. Class #226 - New Year/New You
  96. Class #225 - Dementia Defense
  97. Class #224 – Sweet Action Rituals & Routines for a Better Life Experience
  98. Class #223 – Call To Action
  99. Class #222 – Pep Talk with Mexican Pizza Shortcut Techniques
  100. Class #221 – Day Fast and Feast
  101. Class #220 – Day Fast & Feast Guide
  102. Class #219 - Day Fasting on a Plant Based Diet
  103. Class #218 - The Hideous Truth of Opioid Addiction
  104. Class #217 - Baby Jack Ribs BBQ or Baked
  105. Class #216 – I Lost My Way
  106. Class #215 – Glamping On A Protective Diet
  107. Class #214 – In Flight Travel Meal Made Easy
  108. Class #213 – Healthiest Summer Kick-off Challenge
  109. Class #212 - Fat Reception Review & Cheezecake Workplace For Wellness Demonstration
  110. Class #211 - Weighing the Risks of Cancer Screening
  111. Class #210 - Easy Bake Loaf Bread
  112. Class #209 - Soup for One
  113. Class #208 - Workplace for Wellness - Pressure Cooked Frittata
  114. Class # 207 - The Need To Feed
  115. Class #206 - Tea Ritual & Spices for Protection
  116. Class #205 - Celebrating Spring With Carrot Cake Frosting Techniques - Workplace For Wellness Demonstration
  117. Class # 204 - Body Management & Understanding Cancer
  118. Size 22 to a Size 2
  119. Class #203 - Workplace For Wellness - Glazed Cinnamon Rolls
  120. Class #202 - PD Progress Challenge & Favorite Fries Cooking Technique
  121. Class #201 - Kitchen Peptalk
  122. Class #200 - Stop The Snacks Challenge
  123. Class #199 - Organic Co-Op Shopping Tour
  124. Class #198 - Grocery Store Restock
  125. Class #197 - Costco Run
  126. Class #196 - International Market Tour
  127. Class #195 - Navigating Holiday Dinners
  128. Class #194 - Co-Cooking Cherry Cheeze Danish
  129. Class #193 - Co-Cooking A Taste of Thanksgiving
  130. Class #192 - Co-Cooking Sauerkraut
  131. Class #191 - Healthy Halloween Treats & Co-Cooking
  132. Class #190 - Cancer & Angiogenesis Inhibitors
  133. Class #189 - Co-Cooking Egg-less Omelet
  134. Class #188 - Co-Cooking Apple Fritter Cake
  135. Class #187 - The PD Groove
  136. Class #186 - Co-cooking Flatbread Pizza
  137. Class #185 - Picnic with Julie Marie
  138. Class #184 - Dinner Party with Julie Marie
  139. Class #183 - Batch Cooking Can Stall Weight Loss
  140. Class #182 - A Summer Day Eating PD
  141. Class #181 - Keep It Out & Keep It Off
  142. Class #180 - Co-cooking Italian "Sausage" and Sweet Peppers
  143. Class #179 - Weekend of Wellness
  144. Class #178 - All Natural Cleaning
  145. Class #177 - Annual Halftime Checkin
  146. Class #176 - PD Picnic Packing
  147. Class #175 - Mastering Oil-free Grilled Pizza
  148. Class #174 - Downsizing Daily Salads
  149. Class #173 - Fat-Free Salad Dressing 101
  150. Class #172 - Falafel Party & Protective Spices
  151. Class #171 - The Burden Of Thin
  152. Class #170 - Slimming Down With Biscuits & Gravy
  153. Class #169 - Cutting Ripe Jackfruit & Cultural Adventure At International Markets
  154. Class #168 - Making Quick-Mix Pizza
  155. Class #167 - Opiods Causing More Pain Than Surgery
  156. Class #166 - A Winter Day Eating PD
  157. Class #165 - Rolling Sushi & Gimbop
  158. Class #164 - Eliminate, Heal and Achieve Optimal Health
  159. Class #163 - Handicapping The Binge
  160. Class #162 - Emergency Hospital Prep
  161. Class #161 - Tips For Limiting Stress In Challenging Times
  162. Class #160 - Feeling Anxious About Greens
  163. Class #159 - Sweet Action Saturday
  164. Class #158 - Be The Boss Of Your Body
  165. Class #157 - Preparing To Be Away
  166. Class #156 - Calendar of Achievements
  167. Class #155 - Cancer Prevention & Regression on a Protective Diet
  168. Class #154 – Daily Application
  169. Class #153 - Essential Oil Basics: Topical Applications, Oral Dosing & Diffusing
  170. Class 152 - Packing Travel Meals, Taking PD to the Party, Healthy Makeup & Hair Loss
  171. Class #151 - Hosting House Guests Protective Diet Style
  172. Class #150 - Complimentary Video Coaching Hour
  173. Class 149 - Video Coaching Hour
  174. Class #148 - Sulforaphane Protection: Sprouting, Chopping & Maximizing Protection On A Protective Diet
  175. Class #147 - Pressure Cooker Stir Fry
  176. Class #146 - Video Coaching Hour
  177. Class #145 - Cutting Food Costs & Improving Food Quality
  178. Class #144 - Mastering Mindful Eating Part 2: Following Through
  179. Class #143 - Mastering Mindful Eating Part 1: 21 Meal Challenge
  180. Class #142 - Video Coaching Hour
  181. Waking Up In America radio interview
  182. Class #141 - Maintaining A Healthy Weight & Vitality
  183. Class #140 - Video Coaching Hour
  184. Class #139 - Satisfying Salads - Building a Salad with Flavor, Texture and Nutrition
  185. Class #138 – Oil-Free Grilling Techniques Part 3 - Potatoes and Beets
  186. Class #137 – Oil-Free Grilling Techniques Part 2 Pizza 101 Grilled & Baked
  187. Class #136 - Oil-Free Grilling Techniques Part 1
  188. Class #135 - Packing a PD Picnic or Water Park Tailgate
  189. Class #134 - Tea Party Sipping on Liquid Antioxidants
  190. Class #133 - Spices and Aromatic Herbs
  191. Class #132 - Making Cutlets
  192. Class 131 - Video Coaching Hour #1
  193. Class #130 - Yogurt & Notzzarella Cheeze
  194. Class #129 - Daily Actions to Eliminate Stress
  195. Class #128 - Vitamins, Sunscreen and How They Work
  196. Class #127 – Kitchen Tools – Efficiency & Fun
  197. Class #126 - Cancer: The Protective Diet Advantage
  198. Class #125 - Kitchen Tools - Beginner Essentials
  199. Class #124 - Pick a Positive Proactive Partner
  200. Class #123 - Set It & Forget It Meals
  201. Class #122 - Freedom To Succeed
  202. Class #121 - Enjoying Cruciferous Vegetables
  203. Class #120 - Seven Steps to Overcoming Self Doubt
  204. Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day
  205. Class #118 - SUS - Set-Up For Success
  206. Class #117 - Fresh Restock
  207. Class #116 - Becoming A Plant-Based Chef/No Experience Necessary
  208. Class #115 - Rice Dishes From Around the World
  209. Class #114 - Kicking off the New Year
  210. Class #113 - Authentic Salsa
  211. Class #112 - Daily Spa Rituals
  212. Class #111 - Coffee and Diet Soda
  213. Class #110 - PD Holiday Mock-Tail Party
  214. Class #109 - Protection For Our Planet
  215. Class #108 - Whole Food Detox and Taste-bud Reprogram
  216. Class #107 - ProtectiveDiet.com User Guide
  217. Class #106 - Holiday Stress
  218. Class #105 - Commitment Class Kick Off
  219. Class #104 - KP Duty
  220. Class #103 - Learn Tips From A Minimalist
  221. Class #102 - Planning For Success
  222. Class #101 - Soup Month
  223. Class #100 - Eating A Diet In Perfect Balance
  224. Class #099 - Visualize Optimal Health
  225. Class #098 - Set Up Sunday
  226. Class #097 - 21 Meals to PD Mastery
  227. Class #096 - Kitchen Set-Up for Efficiency
  228. Class #095 - Back to school lunch packing Protective Diet Style
  229. Class #094 - Getting Back On Track
  230. Class #093 - Micro Goals
  231. Class #092 - Food Anxiety
  232. Class #091 - Transitioning to a Plant-Based Household
  233. Class #090 - Pizza Party
  234. Class #089 - Goal Setting
  235. Class #088 - Summer Holidays Protective Diet Style
  236. Class #087 - Pantry Par Stocking System
  237. Class #086 - Sugar In Health Food Camouflage
  238. Class #085 - Simplicity & Meal Satisfaction
  239. Class #084 - Steps for Replacing Self Judgement with Appreciation and Love
  240. Class #083 - Sip on this
  241. Class #082 - Mastering Label Reading & Understanding Food Additives
  242. Class #081 - Your Body's Sweet Spot
  243. Class #080 - Shift from Deprivation to Privilege
  244. Class #079 - Dining Out Protective Diet Style
  245. Class #078 - Checkup Follow up visit
  246. Class #077 - Spectacular Salads - PD salad prep 101
  247. Class #076 - The Three Phases Of Recovery & Following Through
  248. Class #075 - Spring Cleaning
  249. Class #074 - Oven Tips and Tricks
  250. Class #073 - Super Tasters and Taste Bud Evolution
  251. Class #072 - The PD-Practice Check-Up
  252. Class #071 - The power of the imagination
  253. Class #070 - Eliminating Doubt
  254. Class #069 - Entertaining with a Protective Diet Style Dinner Party
  255. Class #068 - Beans, Beans, Beans
  256. Class #067 - The Practice Of Gratitude
  257. Class #066 - Checking Into Your Healthy Life
  258. Class #065 - Kitchen Spa
  259. Class #064 - Secure Your Own Mask First
  260. Class #063 - Stove Top Tips & Tricks
  261. Class #062 - New Year! New Resolution
  262. Class #061 - Enjoying Your Journey to Goal
  263. Class #060 - Simple Meal Planning
  264. Class #059 - Encouraging and Coaching
  265. Class #058 - Improving Knife Skills
  266. Class #057 - Optimal Outlook
  267. Class #056 - Protective Diet & The Holidays
  268. Class #055 - Traveling Protective Diet Style
  269. Class #054 - Excuses Are Just Excuses
  270. Class #053 - Garlic Party
  271. Class #052 - Microwave...Yea or Nay
  272. Class #051 - We're Talking Tofu
  273. Class #050 - Let’s Talk & Cook Potatoes
  274. Class #048 - Greens and their importance in a Protective Diet
  275. Class #047 - Chopping, dicing, slicing and shredding
  276. Class #046 - Type I & Type II Diabetes
  277. Class #045 - Weight loss average on a Protective Diet
  278. Class #044 - Fundamentals
  279. Class #043 - Are some grains better than others?
  280. Class #042 - Protection For Human Health, The Animals & Planet Earth
  281. Class #041 - Veggie Gardens, Growing Potted Herbs or Sprouting
  282. Class #040 - Recipes for Success
  283. Class #039 - Lunch Packing
  284. Class #038 - Cooking with Kids
  285. Class #037 - Sleeping Like A Rock
  286. Class #036 - Nuts
  287. Class #035 - Search Box Dinners & Meals Without Planning
  288. Class #034 – Stocking Your Kitchen For Efficiency and Savings Part 3 – Refrigerator and Freezer Staples
  289. Class #033 - Stocking Your Kitchen For Efficiency and Savings Part 2 - Spices, Vinegars, Extracts and More
  290. Class #032 - Stocking Your Kitchen For Efficiency and Savings Part 1 – Pantry Staples
  291. Class #031 - Indigestion and Digestive Issues
  292. Class #030 - Workouts and Weight Loss
  293. Class #029 - Why am I sick?
  294. Class #028 - Inner Child Frame of Mind
  295. Class #027 - Being Challenged By Diet Trends
  296. Class #026 - Outdated recommendations in the Health Care System
  297. Class #024 - Food Obsessions
  298. Bonus - Grocery Store Tour of Costco
  299. Class #025 - Accepting and Loving The New Healthy You
  300. Class #023 - Remembering the Reasons You Began this Journey to Optimal Health
  301. Class #022 - All On or All Off, Starving or Bingeing, Perfection or Disaster
  302. Class #021 - Emotional Eating
  303. Class #020 - Food Additives & Code Names
  304. Class #019 - Kitchen Tools
  305. Class #018 - Raw vs. Cooked
  306. Class #017 - How to travel on a Protective Diet
  307. Class #016 - Inflammatory Disease - Acidic & Alkaline Foods
  308. Class #015 - GMOs & Non-Organics
  309. Class #014 - Acknowledging Your Achievements
  310. Class #013 - Pressure Cooking, Slow Cooking, Batch Cooking & Freezing
  311. Class #012 - How To Identify and Eliminate Emotional Eating
  312. Class #011 - Pantry Staples & Refridgerator Stocking
  313. Class #010 - Greens Discussion
  314. Class #009 - Alcoholic Beverages
  315. Class #008 - Understanding Cholesterol
  316. Class #007 - Understanding the Endothelium
  317. Class #006 - Taste bud reprogramming and eliminating food cravings
  318. Class #005 - Vitamin supplementation
  319. Class #004 - Lead By Example & Walk The Walk
  320. Class #003 - Protein sources & ideal amounts
  321. Class #002 - Identify true hunger, food cravings and emotional eating
  322. Class #001 - Starting a Protective Diet
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Class #044 – Fundamentals

Julie Marie August 26, 2014

Comments from class

protectivediet: WE ARE LIVE
tc: LEFT
JenniferParsley: Yeah!!! Good evening everyone!
kristina: i made it in YAY
protectivediet: REFRESH THIS WINDOW

Tue Aug 26, 8:01:19pm
sheree7: ok Julie is here!
Cindy21RN: Hi all!
Robinleegarber: Yay!
sheree7: hi cindy
Cindy21RN: Hi Sheree
LorraineF: polka dot dress
shannowens: Hi Jennifer
shannowens: Hi Cindy
tc: ya! I see Julie!

Tue Aug 26, 8:02:20pm
Cindy21RN: Hi Shannon
LorraineF: Hi Cindy!
Cindy21RN: Hi Lorraine
sunshineinutah: Hi Everybody!
denisenorris74: Good evening
JudiBryan: LIVE!
LorraineF: Hi Denise!
protectivediet: Hi everyone!
Cindy21RN: Glad to see more folks here tonight

Tue Aug 26, 8:03:52pm
denisenorris74: looks like Jerry is going to be eating good after class!
kristina: LOL
anon6225: Why is the audio so bad?
Cindy21RN: LOL
Cindy21RN: Audio ok here
kristina: anon – it is working for me… maybe your internet speed?
anon6157: audio good for me
LorraineF: all okay here
Cindy21RN: Close all your other tabs

Tue Aug 26, 8:05:02pm
anon6291: Just refreshed the page. Thank you!
anon2509: CarolP
Cindy21RN: I love cooking again!

Tue Aug 26, 8:06:03pm
sheree7: 6 year olds can! Junior made Julies buns
sheree7: he watched the video.
kristina: i need a video on making the buns… they don’t shape up pretty like Julie’s…
Cindy21RN: Yay Junior!
sheree7: thank you Cindy
LorraineF: Junior is an experienced PD’er

Tue Aug 26, 8:07:15pm
sheree7: He is so cute and so good at reading lables
LorraineF: Cute and smart!
txbrandie: Hey!
txbrandie: Aw thanks
sheree7: Hey daughter!!!!
Cindy21RN: Hi Brandie
LorraineF: Hi Brandie!
LorraineF: Sure PD pizza

Tue Aug 26, 8:08:19pm
sheree7: yes top!! just use julies recipes
kristina: top – it is a speciallly made sausage… no meat
txbrandie: Love my lil man. We were complimented at a birthday party over the weekend, when someone asked him what he was eating (we bring food) and he says “It’s a lavash sandwich, with e-nut butter (that’s roasted edamame) and strawberry jelly. Lol
denisenorris74: yes I love the sausage pizza,
sheree7: awesome Junior
Cindy21RN: Oh I wish I lived near Julie!
txbrandie: Wish we did too.
LorraineF: I’m past loving the cheeze – I crave it now.

Tue Aug 26, 8:09:55pm
denisenorris74: its all plant based
kristina: top – those are recipes that she provides.
txbrandie: I haven’t made the sausage in awhile – so good. Want some now!
protectivediet: Original PD Recipes created by Julie
JenniferParsley: Top – they are PLANT BASED LOW FAT versions of ‘sausage’ and ‘cheese’, not the real thing. But delicious!!!
sheree7: I am dying here!!!!!!!!!!!!! drool all over my keyboard
Cindy21RN: Loaded fries deluxe! Yummy

Tue Aug 26, 8:10:57pm
sheree7: Yes I want a bit
sheree7: that is Julies whole wheat crest
sheree7: bite
kristina: thank you!
txbrandie: Thanks mom
kristina: love the little window
txbrandie: I’m having a salad with chik’n salad right now for dinner.
JenniferParsley: We had pasta with tomato cream sauce tonight. So delicious.

Tue Aug 26, 8:11:59pm
top: Mac and cheese every other night with pizza
sheree7: Yum brandie
txbrandie: I want square plates.
top: Too many greens.
sheree7: I love the mac and cheese!!!
LorraineF: That plate should fill anybody up
kristina: love those plates too
Cindy21RN: You will crace greens eventually
Cindy21RN: crave

Tue Aug 26, 8:13:08pm
top: Really? When I can have pizza?
txbrandie: And I didn’t have mayo, so mixed up my chik’n salad with cream cheese lol!
txbrandie: MMMmmm Nachos!!!!
txbrandie: You can have pizza anytime you want!
anon8131: wish i didn’t work full-time outside of home…it would make this way of eating much easier
denisenorris74: I’ve had pizza for breakfast
txbrandie: Me too Dnise!
denisenorris74: I’ve even had the peach pie with banana “ice cream: for breakfast
txbrandie: Denise lol
protectivediet: For breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack
top: Lucky you denise
sheree7: PD cream cheese is amazing. I am making greek yogurt tonight for cucumber salad!!!
txbrandie: grown ups like squeeze bottles too lol

Tue Aug 26, 8:14:12pm
protectivediet: eat it all day long…any of the recipes can be eaten whenever
denisenorris74: I agree brandie
top: I am drooling.
kristina: me too!
anon8131: its all the cooking…ketchup, mayo etc…
top: BROWNIES?!!

Tue Aug 26, 8:15:12pm
Cindy21RN: Love the brownies
txbrandie: The brownies don’t last long here.
LorraineF: Me too
Mairead11: Those brownies got me through my first 30 days. Love them!!
txbrandie: A batch maybe lasts a day and a half lol
top: Brownies, pizza and mac and cheese. I’m in heaven.
LorraineF: Hi Mairead! And Kirsten?
sheree7: I made 2 batches of brownines today. froze them for my sister
denisenorris74: oh yeah I make brownie sundaes with them
txbrandie: Mmmm brownies.

Tue Aug 26, 8:16:36pm
top: How do you make sundaes without dairy?
Mairead11: Hi Lorraine! Yes, Kirsten is here watching too!
top: Denise
txbrandie: It’s a “diet” as a way of eating.
anon3063: “lifestyle choice” not diet
denisenorris74: PD frosty recipe with brownie and fresh cut up strawberries

Tue Aug 26, 8:17:40pm
txbrandie: Yes anon
Cindy21RN: We make “ice cream” with frozen bananas
LorraineF: Like they say, you can’t exercise your way out of a crappy diet
top: Wow!
Mairead11: top, there are a few ice cream recipes, all delicious!
JenniferParsley: And you can slack off on exercise at goal and not gain anything back. I exercise sporadically and easily maintain my 130 lb goal
JudiBryan: anon…I work full time outside the home, and have been doing this for the past 4 months. It’s much easier than I thought it would be….just takes a bit of planning. Most recipes are made in less than 30 minutes…and make large portions…so I freeze the extra…they become my “fast food” for evenings I don’t feel like cooking!

Tue Aug 26, 8:18:45pm
mo: Here’s an “ice cream” recipe, Top — https://protectivediet.com/guiltless-chocolate-banana-ice-cream.html
txbrandie: Woot Jennifer!

Tue Aug 26, 8:19:53pm
txbrandie: Nut butters were a huge problem for me too.
LorraineF: Cannot wait to make your bean butter Brandie
top: Nice mo. Thanks.
txbrandie: I’m out – need to make more! Poor Junior, dropped the jar of roasted banzos earlier tonight, a brand new package – shattered everywhere. Had to throw it all away.
JudiBryan: Saw that recipe too…looked SO GOOD

Tue Aug 26, 8:21:17pm
Cindy21RN: Poor Junior!
denisenorris74: oh no poor Junior
mo: yw. The Frosty just takes a blender to make — https://protectivediet.com/frosty.html
Mairead11: ohh! Poor Junior!
txbrandie: Yes Greens too
txbrandie: Yeah Mairead
anon3710: No said don’t need BEANS.
denisenorris74: you need greens
txbrandie: No coffee….
LorraineF: No on the pearled

Tue Aug 26, 8:22:41pm
kristina: decaf uses chemicals to make it decaf
protectivediet: we’ll talk about the coffee soon
shannowens: I thought she said beans can be eaten but where not essential. I dont think she said greens Greens are always promoted.
protectivediet: it’s a common question
anon8131: not the swiss water method decaf
txbrandie: there is expensive decaf that’s not done with chemicals…. but not sure why the diff. THANKS JERRY!
top: Thanks Shannowens.
shannowens: You’re welcome
top: There’s a lot going on here.

Tue Aug 26, 8:23:46pm
top: I missed it.
denisenorris74: it’s being recorded you can always go back later and watch again
kristina: i will probably have to go back and rewatch class tomorrow
shannowens: No worries, I miss stuff all the time
kristina: i am very ADD
txbrandie: Isn’t the chat transcript available too?
sheree7: top: once you become pd-ed student all of this is in classes that are archived and you can watch them
denisenorris74: yes it is
top: Thanks.
kristina: top – i believe this one will stay available as well even if not PD-ed

Tue Aug 26, 8:25:05pm
LorraineF: I can usually watch the class or watch the chat – not both
top: Great! Then I can review it.
JenniferParsley: Me too Lorraine.
sheree7: top
LorraineF: Hi Jennifer!
JenniferParsley: Hi Lorraine!

Tue Aug 26, 8:27:04pm
anon3063: keeps signing me out

Tue Aug 26, 8:29:09pm
txbrandie: yes, they’re all kinds of saturated fat
protectivediet: Yes @anon1955
sheree7: kideney beans always have food coloring. ahhhhhhhh
txbrandie: ew
txbrandie: Yeah I’m not so good at leaving out all the salt.
denisenorris74: me either lol
txbrandie: Yet. ?
Cindy21RN: Really? I thought I found clean ones somewhere
LorraineF: Canned? Or dried too?
Mairead11: wow I didn’t know that Sheree! Crazy.
JenniferParsley: I make all of my beans in my pressure cooker so I don’t have to hunt for canned beans with no additives.

Tue Aug 26, 8:30:25pm
Cindy21RN: That’s my goal Jennifer
shannowens: Wow sheree, I didn’t know that! only canned or dried and canned as well?
denisenorris74: me too and always make extra and freeze in 2 cup containers
JenniferParsley: I only buy dry beans from the bulk bin at my organic market.
anon3063: sherre7 – I found “dark red kidney beans” 365 brand… only ingredients are dark red kidney beans and water!!!
txbrandie: Well crap, I’ve lost sound.
txbrandie: Op! got it.

Tue Aug 26, 8:31:27pm
JudiBryan: That’s what I have too anon3063…no additives
sheree7: yes jennifer I finally bought dry kidney beans.
anon3063: they had a bunch of types of beans. wish whole foods wasn’t over an hour drive… but i stocked up!
anon1955: CAN WE EAT SALT?
LorraineF: kidney beans HAVE to be boiled
txbrandie: Yes anon
JenniferParsley: Our food supply is SO contaminated in America…and the vast majority of people have no idea. It’s pretty scary.
txbrandie: you can eat salt.
anon1955: tx

Tue Aug 26, 8:32:46pm
txbrandie: I am still overwhelmed by how sweet fruit is now.
shannowens: Jennifer, yes it is. Surprising how we don’t ban the chemicals like other countries
txbrandie: We should shannon!
JenniferParsley: I know. American companies make cleaner foods to ship overseas and still contaminate the stuff they sell to the American market. Oy Vey.
shannowens: certain states are trying to get the labeling, it’s still a crazy mess
sheree7: i crave the ranch dressing
Cindy21RN: That’s awful!
txbrandie: I loved the ranch from the beginning. Yummmmmmm

Tue Aug 26, 8:34:09pm
sheree7: i think I ate about ½ a cup or more with dinner tonight
Cindy21RN: My fav is French Onion dip
anon3063: is there a plain ranch or only southwestern?
JenniferParsley: I love the Ranch dressing too, delicious.
sheree7: oh yeah cindy
shannowens: I didn’t like it, then realized I never really liked ranch dressing so I don’t know what I was thinking.. Have you tried the creamy garlic goodness dressing? it is delicious
Cindy21RN: Also love the Caesar dressing
JenniferParsley: Yes 3063, plain and SW ranch recipes are both available.
sheree7: no I love the ranch so much I have not branched out. “)
anon3063: great! thanks!

Tue Aug 26, 8:35:13pm
txbrandie: I don’t prefger the southwest one, but love the plain
Cindy21RN: Time to branch out Sheree
shannowens: Cindy, I still need to get to the french dip, Jerry told me last week to make it and I still haven’t done it.
Cindy21RN: You’ll love it Shannon
denisenorris74: french onion dip is probably my favorite recipe
Cindy. on my vacation I will trying the daily dressing. :0
txbrandie: I still have trouble kicking the emotional eating. Still working on it. Getting better.
txbrandie: Oh Look! A little Jerry showed up!
Cindy21RN: Have fun on vaca Sheree

Tue Aug 26, 8:36:16pm
sheree7: You are doing good brandie!!! I am the proudest mother on the planet
sheree7: Thank you Cindy. I leave in 6 days!!!
shannowens: Sheree, you are coming to California? where will you be?
JudiBryan: She had a great example, Sheree!
sheree7: yes Shannon, I will be in the san diego area
sheree7: thanks Judi
JenniferParsley: I tell people I am vegan and I cannot believe how many say, “Do you eat fish? seafood?” Ummm…a fish is not a vegetable!
sheree7: where are you shannon

Tue Aug 26, 8:37:24pm
shannowens: The weather is so perfect there, I hope you enjoy it. I am a hour North of San Diego
JudiBryan: LOL, Jennifer!
Cindy21RN: Ooh San Diego sounds lovely
denisenorris74: I always say I”m plant based
sheree7: Jennifer I get the same remarks
LorraineF: a fish bush
txbrandie: @Jennifer us too!! lol
txbrandie: Hahaha Lorraine!
JudiBryan: I use the term Plant Based whole foods
sheree7: I will be at the beach a few times. maybe we can have a meet up
txbrandie: We say we’re herbivores
Mairead11: Hahaha Lorraine!
Cindy21RN: You mean you don’t eat cheese???
Cindy21RN: I get that a lot

Tue Aug 26, 8:38:25pm
JudiBryan: Julie’s created some PD Cheeses….
LorraineF: not from cow secretions
JudiBryan: One I was eating by the spoon fulls before class tonight!
JenniferParsley: People don’t get plant based either. They think I am talking about making interesting side dishes. Hopefully our numbers grown and more and more will understand and adopt this lifestyle.
shannowens: That would be great, how long will you be in Cali?
sheree7: ewwww Lorrane
sheree7: I will be there for 2 weeks
JudiBryan: Sop true Jennifer!
anon3063: my husband calls it “cow pus” ewww!
LorraineF: makes sad cheese sound like toe jam
Cindy21RN: Ewwww
sheree7: annon ewwwww

Tue Aug 26, 8:39:26pm
LorraineF: love it!
anon3063: he says it all the time LOL
shannowens: haha it is cow puss lol and it is ewww
LorraineF: there IS pus in it
sheree7: shannon message me on fb
JenniferParsley: There is a certain percentage of pus that is ALLOWED in our dairy supply. No kidding. Gag.
sheree7: will try and set up a meetup
JudiBryan: Olives are WHOLE FOODS
anon3063: i tell people we are humans and we don’t need the breast milk of a cow because we have been weaned!!
sheree7: love it annon
shannowens: That sounds great, maybe we can hit up a farmers market. I will msg you on FB

Tue Aug 26, 8:40:34pm
txbrandie: I put olives on our pizza usually, but give a few to Junior now and then as a snack.
txbrandie: Oh yeah huh? I love capers!
anon1955: Thanks.
sheree7: i gave junior 4 olives with dinner last week. he squeeled with joy
anon9354: why not a small slice of avocado on a salad…just as fatty as olives
txbrandie: I hear that carb bit all the time too

Tue Aug 26, 8:41:44pm
sheree7: annon you will ruin your taste bud reprograming due to the fat in the avocado
txbrandie: olives don’t have the same rich fatty flavor as avocados… to me anyway
shannowens: Great question, my husband argue about this topic all the time. He believe a potato causes fat and stores as fat.
txbrandie: I know, everyone thinks rice and pasta and potatoes make you fat.
LorraineF: That’s Dr. Atkins nonsense
JenniferParsley: High carb low fat is the way to go! Filling, nutritious, delicious. Carbs only from whole grains, beans, fruits & veggies. No processed carbs.
Cindy21RN: If potatoes made you fat I would weigh 300 lbs
sheree7: right on jennifer
sheree7: amen cindy
shannowens: Yes it is, my husband is a believer in Atkins.

Tue Aug 26, 8:42:47pm
JenniferParsley: I am 130 lbs and eat all sorts of starch, carbs, whole grain foods every day!
sheree7: sorry shannon, my hubby is a huge eater of meat too
LorraineF: Guys liked him cuz of the bacon and steak
anon3063: shannon – whoa! that must be an interesting dinner time
anon3063: blood type diet does not have any scientific basis
JenniferParsley: Yes, deskjockie, you NEED carbs.
sheree7: deskjokie, blood type has nothing to do with you eating a PD lifestyle
shannowens: Anon3063, it is always interesting. He tries to get on board with me and always reverts back.

Tue Aug 26, 8:44:02pm
txbrandie: Where we are, the Kroger brand capers are all good. Capers, water, vinegar and salt.
protectivediet: Correct. Dates are not allowed
sheree7: dried foods are not allowed. they are high in sugar
anon3063: they are so high in sugar… i had a hard time with this as well

Tue Aug 26, 8:45:13pm
anon9354: i still think a few dates or maple syrup is safer than E sugar
Cindy21RN: Some people do have troubloe with e sugar
Cindy21RN: I tolerate it fine
anon3063: anon – it is all about getting off the cravings… i followed dr. F’s plan for years with dates and never got over cravings
LorraineF: You’re assuming the dates and maple are clean. E-sugar just has an unfortunate name
JenniferParsley: If you have concerns, skip those recipes or use a little stevia if you can.

Tue Aug 26, 8:46:21pm
sheree7: yes Jennifer
LorraineF: check Dr. Greger on the e-sugar. Lots of research
sheree7: excellent Lorraine
mo: Agreed, Lorraine. Poor name.
protectivediet: We will talk about tea and coffee
anon9354: THANKS

Tue Aug 26, 8:47:23pm
anon1955: I check it out Lorraine. Thanks.
LorraineF: It helped me get past the name
sheree7: hungry eat, full stop. Love no counting measureing and all that stuff

Tue Aug 26, 8:48:39pm
anon3063: Erythritol ((2R,3S)-butane-1,2,3,4-tetraol) is a sugar alcohol (or polyol) that has been approved for use as a food additive in the United States[1] and throughout much of the world. It was discovered in 1848 by British chemist John Stenhouse.[2] It occurs naturally in some fruits and fermented foods.[3] At the industrial level, it is produced from glucose by fermentation with a yeast, Moniliella pollinis.[1] It is 60–70% as sweet as table sugar yet it is almost noncaloric, does not affect blood sugar, does not cause tooth decay, and is partially absorbed by the body, excreted in urine and feces. It is less likely to cause gastric side effects than other sugar alcohols because of its unique digestion pathway. Under U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labeling requirements, it has a caloric value of 0.2 kilocalories per gram (95% less than sugar and other carbohydrates), though nutritional labeling varies from country to country. Some countries, such as Japan and the United States, label it as zero-calorie, while European Union regulations currently label it and all other sugar alcohols at 0.24 kcal/g.
Cindy21RN: Yes no counting calories
LorraineF: Strip all the nutients then spray artificial vitamins on
anon3063: sorry – i blew up the board…”occurs naturally”

Tue Aug 26, 8:49:42pm
anon3063: (e-sugar)
sheree7: I am nearing tthe end and my weight loss has slowed down, but inches are still coming off.
mo: np, anon — good info!
anon3063: hope it helped someone. i was very scard of e-sugar until i researched it
Cindy21RN: Good for you Sheree
anon3063: *cared
anon3063: oops – *scared

Tue Aug 26, 8:50:50pm
sheree7: I need to just get off the scale for a few months I think cindy
shannowens: You’ve done a great job Sheree
JenniferParsley: I have lots of BCS, so many of my clothes that were too small fit great now or are even too big.
sheree7: thank you shannon
txbrandie: You DO mom. Get off.
Cindy21RN: I hardly ever weigh any more
anon3063: yea, i prefer how the clothes feel over the number… i can be a very fat 125 or a thin one… but same number
txbrandie: I’ve stalled for awhile though, I check weight to make sure i hadn’t gained! :/

Tue Aug 26, 8:52:10pm
LorraineF: no
anon3063: no
anon1955: Great
txbrandie: THANKS FOR THIS COFFEE INFO! I’d not known how to answer this one.
anon3063: she is working on whole food versions of this type of stuff… like a corndog (hot dog) we haven’t seen the recipe yet
txbrandie: I use black tea to make kombucha….
shannowens: Woo hoo, great amount of questions
JenniferParsley: Inflammation from coffee and sugar is so immediate with me. I feel it in my face within hours. So I stay away from all coffee and sugar.

Tue Aug 26, 8:53:13pm
txbrandie: Oh yeah Jennifer – sugar for me.
LorraineF: It has less caffeine than coffee
anon3063: i missed it… what did she say about wine… none are ok??
txbrandie: So if you’re gonna drink, get the good stuff with no additives! lol
Cindy21RN: Alcohol makes me make bad food choices

Tue Aug 26, 8:54:30pm
LorraineF: Most really bad choices start with alcohol
sheree7: Julie and Jerry this has been a wonderful class. Makes me want to go back and watch the videos again
Cindy21RN: LOL Lorraine
Mairead11: black tea without flavoring or additives. A clean tea is hard to find, but black tea and peppermint are the easiest to find.
txbrandie: Makes me wanna start 30 days over.
Cindy21RN: Yes great class
JenniferParsley: I know Sheree, it is time for me to re-watch some classes for extra motivation!
anon3063: i was watching one class a night… have to get back to that
sheree7: I need to add more greens. I am going to in San dieog since I am getting rox back on plan

Tue Aug 26, 8:55:59pm
sheree7: it really does motivate!!!!!! Jennifer. I have been PD 100% for over 9 monmths and I am still excited to hear this information again
sheree7: ROCK ON JULIE
txbrandie: I went to the farm today and got a bunch of beautiful produce.
sheree7: frobergs???
txbrandie: Tomorrow is 7 months for us!
txbrandie: yes Frobergs
sheree7: way to go brandie
JenniferParsley: I get my weekly delivery of beautiful organic produce tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to see what my farmer has this week.
sheree7: how fun jennifer

Tue Aug 26, 8:57:29pm
LorraineF: Everyone – vegan and omni’s should take B12
txbrandie: I still take probiotics though
sheree7: most vitamin pill exit our body without even dissolving

Tue Aug 26, 8:58:33pm
LorraineF: Vitamin in pills are catalysts – they use the nutrients in the food
Cindy21RN: I was thinking about starting a probiotic too
txbrandie: I just made a batch of hibiscus water last night!
txbrandie: What I think is expensive is just the monthly subscription.
Cindy21RN: I save money on this diet
LorraineF: Julie will soon put out the kimchee and saurkraut

Tue Aug 26, 8:59:45pm
LorraineF: And miso is okay on PD
sheree7: it really is low, and I know one day you will be able to hjave it
sheree7: yes Lorrain you can have miso
shannowens: I think that the most expensive thing is spices that are in the expensive jars, especially when I am just starting to add to what I don’t already have, I am finding everything I need in the bulk section and it is super inexpensive. It isn’t expensive at all.
LorraineF: there’s the probiotics_miso, kimchee, saurkraut
sheree7: shannon bulk spices!!! not the jars

Tue Aug 26, 9:01:10pm
LorraineF: ANd tempeh
sheree7: yes tempeh is ok
shannowens: Sheree, do you buy spices in bulk?
txbrandie: Ate tempeh for dinner.
LorraineF: I meant that tempeh is a fermented food (probiotics)
sheree7: yes many of them. whole foods and a place that used to be called Henrys in california have them

Tue Aug 26, 9:02:11pm
anon5651: If you have a Vitamix, buy cheap packets of whole spices and grind them to save money while having fresher spices/herbs
sheree7: I buy dried onion at costco
txbrandie: I need to exercise just to kick off a plateau.
LorraineF: Dr. Greger is NUTS about flower water
txbrandie: It’s so good.
txbrandie: I Love the hibiscus water.

Tue Aug 26, 9:03:11pm
LorraineF: He blends it – no straining
txbrandie: It tastes a bit like cranberry juice
shannowens: I either get them at Sprouts or just recently Winco. I bought everything I needed for three recipes in small amounts that I wanted them and the cost was under two dollars. Love it. Need to get my own jars now and just add to them to keep them going. Makes me excited lol
txbrandie: I make it really strong cause I always add ice and it gets watered down
LorraineF: I love it to – always have a pitcher going
txbrandie: ew
txbrandie: that doesn’t sound good haahah!

Tue Aug 26, 9:04:13pm
LorraineF: No waste
shannowens: I need to get some of these flowers, I keep forgetting
Cindy21RN: I need some too Shannon

Tue Aug 26, 9:05:31pm
LorraineF: My sister said she thought it was sour. SO I asked her don’t you drink lemonade? te-he
sheree7: put a drop of stevia in it
Cindy21RN: Does anyone sweeten their flower water?
LorraineF: I do
txbrandie: I put stevia in mine too. It’s very like cranberry juice plain. Super tart.
LorraineF: I do about 6 drops
txbrandie: I use stevia in ours
sheree7: GREAT CLASS JULIE!!!!!

Tue Aug 26, 9:06:33pm
LorraineF: now mine is not sour
Cindy21RN: Thanks J&J!!
anon1955: Thanks for the class.
txbrandie: KALE!!!!

Tue Aug 26, 9:07:40pm
LorraineF: dairy is a poor source of calcium
txbrandie: Julie’s got a buffet goin there.
txbrandie: Our bodies don’t absorb most of the calcium that’s in dairy anyway, so it’s useless.
sheree7: too bad we are not closer brandie
txbrandie: I know!
shannowens: Great class Julie! Enjoy your post class feast and whoever else joins you, enjoy!
Cindy21RN: They are going to feast after class!
sheree7: we could all storm J and J door
LorraineF: are Robinlee and Judi going to walk in any minute?
shannowens: PD All You Can Eat Buffet
txbrandie: *giggle*
sheree7: i bet they are lorraine
Cindy21RN: It’s making me hungry!

Tue Aug 26, 9:08:43pm
Mairead11: @LorraineF LOL
LorraineF: Fed Up comes out Sept 9th
LorraineF: I mean on dvd
anon4368: I thot Fed Up blamed sugar for all our ills.
shannowens: Lorraine, is Fed UP going to be nation wide on that date? I knew it was out awhile ago in selected locations
txbrandie: sugar causes ills too. Very acidic

Tue Aug 26, 9:09:47pm
LorraineF: Sept 9 avail on amazon in dvd
anon4368: Yes, some ills. Not all.
txbrandie: BYE GUYS!!!
shannowens: Thanks Lorraine
sheree7: bye all
LorraineF: Thx!
Cindy21RN: Bye!
JudiBryan: Great class…Julie! Thx
anon4368: so long
txbrandie: Bye everyone!!!!!
shannowens: Goodnight everyone
JenniferParsley: Good night, thank you J&J!!!
LorraineF: G’nite!
JudiBryan: Nite!
sunshineinutah: great class – night everyone