Protective Polishing Hand Cleanser Premium PD Recipe Oiled or soiled mechanics and farmers clean up pretty with this protective perfume-free polishing paste. Our 100% natural, exfoliating, oil-based… Continue Reading
Natural Dishwasher Detergent Premium PD Recipe Toxic chemicals and carcinogenic fragrances remain on dishes we fill with protective food and beverages. Chemicals fill the air we… Continue Reading
Brightening Anti-aging Detoxifying Beauty Mask Premium PD Recipe A glowing polished face after just one application will have you hooked on the most effective all-in-one natural beauty mask.… Continue Reading
Protective Diet Pit Paste Premium PD Recipe Protective Diet’s Pit Paste will exceed natural deodorant performance expectations and thrill you with savings. This easy-blend DIY paste will… Continue Reading
Betterment Mouthwash Premium PD Recipe This DIY all-natural aromatherapy bath for your pie-hole will lift your spirit with freshness and be more effective in eliminating… Continue Reading
Super Natural Whitening Toothpaste Premium PD Recipe This oil-free recipe is supernatural because it doesn’t contain carcinogenic ingredients found in commercial natural toothpaste. Dramatically cut the cost… Continue Reading
Exfoliating Pedicure Treatment Premium PD Recipe Make an appointment with yourself and enjoy some well-deserved personal care time from the comfort of your bathroom spa. This… Continue Reading
Breath Fresh Spray Premium PD Recipe Pocket sized organic chemical-free breath spray will lift your spirits while it freshens your breath. Enjoy protective garlic and onions… Continue Reading
Daily Facial Polish Premium PD Recipe The number one secret to glowing healthy skin is a Protective Diet rich with free radical fighting anti-aging protective fruit… Continue Reading
Protective Gum Premium PD Recipe This ancient organic gum has been chewed for centuries and treated like gold for its medicinal healing properties. Each piece… Continue Reading
Lucky Dog Treats Premium PD Recipe The perfect whole food plant-based nourishing training reward to keep your dog fit, lean and the luckiest dog on the… Continue Reading
Natural Tooth Whitening Treatment Premium PD Recipe Toss the toxic, gross-tasting strips and expensive bleaching trays for an all-natural faster PD way to polish and whiten. Your… Continue Reading
PD Dertergent Natural Laundry Detergent Premium PD Recipe This effective easy-make natural laundry detergent will cut household costs dramatically and eliminate the chemical bath your clothes are currently… Continue Reading
All Purpose Cleaning Spray Premium PD Recipe Clean up your cleaning products and effectively kill 99% of bacteria using cost-cutting, non-toxic, food-safe ingredients, transforming your home into… Continue Reading


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