Mar. 16, 2021 Community Class Review | Class 108 – Whole Food Detox and Taste-bud Reprogram

By : | 2 Comments March 16, 2021 | Category : CCR & Live Coaching Hour

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    1. posted by Carol Berry on March 17, 2021

      Julie Marie thanks for the reply re hrt. I didn’t really get enough from your reply so please could I get some more specific advice ?
      I am pd, I day fast, I do not drink alcohol, I sleep well, I am not on any meds. So can I ask what advice you would give specific to menopause ?
      I am following all your PD advice but still massively struggling with menopause.
      Can I also ask what you mean by “I would recommend leaning down as much as possible” ? What does leaning down mean ?
      Please Julie Marie I really need some specific advice about this as I’m doing everything you are telling us to do.
      Thank you so much and forgive me for pressing you on this. Best regards Carol from the UK

      • posted by Carol Berry on March 17, 2021

        Julie Marie one thing I meant to mention was – I guess what I am trying to do is find some specific tweaks – in the way you have given specific and precise advice on cancer protection. You’ve indicated exact foods to eat daily that play a role in giving protection against cancer.
        I’m thinking that approach of ensuring specific foods are in the daily diet would make sense when it comes to regulating the effects of a massive changes in hormones. Such a massive physiological change likely means adjustments to daily practice are needed.
        Could you have a think about what that advice might be?
        So far I think maybe more soy is key ?
        Everyone please forgive me for going on about menopause!
        Julie Marie- i hope I am not irritating you with this x

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