Class #219 – Day Fasting on a Plant Based Diet

By : | 3 Comments September 25, 2018 | Category : Fasting Foundations, Premium Classes

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    Day Fasting saved my life post opioid dependency

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  1. posted by Jackie Hesley on August 10, 2020

    Julie and Jerry Thank you for this class. I am starting my fasting journey!

  2. posted by Nancy Mathews on October 19, 2018

    I noticed you’ve lost a lot more weight. Intermittent fasting, day fasting is a great way to reset your immune system. Plus weight loss! Great job!

  3. posted by Dianna Heckman on October 1, 2018

    LOVE this Lesson Julie! I am SO intrigued by all of your research, discoveries, results and practices with the “Day Fasting”~ When I think about loose skin, I had always thought about the concentration camps and how their skin was all tight and wondered about it just as you mentioned. This all makes such common sense to me. I will start out just as you suggested, going without one meal at a time and see how I feel.
    Thank You for researching and educating us in your findings. These are the exact things I knew there had to be an answer to.
    I am excited to be equipped with this new information and putting it into use~

    “Thank You” Julie & Jerry for helping us to Truly Be the Best “ME” that I can Be! 🙂

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