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Personalized Coaching Multiple Times Per Week

Live regroups twice per week

A Lifestyle That Reduces Your Waist Line  and the Bottom Line

Lose an average of 10 lbs per month, cut food costs, and reverse disease as you follow the clear and proven path to optimal health

24x7 Group Support

Online support from thousands of members in the Protective Diet Living support group

On-Demand  Classes & Recipes

Hundreds of innovative recipes and archived classes

Protective Diet Education Results:

  • Reverse & Prevent Disease

  • Eliminate medication dependency

  • Lose 10 pounds per month

  • Achieve and maintain a low BMI

  • Populate a Protective Microbiome

  • Eliminate gut dysbiosis

  • Eliminate food allergies and sensitives

  • Cut food costs in half

    (average savings: $230 weekly per person)

  • Eliminate medical expenses and co-pays

  • Improve food quality and cooking skills

  • Protective pantry systems to eliminate mealtime stress

  • Increased HGH production (fountain of youth)

  • Increased bone density and muscle retention

  • Improved blood flow, cognition, and energy

  • Eliminate fear of cancer and hereditary disease

  • Protection from viral threats

  • Become a holistic health advocate and a natural food chef

  • Tighter skin due to increased autophagy (cellular recycling)

  • Healthy glow

Protective Diet Education Programming:

  • Gut Microbiome Population Project

  • 30-Day Detox & Taste Bud Reprogram

  • Cancer proliferation prevention

  • Holistic health support

  • Nutritional intervention

  • Protective phytochemical education

  • Pantry stocking

  • 745 original recipes

  • 338 on-demand lessons
    Lesson topics include:

  • Innovative cooking lessons

  • Motivational lessons

  • Daily application lessons

  • Nutritional intervention lessons

  • Fasting support and guidance lessons

  • Fermentation workshops

  • Travel management lessons

  • Chemical-free lifestyle DIY recipes

  • Functional fitness challenges

  • Hydroponics and sustainable homesteading lessons

  • 2 interactive weekly virtual support regroups

  • Global community support group to keep you accountable

  • 2.5+ hours per week personalized support from Julie Marie & Jerry

  • Guide To Optimal Health

What Our Members Say!

I weighed myself on January 3rd at 315lbs. As of January 31st, I have lost 21 pounds so far. I have really enjoyed day fasting because I don’t have to think about what I am going to eat for breakfast or lunch and thoroughly look forward to feasting at dinner. My energy levels are high and I am sleeping so good every night and waking up early in the morning as a part of my plan. Plus I am losing weight and protecting my body.
Bill Fowler
Fast Healthy Weight Loss
Finally, following the Protective Diet changed my financial health. After calculating the tremendous reduction in the cost of ingredients for meals, as well as the medical savings, my annual expenses have lessened by more than $12,000.00.
Kristi DeCoster
Save Money
Thank you, Julie Marie Christensen, I consider you one of my life coaches. And thank you PD community for being among the elite who are willing to live within healthy boundaries and accomplish great things!!!
Wendy Pinkerton
Supportive Community
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