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Class #284 – House Hunting Travel Meals & a Personal Jump Start with Bill

This class inspires imagination with a walk through the Christensen Cabin in the high-desert of southwestern Utah including tips on manifesting your dreams, spontaneous travel meals, engaging with neighbors, and helping a friend get started on a Protective Diet.

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Class #283 – Melt & Bake Cheeze Pro Tips

This class is full of pro tips for steaming, applying and baking Melt & Bake Cheeze on pizza, nachos, quesadillas, tuna melts and casseroles bringing you cheezy success on a Protective Diet. Imagine a diet that keeps getting better…and this is just the beginning.

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Class #282 | Become Vanilla Rich with Bean Saving Bonus Batches

This class shares pro tips for gourmet quality vanilla extract production at home. Julie’s savvy, expedited method will instantly advance the flavor in your “Workplace For Wellness” and make you a vanilla-rich, enthusiastic giver of this precious commodity.

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Class #281 | Making Perfect Yogurt and Including Soy On An Anti-Angiogenic Diet to Prevent Cancer

This class presents a decade of test kitchen experience on plant-based yogurt with simple, delicious steps to include in your daily diet for sustained anti-angiogenesis. The thickest, organic, low-fat, plant-based, cancer-killing yogurt is homemade for under $2 a quart.

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Class #280 | Corn Crisps, PD Success, & The 50/50 Plate Practice

This class identifies common restrictive dietary behaviors that are totally unnecessary for sustainable success on a Protective Diet. Increase plant diversity to boost immunity and protection with delicious, exciting, satisfying meals you don’t even notice are salads.

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Class #279 | Nutty Butter & The Noodle Bowl

This class showcases PD versatility, featuring Asian Style Spice Nut Vinaigrette, The Nutty Butter Yogi Bowl, Disappearing Salads, and Cruciferous Protection all from one foundational recipe. Inspiring fun, flavorful plant-based feasts is a Protective Diet superpower.

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