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Class #288 – Socializing & PD Living – a “This Is How We Do It” live broadcast

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Class #287 | Achieving A Pro Mindset

This class is designed to help you find ease in your practice as a Pro, no matter how many days you’ve been doing this. You will reach the point where practicing a Protective Diet is natural and there is no doubt in your mind that you are going to stick with it for life.

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Class #286 – Our New Workplace for Wellness

This class supports you in maintaining your PD practice during the excitement and strain of major life changes or rewarding projects. Check out our garden irrigation project, “before” landscaping views, raised garden beds, new pantry, and tips for quick dinner prep while managing altitude sickness. The PD Test Kitchen is breaking ground for a plant-based homestead in the high desert.

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Class #285 Protective Kimchi 101

This class broadens the palette and treats beneficial gut microbes with the bold flavor and plant diversity of kimchi. Traditionally made in large batches to preserve whole heads of cabbage through the winter months, this small-batch, bite-size, protective remake removes the intimidation, retains the crunch, and adds instant, unforgettable kimchi zest to meals from day one.

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Class #284 – House Hunting Travel Meals & a Personal Jump Start with Bill

This class inspires imagination with a walk through the Christensen Cabin in the high-desert of southwestern Utah including tips on manifesting your dreams, spontaneous travel meals, engaging with neighbors, and helping a friend get started on a Protective Diet.

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Class #283 – Melt & Bake Cheeze Pro Tips

This class is full of pro tips for steaming, applying and baking Melt & Bake Cheeze on pizza, nachos, quesadillas, tuna melts and casseroles bringing you cheezy success on a Protective Diet. Imagine a diet that keeps getting better…and this is just the beginning.

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