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Class #272 – Allergies and the Microbiome

This class addresses allergies as the first symptom of microbiome imbalance. A Protective Diet puts your body in its best place for healing. We can recover with healthy diet, movement, sleep, relationship, and gratitude practices that support an anti-inflammatory modulating microbial population. The body is a healing machine.

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Class #271 – You Can’t Outrun an Unhealthy Diet

This class assists everyone, from new members to athletes, with putting health priorities in proper order. Exercising and eating a little “healthier” adds stress to an already stressed system. Putting the fulltime practice of a Protective Diet solidly in place first will reverse disease, reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and cut body fat, freeing the body to receive the full benefits of exercise.

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Class #270 – Protective Diet Pro Tips

This class is full of helpful recommendations. Julie Marie’s pro-tips and kitchen systems will save you time, money and add to your kitchen confidence.

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Class #269 – Getting Comfortable Enjoying Delicious Food

This class demonstrates how to enjoy delicious food every day. Extreme diet trends prescribe eating bland, nutritious food daily and rewarding yourself occasionally with indulgent foods that develop obesity, inflammation and chronic disease. A Protective Diet invites unrestricted daily celebrations of delicious, fun, protective foods that reward you with optimal health and sustainable results.

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Free Class #268 – Mind Games: Self Awareness & Celebrating Success

This class introduces the Daily Love Bubble gratitude practice as a way to acknowledge your accomplishments and shout out joy in a community that cheers you on. Everyone experiences mind games at some point on their journey. Learn to prevent self-sabotage and surround yourself with a bubble of gratitude and support to make a joy-focused shift.

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Class #267 – Finger Salad, Chips & Dip for Dinner featuring Refrigerator Tacos

In this class I prepare two fun & simple summertime meals starting with a starch and adding bits and pieces from my kitchen for layers of plant diversity. Merging nutritional science with culinary trends, a Protective Diet creates delicious excitement on your plate, meanwhile promoting the gut microbiome and strengthening the immune system for superior endothelial protection.

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