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Class #279 | Nutty Butter & The Noodle Bowl

This class showcases PD versatility, featuring Asian Style Spice Nut Vinaigrette, The Nutty Butter Yogi Bowl, Disappearing Salads, and Cruciferous Protection all from one foundational recipe. Inspiring fun, flavorful plant-based feasts is a Protective Diet superpower.

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Class #278 | Winter 2020 – Fresh Produce Restock and Enjoying Indian Food

This class offers you greater grocery store independence. Take a tour of Julie’s empty fridge and venture out to restock fresh produce that stretches into 3 to 4 weeks of meals. Amidst rising costs and restaurant shutdowns, apply PD kitchen systems and recipes to cut spending, extend food freshness and even shop your fridge and pantry for a lavish Indian Buffet in the comfort of your home.

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Class #274 – Road Trip Travel

This class covers packing to keep meals easy, protective, and delicious for a weeklong getaway in the high desert of St George Utah, featuring four favorite fast meals and lots of PD Pro Tips to assist you at home and on vacation. A feast for the eyes, this class is full of bright travel fare that sacrifices nothing and cleverly combines the comforts of home with the adventure of local bounty.

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