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Class #265 – What’s Your Food Mood

This class exposes the true source of dietary preference and mood–our microbes control our
food choices and behavior. Learn how to populate and protect healthy resident microbiota. They will be your biggest cheerleaders, create excitement around healthy food, and keep you joyfully practicing a consistent Protective Diet long-term.

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Class #264 – Two Years Day Fasting on a Protective Diet

The #1 health hack and fasting pro tips to boost Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for anti-aging benefits. Maintain vitality and improve cognition, bone density, muscle development, and reduce body fat.

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Class #263 – Bag of Questions

Immediate support for Newbies, Pros and Day Fasters

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Class #262 – Rebuilding Our Immune System is our Social Responsibility

This class offers guidance for healthy people who are re-entering shared public spaces after prolonged sheltering-in-place or wearing of masks, gloves and using hand sanitizers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who are in high-risk categories should continue sheltering-in-place and taking all recommended precautions while strengthening their immune system with 100% application of a Protective Diet.

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Class #261 – Eliminate Produce Waste & Shopping Trips

Creating structure with meal times and taking responsibility of your health to flatten the curve

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Free Class #260 – Day One On a Protective Diet

This class is your guide to getting started. This program is designed to help you make an immediate and complete shift from a standard diet to a sustainable Protective Diet without feelings of restriction or deprivation. Each Protective Diet recipe incorporates the foods that are going to get you to optimal health. All you have to do is stock your pantry with your favorites, get cooking, and eat!

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