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Class #259 – Oil-Free Garlic Naan in my Workplace for Wellness

Preparing Garlic Naan & an Immune Boost with Finger Salad, Falafel, Fruit, Fennel, and Fermented Salsa

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Class #258 – Pandemic Pantry

Twelve days in quarantine and look what’s left. How we’re managing stress and staying home.

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Class #257 – How the Gut Microbiota Influences Our Behavior & Controls Our Wellbeing

Learn how to promote a robust immune system and efficient metabolism by populating a diverse resident microbiota with a Protective Diet and lifestyle.

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Class #256 – Cornflakes & Cholesterol

Understanding your cholesterol results
How statin medications reduce cholesterol
Julie and Jerry’s blood test results and how long term fasting effects numbers
Don’t be a zombie in life, set goals, and secure your own mask first

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Class #255 – Baking Bread & Following Through on a Protective Diet

Assemble open-faced party sandwiches
Select your fast 5 favorite recipes for busy weekdays
Making my favorite Quickie Cream of Veggie Soup with a gourmet twist
Proofing bread in the Instant Pot
Selecting a Dutch oven
How to use fermentation brine to enhance flavor and protection in recipes
Tips to get back on track and achieve your goals

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Class #254 – Taquitos & Living In the Moment to Reduce Stress

Eliminate unproductive thoughts, anxiety and stress with productive meditation

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