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Class #010 – Greens Discussion

We will discuss how to prepare and introduce them into your diet and the beneficial side effects you will notice with their incorporation.

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Class #009 – Alcoholic Beverages

Do they fit into a Protective Diet?

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Class #008 – Understanding Cholesterol

You will gain a better understanding why your doctor said to raise your HDL and the greater importance of your total cholesterol score. We will also address other factors that contribute to an increase in cholesterol besides food.

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Class #007 – Understanding the Endothelium

This class explains the basics of endothelial function and health. In Protective Diet Education, we learn and apply diet and lifestyle practices that promote a fully functional endothelium. When we align our daily actions and preferences with the preservation of this living shield, weight regulates, disease is prevented or reversed, and every cell in the body is fully protected. This foundational harmony is the key to living a long and healthy life. This is optimal health!

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Class #006 – Taste bud reprogramming and eliminating food cravings

Some people criticize the full-time practice of a Protective Diet, calling it extreme. The opposite is true. Practicing a Protective Diet 100%, consistently results in freedom. With the elimination of fats, sugars, food additives and coffee, taste buds are reset, eliminating food cravings. No more being drawn back into the kitchen, not hungry, but searching for something to satisfy an appetite you can’t quite put your finger on…just the freedom of eating your meal and feeling full and satisfied.

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Class #005 – Vitamin supplementation

This class has been updated and replaced with class #128

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