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Class #296 | Incorporating Dried Herbs for Flavor & Protection

This class covers drying, sourcing and cooking with herbs, which are being heavily studied for pharmaceutical possibilities in cancer treatment. Who needs a prescription medication when the same healing and prevention powers are available in your pantry?

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Class #295 | 48-Hour Fast: Day Two

This class completes the Protective Diet 48-Hour Fasting Support Series, including a recap of deep cellular renewal and recycling benefits, coaching on body signals and awareness, ideas for self-care, and guidance for breaking an extended fast gently.

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Class #294 | 48-Hour Fast: Day One Support

This class is Part Two of a 3-part Fasting Support Series designed to sustain you at the 24-hour mark, with ideas for maximum productivity, activities for self-care through the dinner hour, strategies for common challenges, and expectations for the grand finale.

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Class #293 | 48-Hour Fast: Plan & Prep Guide

This class is Part One of a 3-part Fasting Support Series designed to kick start your day-fasting practice. Understand the Who and the Why, along with an overview of the process so you can start enjoying the extreme benefits of fasting coupled with a Protective Diet.

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Class #292 | Travel – Manifest – Peach Buckle

This class shows a real life example of summer travel on a Protective Diet, while manifesting the things you want in life, all rolled into
one. Peach Buckle and Cooper Christensen join the family as a result of channeling desires, letting go, and allowing them to happen.

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Class #291 | July Garden Tour : Learn as we GROW with community support

This class enlivens with an update on Protective Diet Homestead development including garden tours, tips for building the soil microbiome, and the happy debut of three “spent” hens that literally rejuvenate with lavish helpings of PD chopped salads.

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