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Class #01 – Starting a Protective Diet Begin navigating your way to optimal health starting with this lesson
Class #02 – Identify true hunger, food cravings and emotional eating We will discuss and understand the urge to over eat “carbs”, the guilt associated with them, how that developed and…
Class #03 – Protein sources & ideal amounts Understand why so many diets and advertisements put so much focus on protein. Learn how to easily explain to your…
Class #04 – Lead By Example & Walk The Walk I will teach you how to guide people who inquire about your success on a Protective Diet. Understand why people…
Class #05 – Vitamin supplementation This class has been updated and replaced with class #128
Class #06 – Taste bud reprogramming and eliminating food cravings Learn how to get off the sugar, fats and food additives once and for all. After you apply this you…
Class #07 – Understanding the Endothelium Learn what the best diet is to promote our endothelium and optimal health. You will leave this hour feeling nutritionally…
Class #08 – Understanding Cholesterol You will gain a better understanding why your doctor said to raise your HDL and the greater importance of your…
Class #09 – Alcoholic Beverages Do they fit into a Protective Diet?
Class #10 – Greens Discussion We will discuss how to prepare and introduce them into your diet and the beneficial side effects you will notice…
Class #11 – Pantry Staples & Refridgerator Stocking This class has been removed and replaced with stocking classes #32, #33 and #34
Emotional Eating Class #12 – How To Identify and Eliminate Emotional Eating What is emotional eating? Why do we do it? How do we put an end to this self abusive reoccurring…
Class #13 – Pressure Cooking, Slow Cooking, Batch Cooking & Freezing Learn how using a pressure cooker and a slow cooker to stock your freezer makes meal planning fast, easy and…
Class #14 – Acknowledging Your Achievements Stop trying to fix what is working. After years of unsuccessful attempts to reach health goals and our ideal body…
Class #15 – GMOs & Non-Organics Is your focus on GMO, gluten free and organics distracting you from or helping you practice a Protective Diet. Will…
Class #16 – Inflammatory Disease – Acidic & Alkaline Foods What is inflammation? How is it related to disease? How can we eliminate it?
Class #17 – How to travel on a Protective Diet If you’re traveling by plane, train, automobile or staying in a hotel, visiting family or sleeping under the stars on…
Class #18 – Raw vs. Cooked How much should we be consuming and is one better than the other?
Class #19 – Kitchen Tools This class has been updated and replaced with class #125
Class #20 – Food Additives & Code Names Learn the most common food additive names, how to spot new ones you don’t recognize and why they are used.…
Class #21 – Emotional Eating Has emotional eating become the excuse for not achieving your goals? Old eating habits die hard. Now that it’s working,…
Class #22 – All On or All Off, Starving or Bingeing, Perfection or Disaster Perfectionism with dieting, are you either bingeing or starving? Successfully finding a comfortable and rewarding middle ground.
Class #23 – Remembering the Reasons You Began this Journey to Optimal Health Sticking to your decision to follow through to reach your goals. Using a Protective Diet as crutch of stability in…
Bonus – Grocery Store Tour of Costco How to use Costco to your advantage
Class #24 – Food Obsessions Are you constantly thinking about food? Do you panic if you aren’t prepared for the week with a stocked freezer?…
Class #25 – Accepting and Loving The New Healthy You Did you go from running pasted mirrors to stopping and checking yourself out in every mirror or window reflection you…
Class #26 – Outdated recommendations in the Health Care System How to spot the red flags of diet and health trends being taught by wellness centers. How to respond when…
Class #27 – Being Challenged By Diet Trends What’s some of the craziest diet trends you have tried? What to do when your best friend or coworker tells…
Class #28 – Inner Child Frame of Mind Learning and practicing self care and love
Class #29 – Why am I sick? Isn't my immune system supercharged? I thought a PD would keep me from getting a cold. Do we have to…
Class #30 – Workouts and Weight Loss Answering the questions: Do I need to work out to lose weight? Will exercise speed up my weight loss? How…
Class #31 – Indigestion and Digestive Issues I love green beans, but green beans don’t love me. How to eliminate digestive issues when eating a high fiber…
Class #32 – Stocking Your Kitchen For Efficiency and Savings Part 1 – Pantry Staples Stocking Dry goods monthly to save money, time and effort during the week
Class #33 – Stocking Your Kitchen For Efficiency and Savings Part 2 – Spices, Vinegars, Extracts and More Keeping it PD simple and getting organized bringing Zen to your kitchen
Class #35 – Search Box Dinners & Meals Without Planning Learn meal planning, what fresh items should fill your grocery tote, while reducing waste, eliminate stressful meal prep & cut…
Class #36 – Nuts The health effects of nuts and dietary fats. Why we choose not to eat them on a Protective Diet.
Class #37 – Sleeping Like A Rock The ritual of a good night sleep
Class #38 – Cooking with Kids School's out and it’s time your kids learned some of the most valuable lessons in life. In this class you…
Class #39 – Lunch Packing Meals on the go, simplifying lunches and the tools to make it easy
Class #40 – Recipes for Success Following recipes and producing awesome results. Putting your own style into a recipe
Class #41 – Veggie Gardens, Growing Potted Herbs or Sprouting Learn to grow something green you can eat no matter where you live.
Class #42 – Protection For Human Health, The Animals & Planet Earth A Protective Diet offers respect and conservation for humans, all creatures and our planet.
Class #43 – Are some grains better than others? Ingredients for a sustainable practice. What qualifies a food as processed? Do we need to eliminate certain grains for weight…
Class #44 – Fundamentals Understanding fundamentals of the Protective Diet, what makes it unique, the 30 Day Detox and taste bud reprogramming
Class #45 – Weight loss average on a Protective Diet What to expect and what to do when weight loss seems to have slowed down
Class #46 – Type I & Type II Diabetes What is the difference between the two and can this disease be reversed?
Class #47 – Chopping, dicing, slicing and shredding What's the best tool for the job? - Efficiency with your kitchen appliances
Class #48 – Greens and their importance in a Protective Diet How do they boost and strengthen our immune system? Learn how to incorporate them into your diet without much effort.
Class #50 – Let’s Talk & Cook Potatoes What’s their roll in a Protective Diet and how many should I eat?
Class #51 – We’re Talking Tofu Is soy bad for our health?
Class #52 – Microwave…Yea or Nay Learn how rewarding it is to live without this appliance
Class #53 – Garlic Party Should I chop it , press it, slice it , shake it or roast it? Learn all about this little…
Class #54 – Excuses Are Just Excuses Are you stalling your own success? How to flip the switch and press the GO (for it) button
Class #55 – Traveling Protective Diet Style We will share tips from our cross country trip and how we managed Protective Diet Style on the road and…
Class 56 Class #56 – Protective Diet & The Holidays Managing the stress of traditional food pressures and parties. What to serve when hosting and what to bring to the…
Class #57 – Optimal Outlook Seeing the perfection in yourself, everyone and everything surrounding you
Class #58 – Improving Knife Skills How to sharpen, choose the right tool for the job and use helpful hand held kitchen gadgets
Class #59 – Encouraging and Coaching Family challenges, coworkers and friends
Class #60 – Simple Meal Planning This class has been updated and replaced with class #35
Class #61 – Enjoying Your Journey to Goal Calling all chronic problem solvers this one is solved. Shift your focus from food, doubt and worry to enjoying life.
Class #62 – New Year! New Resolution Now that we have optimal health all mapped out with a Protective Diet what can we strive for? Pick a…
Class #63 – Stove Top Tips & Tricks Jerry’s oats, steamers, stock pots and sauce pans
Class #64 – Secure Your Own Mask First Walk the walk and they will follow your undeniable health success
Class #65 – Kitchen Spa Make your own food grade body care products
Class #66 – Checking Into Your Healthy Life Learn how after years of checking out with food, alcohol, video games or TV
Class #67 – The Practice Of Gratitude Learning to be sincerely grateful in the moment no matter what happens along your path to optimal health.
Class #68 – Beans, Beans, Beans Do I have to include them? What will they do for my health? We will review how to cook dried…
Class #70 – Eliminating Doubt Breaking up with your scale, expecting results, acknowledging and celebrating your success
Class #71 – The power of the imagination Jerry will teach you how to effectively use your imagination to create opportunities and overcome obstacles once and for all.…
Class #72 – The PD-Practice Check-Up If you are just getting started or have been practicing a Protective Diet for years this class is for you.…
Class #73 – Super Tasters and Taste Bud Evolution The elimination of your sweet tooth and salts appeal
Class #74 – Oven Tips and Tricks How to get the best results when roasting, broiling and baking
Class #75 – Spring Cleaning Clean-up your cleaning products with a Protective Diet makeover. Learn to easily make your home a chemical-free safe zone while…
Class #76 – The Three Phases Of Recovery & Following Through Honor yourself with the privilege to enjoy the ideal diet for human health. After this lesson you will joyfully pass…
Class #77 – Spectacular Salads – PD salad prep 101 Prep, chop, pack and toss. Slim down and powerhouse your immune system while saving time and money
Class #78 – Checkup Follow up visit PD 30 day checkup from the neck up results
Class #79 – Dining Out Protective Diet Style Reduce the stress, learn how to order Protective Diet Style.
Class #80 – Shift from Deprivation to Privilege Adopting the Protective Diet isn't a limitation but an honor
Class #81 – Your Body’s Sweet Spot Maintaining optimal health and living the life of freedom and appreciation. Are you counting calories and tracking calories? Stop wasting…
Class #82 – Mastering Label Reading Learn to identify food additives confidently and independently
Class #83 – Sip on this Summertime infusions and refreshments
Class #84 – Steps for Replacing Self Judgement with Appreciation and Love Learn to quickly replace stress inducing critical analysis and judgment with a healthy appreciation and love for your achievements and…
Class #85 – Simplicity & Meal Satisfaction Learn to prepare deliciously designed PD 50/50 Bowls. Julie will demonstrate how to prepare and pack one when traveling and…
Class #86 – Sugar In Health Food Camouflage Learn how to easily identify it sugar in ingredients. We will review why we cut it out and keep it…
Class #87 – Pantry Par Stocking System Creating a simple inventory system to re-stock your pantry, keep food bills low and never find yourself out of an…
Class #88 – Summer Holidays Protective Diet Style What to serve, what to bring to the party, what pack for the picnic, tail gate at the pool, or…
Class #89 – Goal Setting Essential tips and tricks for confidently setting and achieving your goals with immense joy and little effort
Class #90 – Pizza Party Learn how to easily make homemade PD Pizza from scratch. Perfect for a party, family cooking fun, as leftovers and…
Class #91 – Transitioning to a Plant-Based Household Eliminating parental guilt. Making a household commitment. Encouraging kids to eat vegetables with kid approved Protective Diet favorites
Class #92 – Food Anxiety Are you afraid of a Protective Diet’s delicious looking recipes? Some fear and avoid certain recipes because they resemble problematic…
Class #93 – Micro Goals The simple secret to success
Class #94 – Getting Back On Track Choosing to go off plan and taking notes for a healthier tomorrow
Class #95 – Back to school lunch packing Protective Diet Style Let's round up their back to school gear and go through some simple ideas. After a summer of eating on…
Class #96 – Kitchen Set-Up for Efficiency Organizing your space to make meal preparation and kitchen management a simple pleasure
Class #97 – 21 Meals to PD Mastery Resetting your natural calorie tracker to achieve maximum weight loss and meal satisfaction; while saving you time and money.
Class #98 – Set Up Sunday Learn to set yourself up for success, reduce week night meal preparation time and make simple to prepare whole plant…
Class #99 – Visualize Optimal Health Prewriting your testimonial with Jerry
Class #100 – Eating A Diet In Perfect Balance Understanding omega fatty acids
Class #101 – Soup Month Demonstrating new cooking techniques, freezing and how soups fit into the 50/50 PD Plate. Featuring a bonus recipe for Drop…
Class #102 – Planning For Success Productivity and schedules for the unscheduled taught by Jerry
Class #103 – Learn Tips From A Minimalist How to start organizing and let go of what is holding you down
Class #104 – KP Duty Learn to manage your busy life with a few kitchen & household systems.
Class #105 – Commitment Class Kick Off 30 Day Detox, 50/50 Plate, 21 Meals to Mastery
Class #106 – Holiday Stress Shift your perception with Jerry and experience joy this season
Class #107 – User Guide Navigating the classroom and getting the most out of PD-Ed. Learn how to use the website features to your greatest…
Screenshot 108 Class #108 – Whole Food Detox and Taste-bud Reprogram How to manage common detox symptoms of fatigue and reduce bloating and gas during your transition to a whole food…
Class #109 – Protection For Our Planet Implementing lifestyle practices to protect our planet
Class #110 – PD Holiday Mock-Tail Party Give your friends and family the gift of healthy party this season
Class #111 – Coffee and Diet Soda Acidic beverages and liquid neurotoxins
Class #112 – Daily Spa Rituals All natural ways to pamper yourself on a budget and in a flash
Class #113 – Authentic Salsa Cut costs and package waste while improving flavor and quality of simple meals
Class #114 – Kicking off the New Year Click here to read this week's newsletter: Protective Diet Optimal Health Drive - Experience life-changing results and enrollment fee reimbursement…
Class #115 – Rice Dishes From Around the World Stove top tips, pressure cooking tricks and creating your own variations using what’s in your refrigerator
Class 116 Snapshot Class #116 – Becoming A Plant-Based Chef/No Experience Necessary Jerry reviews his first week shopping, meal planning and cooking for two.
Class 117 Snapshot Class #117 – Fresh Restock Utilizing PD Kitchen Systems to make Fresh Restocking and Flexible Meal Planning simple and easy
118 Screenshot final Class #118 – SUS – Set-Up For Success Making meal prep easy, stress-free & delicious
Class #119 – Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day What to serve or bring to a Super bowl party
Class #120 – Seven Steps to Overcoming Self Doubt How to gain gain confidence and the support of your friends and family
Class #121 – Enjoying Cruciferous Vegetables Simple preparations and how to easily incorporate them for daily protection
Class #122 – Freedom To Succeed Releasing the diet mentality of sacrifice and restriction
Class #123 – Set It & Forget It Meals Long busy days with a simply delicious ending
Class #124 – Pick a Positive Proactive Partner Teaming up to push you out of your comfort zone all the way to optimal health
Class #125 – Kitchen Tools – Beginner Essentials Setting up a plant-based kitchen
Class #126 – Cancer: The Protective Diet Advantage My brain cancer, the endothelium & eating PD in the hospital for a protective advantage
Class #129 – Daily Actions to Eliminate Stress The Wonderful Why's and other helpful tools
Class #139 – Satisfying Salads – Building a Salad with Flavor, Texture and Nutrition Click here to read this week's newsletter: Peek into our June potluck & join us in July:
Class #141 – Maintaining A Healthy Weight & Vitality Click here to read this week's newsletter: Life Changing Success:
Class #32 – Stocking Your Kitchen For Efficiency and Savings Part 1 – Pantry Staples Click here to read this week's newsletter: Lucky Dog Food Success Story:
Class #33 – Stocking Your Kitchen For Efficiency and Savings Part 2 – Spices, Vinegars, Extracts and More Click here to read this week's newsletter: Stocking for Success:
Class #34 – Stocking Your Kitchen For Efficiency and Savings Part 3 – Refrigerator and Freezer Staples Click here to read this week's newsletter: Refrigerator and Freezer Staples:
Waking Up In America radio interview Julie Marie talks about the Protective Diet, Cancer, Lucky Dog Food, Protective Diet Education and much more in this one…
Class #01 – Starting a Protective Diet Comments from class Tue Aug 23, 5:55:14pm jerrypd: THE FEED IS LIVE! CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON AND YOU WILL SEE…
Class #09 – Alcoholic Beverages Do they fit into a Protective Diet?
Class #142 – Video Coaching Hour Students ask about B-12, Emotional Eating, 50/50 Plate, Compliant Milks, Arthritis Flairs, Black Rice, Anthocyanin, Coconut, Air Fryers and more.
Class #146 – Video Coaching Hour Clarifying HDL & LDL, Statins, Lowering Cholesterol, Blood Tests, Making a Commitment
Class #147 – Pressure Cooker Stir Fry Learn shortcuts and tips to make delicious authentic Chinese stir fry
Class 149 – Video Coaching Hour Primary topics covered: set it and forget it meals andhandeling the holidays
Class #150 – Complimentary Video Coaching Hour Primary topics covered: The Affiliate Program, Instant Pot Operation, Making a Commitment To Optimal Heath
Class #151 – Hosting House Guests Protective Diet Style See examples of what to serve to non PD overnight guests
Class #154 – Daily Application Fast, easy and satisfying go to meals
Class #155 – Cancer Prevention & Regression on a Protective Diet 4 take action practices, angiogenesis inhibitors and IGF1(Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1)
Class #156 – Calendar of Achievements Taking daily action, tracking your progress and celebrating your achievements
Class #157 – Preparing To Be Away Recovery time, planned hospital stay alone or with a food dependent family
Class #159 – Sweet Action Saturday Taking weekly action to achieve your goals and incorporating the Shower Of Thanks practice
Class #160 – Feeling Anxious About Greens Eliminate the pressure of dietary perfection and micro nutrient obsessions
Class #161 – Tips For Limiting Stress In Challenging Times How I’ve dealt with Julie’s brain cancer diagnosis and tips for you to apply in your life
Class #162 – Emergency Hospital Prep Fighting Infections With The PD Advantage
Class #163 – Handicapping The Binge When Mindful Eating becomes second nature
Class #165 – Rolling Sushi & Gimbop Featuring brown sticky sushi rice
Class #166 – A Winter Day Eating PD Example of what J&J eat in a day
Class #167 – Opiods Causing More Pain Than Surgery Dependence and addiction can happen to anyone.
Class #168 – Making Quick-Mix Pizza Weeknight pizza party in your Workplace For Wellness
Class #169 – Cutting Ripe Jackfruit & Cultural Adventure At International Markets Lean how to find markets adding variety and global excitement to your routine.
Class #171 – The Burden Of Thin Eliminate dietary restriction with the PD Advantage
Class #172 – Falafel Party & Protective Spices Powerfully protective dishes from the Middle East featuring Za'atar Spice Mix
Class #173 – Fat-Free Salad Dressing 101 When to blend or shake while using fresh and dried spices to complement your daily dose of raw protection.
Class #174 – Downsizing Daily Salads How to make them desirable, portable & higher quality while leaving you satisfied with less food volume
Class #175 – Mastering Oil-free Grilled Pizza Veggies & Plant-based pizza in minutes with PD grilling techniques.
Class #176 – PD Picnic Packing Make and take sub-sandwiches to improve food quality and savings
Class #177 – Annual Halftime Checkin Time to reflect and regroup to achieve annual goals
Class #178 – All Natural Cleaning Make your home a safe zone, eliminate toxins, protect your endothelium and improve air quality
Class #179 – Weekend of Wellness Detoxify your body and home for stress-free success
Class #181 – Keep It Out & Keep It Off Stress-free optimal health maintenance with a sustainable practice.
Class #183 – Batch Cooking Can Stall Weight Loss Idle time and ready made meals can reduce satiation, numbing your body's natural calorie tracker sabotaging your ability to practice…
Class #184 – Dinner Party with Julie Marie How to entertain while practicing a Protective Diet
Class #185 – Picnic with Julie Marie Taking friends out for a Protective Diet dinner
Class #186 – Co-cooking Flatbread Pizza Cook along with Julie Marie
Class #187 – The PD Groove Enjoying the process and maintaining the PD Advantage
Class #188 – Co-Cooking Apple Fritter Cake Cook along with Julie Marie
Class #189 – Co-Cooking Egg-less Omelet Cook along with Julie Marie
Class #190 – Cancer & Angiogenesis Inhibitors Daily diet to prevent and regress tumor growth
Class #191 – Healthy Halloween Treats & Co-Cooking Cinnamon Swirled Sweet Potato Bread Cook Along with Julie Marie
Class #192 – Co-Cooking Sauerkraut Benefits of anthocyanin protection and lacto fermentation
Class #193 – Co-Cooking A Taste of Thanksgiving Stuffing Muffins, Onion Gravy, Classic Cranberry Sauce and Not-So-Fat-So Mashed Potatoes Cook Along with Julie Marie
Class #195 – Navigating Holiday Dinners What to serve and make ahead checklist to create an unforgettable holiday meal
Class #196 – International Market Tour Shopping with Julie Marie
Class #197 – Costco Run Shopping with Julie Marie
Class #198 – Grocery Store Restock Supplemental shopping, herb run and pantry staples at Ralf's and Sprouts
Class #199 – Organic Co-Op Shopping Tour Herb run and pantry staples at People’s Co-Op
Class #200 – Stop The Snacks Challenge Getting started with Mindful Eating
Class #201 – Kitchen Peptalk Take action solutions for trending community challenges while preserving lemons
Class #202 – PD Progress Challenge & Favorite Fries Cooking Technique Featuring eating Animal Style for the Super Bowl
Size 22 to a Size 2 Julie Marie shares her weight loss transformation and cancer experience with Dr. Mondo on Facebook Live February 27, 2018
Class # 204 – Body Management & Understanding Cancer Managing your health and body like a business
Class #205 – Celebrating Spring With Carrot Cake Frosting Techniques – Workplace For Wellness Demonstration In the kitchen with nutritional science and daily application inspiration with live question and answer
Class #206 – Tea Ritual & Spices for Protection Boosting your protection with every sip and bite on a Protective Diet
Class # 207 – The Need To Feed Psychological habits vs. physical addiction - Stop The Snacks Challenge guidance
Class #208 – Workplace for Wellness – Pressure Cooked Frittata Making morning cruciferous vegetable protection easy & delicious
Class #209 – Soup for One Maintaining a successful solo practice. Only the best for you
Class #210 – Easy Bake Loaf Bread In the kitchen with nutritional science and daily application inspiration with live question and answer
Class #212 – Fat Reception Review & Cheezecake Workplace For Wellness Demonstration Reviewing why we keep the fats out of the diet for improved food satisfaction & Cheeze Cake Demo
Class #214 – In Flight Travel Meal Made Easy This is how we pack up for takeoff
Class #215 – Glamping On A Protective Diet This is how we do it up the coast of California
Class #216 – I Lost My Way How to fail, forgive & flourish. Growing from experience
Class #218 – The Hideous Truth of Opioid Addiction Learn from my 18 month experience
Class #219 – Day Fasting on a Plant Based Diet Day Fasting saved my life post opioid dependency
Class #220 – Day Fast & Feast Guide Tips and tricks, what and when I eat and drink for maximum results
Class #221 – Day Fast and Feast The science of anti-aging: combating oxidative stress & promoting atrophy
Class #222 – Pep Talk with Mexican Pizza Shortcut Techniques Get back on motivated and learn Julie's pizza making shortcut
Class #223 – Call To Action Moving forward with powerful, protective, nutrition science. Are you with us?
Class #224 – Sweet Action Rituals & Routines for a Better Life Experience Speed-up cellular healing and autophagy with lifestyle awareness. Mindful eating suggestions and Super Natural Toothpaste demo for endothelial protection.
Class #225 – Dementia Defense Take action with neurological protection and holiday fun with chocolate fondue
Class #226 – New Year/New You Sharing community success stories
Class #227 – Navigating How to login, join live class, attend chat, lookup archive classes, search recipes, post testimonials comment on the blog, view…
Class #228 – Benefits of Fermented Food Salt-Free vs. Low Sodium diets.
Class #231 – Enjoying Fermented Food featuring The Pro Bowl Ready to go meal starters to save time, money, reduce waste, and improve food quality.
Class #232 – Fermentation Techniques & Tools Part 3 – Probiotic Pickles Ready to go meal starters to save time, money, reduce waste, and improve food quality.
Class #233 – Biology of Burning Body Fat Ketogenic diet vs. PD Fast & Feast. One year results
Class #234 – Know Your Fast Five Pro tips for busy people featuring the Toasted Grains Technique
Class #235 – The Benefits of Sulforaphane & Co-Cooking Egg Rolls Learn to maximize detoxifying, neuroprotective, chemotherapeutic, anti-aging, fat reducing, autophagy promoting sulforaphane
Class #236 – Weeknight Setup SUS Meal-prep shortcuts eliminating the hassle of batch-cooking
Class #237 – What I Eat In A Day Spring 2019 Day Fasting makes PD easier to manage. Food is no longer an emergency.
Class #238 – Protective Beverages Anti-aging calorie free cellular protection
Class #239 – Tweak Your Physique Strength training with Julie Marie.
Class #240 – All Natural Beauty Simplify your anti-aging skincare routine promoting cellular renewal
Class #241 – Increase Protective Lycopene with Fermented Salsa Learn about powerful lycopene and how to multiply its content and absorption with Protective Diet condiments.
Class #242 – Tips From The Pros Weekend Featuring: Hot Chocolate Tuber Tonic, Tece's Beans, Probiotic Hummus, Day Fasting & Feasting together, PD party tips and more.
Class #243 – Health Benefits of Spicy Food Learn why and how to introduce protective capsaicin into your meals for optimal health and food satisfaction.
Class #244 – Back To The Basics 2019 Reviewing essential fundamental practices on a Protective Diet.
Class #245 – Promoting Autophagy While We Eat, Sleep And Play Maximizing cellular clean up & protection.
Class #246 – The Instant Pot Advantage: Pro Tips, Tricks & Accessories Eliminate mealtime stress, improve food quality and decrease evening kitchen time.
Class #247 – Intro to Indian Mastering Dry Browning & Toasting protective spices including cellular protective, anti-aging, autophagy-promoting ingredients in your daily diet
Class #248 – Self Awareness Training – Not Hungry, but I’m Eating Nice Cream pro tips & actions to improve self-care.
Class #249 – Paralyzed By Stress How to prevent a forced timeout
Class #250 – Instant Vanilla Extract Cut costs, reduce waste, and improve food quality while protecting humans, animals & our planet with a PD kitchen and…
PD-Ed Class #251 – Nice Cream Sandwiches & Building a Strong Immune System Flu shots yea or nay, promoting protective microbes & resolving overeating challenges.
Class #252 – Making MoJos – New Year New You Gratitude & projection exercise
Class #253 – Benefits of Nutritional Yeast and Making Cheez-It Crackers Learn the benefits of Nutritional Yeast & co-cook PD Cheez-It Crackers

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  1. posted by Joann Wright on May 23, 2018

    Hi there! Looking for the herb box lesson but it seems to be hiding. Any clues? Thank you for everything.

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    I was just thinking, Julie, you should put a book together of all your notes from the lessons. Thanks for all you and Jerry do, very inspiring!

  3. posted by Ruth Zalduondo on February 22, 2015

    Hi Julie:

    I like to really do this diet but I just can’t afford it. I had to cancel. Is there anyway I could do without the financial expense every month?


    • posted by Julie Marie on February 25, 2015

      Ruth there are many videos on the site under free classes from Humana and on Protective Diet’s You Tube channel to guide you. PD-Ed/premium membership is the concentrated most direct path to the information in an interactive program format. PD-Ed provides group chats, class-room support, community support and my one on one attention. The live and archived lessons along with the new recipes offer fresh exciting material to keep you inspired and make this lifestyle easier. PD-Ed is modeled after my one-on-one coaching services and it is discounted by 96% to be an affordable group coaching program at $29.97 per month. It offers all the tools and tips to cut your grocery bills in half as well as offer the affiliate program to earn from referrals. I’m sorry you are having financial challenges. Many students report saving hundreds of dollars applying a PD with the use of PD-Ed as their guide. PD-Ed offers a value far grater than it’s charge. PD-Ed has been approved as a weight loss program HSA (Health Savings Accounts) if you participate in one this may be an option for you as well.

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    Julie, I can’t seem to find the coffee, tea & alcohol lesson?? Is there a # for it?? thank you

  5. posted by Karen on February 27, 2014

    Is there a way to search the archives? For example, I have a question about citric acid and I know Julie talked about it but I am not sure in what lesson.

    • posted by Julie Marie on March 10, 2014

      I am currently reviewing and indexing subjects covered and questions answered in each lesson.

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