Class #119 – Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day

By : | 0 Comments February 2, 2016 | Category : Cooking, Premium Classes

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    Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day

    What to serve or bring to a Super bowl party

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Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day
Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day
Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day
Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day
Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day
Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day
Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day
Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day
Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day
Class #119 - Chili Cook-Off on Game-Day

Comments from class

Tue Feb 2, 6:01:01pm
VibekeVale: Thanks Marci.



Tue Feb 2, 6:01:03pm
jerrypd: that means you are watching the live stream she’s not on yet

Tue Feb 2, 6:01:09pm
victoriamanda: it says live, but the the post it picture

Tue Feb 2, 6:01:09pm
VibekeVale: okay grat.

Tue Feb 2, 6:01:14pm
victoriamanda: ok

Tue Feb 2, 6:01:14pm
sheree7: ok thanks Jerry

Tue Feb 2, 6:01:28pm
AngelaPD: Hi Jerry

Tue Feb 2, 6:01:29pm
victoriamanda: awesome job Jerry!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:01:36pm
VibekeVale: I’ll go grab my brownie then..

Tue Feb 2, 6:01:51pm
CJinPodunk: Get one for me too please, Vibeke!

Tue Feb 2, 6:01:58pm
sheree7: I am eating yogurt and blueberreis

Tue Feb 2, 6:02:05pm
LisaAll: I have almost polished off my hummus and crackers intended as supper during class…

Tue Feb 2, 6:02:17pm
LisaAll: like popcorn at the movies — gotta eat it allduring the preveiws

Tue Feb 2, 6:02:29pm
victoriamanda: BTW, whoever it was that started the 30 day physical challenge I thank you! I have been wanted to start forever and just needed a kick in the butt!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:02:31pm
melissaowen: made anise biscotti tonight. Such a treat!

Tue Feb 2, 6:02:35pm
robinfetter: I already ate my dessert…It was the yummy brownie I posted on PDL

Tue Feb 2, 6:02:37pm
CJinPodunk: Lisa – hubby and I have been doing that for years!

Tue Feb 2, 6:03:06pm
melissaowen: It was pretty Robin!

Tue Feb 2, 6:03:17pm
robinfetter: Thanks @melissaowen

Tue Feb 2, 6:03:47pm
PDtece: I thought so too, Robin!

Tue Feb 2, 6:04:00pm
robinfetter: Thanks

Tue Feb 2, 6:04:21pm
PDtece: Anyone see Julie yet?

Tue Feb 2, 6:04:28pm
CJinPodunk: YES Julie is talking

Tue Feb 2, 6:04:29pm
mariaavery: yes

Tue Feb 2, 6:04:55pm
VibekeVale: click the live button

Tue Feb 2, 6:05:02pm
mariaavery: mine keep on stoping

Tue Feb 2, 6:05:10pm
VibekeVale: yes she keeps cutting out

Tue Feb 2, 6:05:19pm
LisaAll: jerry you forgot to tell us! oh well, we love ya anyhoo

Tue Feb 2, 6:05:23pm
AngelaPD: mine is great

Tue Feb 2, 6:05:26pm
CJinPodunk: MINE is fine that way but if I go full screen it is very blurry

Tue Feb 2, 6:05:32pm
Suzanne89: Mine is good

Tue Feb 2, 6:05:37pm
veganinblack: im on good so far

Tue Feb 2, 6:05:55pm
VibekeVale: i think it’s because my kids are watching the netflix and we have a storm coming.

Tue Feb 2, 6:06:13pm
VibekeVale: then i have terrible internet service

Tue Feb 2, 6:06:18pm
LaurieCantu: Great point!!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:07:21pm
Lindalistening: R we live yet. My screen frozen w Julie in blue shirt

Tue Feb 2, 6:07:32pm
CJinPodunk: we are live

Tue Feb 2, 6:07:39pm
CJinPodunk: Julie has blue shirt under a yellow apron

Tue Feb 2, 6:07:42pm
robinfetter: I reversed my PCOS on PD when I was only 80-90% and when I was 100% the belly fat leftover from PCOS had melted away

Tue Feb 2, 6:07:56pm
Lindalistening: Yes but frozen.

Tue Feb 2, 6:08:43pm
allveg: Tried to change my name here in chat but it won’t let me. Joanne here.

Tue Feb 2, 6:08:58pm
LisaAll: hi Joanne

Tue Feb 2, 6:08:59pm
melissaowen: I thought of that tonight – my unfried rice was 50/50 – so many veggies in there!

Tue Feb 2, 6:09:24pm
VibekeVale: frozen here too

Tue Feb 2, 6:09:51pm
CJinPodunk: JERRY how can those FROZEN people see the class??

Tue Feb 2, 6:10:17pm
LaurieCantu: @robin what’s that?

Tue Feb 2, 6:10:27pm
jerrypd: refresh

Tue Feb 2, 6:10:27pm
LisaAll: I don’t think Jerry can fix it. It is on their system CJ

Tue Feb 2, 6:10:44pm
LisaAll: computers and the internet are mysterious things

Tue Feb 2, 6:10:46pm
CJinPodunk: I KNOW Lisa but thought he could tell them what to do

Tue Feb 2, 6:11:00pm
VibekeVale: just keep refreshing

Tue Feb 2, 6:11:06pm
VibekeVale: mine is working now

Tue Feb 2, 6:11:15pm
LisaAll: And he did! Yay Jerry!

Tue Feb 2, 6:11:29pm
anon3950: in order to have a new name you have to create a new user name

Tue Feb 2, 6:11:40pm
LaurieCantu: Or use it in place of water, for water sautéing, maing gravies, etc

Tue Feb 2, 6:12:07pm
allveg: I tried that anon3950 but since my email was the same it would not let me? ideas?

Tue Feb 2, 6:12:08pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:12:31pm
robinfetter: @LaurieCantu Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. It makes you prone to diabetes and infertility. My two oldest kids were the result of fertility treatment because I had bad PCOS

Tue Feb 2, 6:13:09pm
LaurieCantu: ohhh gotcha! very cool that you were able to take care of it

Tue Feb 2, 6:13:18pm
jerrypd: For anyone who has issues consistently in between classes I suggest get your computer sped up, I recommend a professional look at your computer and speed it up

Tue Feb 2, 6:13:28pm
VibekeVale: I am seriously hoping for IP for my birthday in May. I want to make yogurt for my kids.

Tue Feb 2, 6:13:36pm
jerrypd: there’s not really much I can do for slow computers

Tue Feb 2, 6:13:45pm
robinfetter: My computer just froze for the first time.

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:00pm
sheree7: BRandie adds a lil lemon juice and a touch of salt to the yogurt for a more sour cream mix

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:04pm
LaurieCantu: What is that bad called?

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:05pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:12pm
VibekeVale: We have a big freezing rain storm coming in tonight and that is enough to throw off the internet service.

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:12pm
victoriamanda: I got a yogourmet for xmas! LOVe it so much!!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:13pm
LaurieCantu: Thanks Sheree

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:29pm
sheree7: welcome laurie I really like it too

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:29pm
robinfetter: Refreshing the screen saved me!

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:33pm
LaurieCantu: *bag

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:37pm
victoriamanda: GO BEARS!!!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:43pm
CJinPodunk: OHHHHH they aren’t in the Super Bowl!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:56pm
CJinPodunk: Arent the chargers leaving??

Tue Feb 2, 6:14:56pm
victoriamanda: TSK TSK TSKKK JULIE

Tue Feb 2, 6:15:02pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:15:15pm
sharonhess: Go Cubs!!! 4ever

Tue Feb 2, 6:15:19pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:15:42pm
allveg: That’s what happens when you move to SD–I miss it!

Tue Feb 2, 6:15:50pm
LaurieCantu: Sorry I somehow missed what she said that bag was for straining??

Tue Feb 2, 6:16:01pm
victoriamanda: yogurt

Tue Feb 2, 6:16:07pm
CJinPodunk: Laurie – straining yogurt to make it thicker

Tue Feb 2, 6:16:10pm
LisaAll: Laurie green yogurt

Tue Feb 2, 6:16:12pm
LaurieCantu: lol makes sense. thank you!

Tue Feb 2, 6:16:25pm
LisaAll: GREEK not green ha ha

Tue Feb 2, 6:16:29pm
jerrypd: lol

Tue Feb 2, 6:16:32pm
robinfetter: I looooove Poblanos!!! I use them in my tortilla soup

Tue Feb 2, 6:16:32pm
LaurieCantu: ohhhhh lol

Tue Feb 2, 6:16:54pm
Suzanne89: I love them raw in my mexican salads.

Tue Feb 2, 6:19:07pm
LaurieCantu: Ok, this summer I’m growning organic chilis, and drying them all. They are so easy to grow, and I’ve been eating a lot of them!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:19:40pm
eileenyoder14: Hi everyone!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:19:41pm
VibekeVale: @LaurieCantu before PD i had never eaten peppers

Tue Feb 2, 6:19:52pm
VibekeVale: I mean, sweet ones, yes but never hot ones

Tue Feb 2, 6:19:58pm
VibekeVale: I think I might grow some too

Tue Feb 2, 6:20:06pm
LaurieCantu: I’d never eaten them dried I love this!

Tue Feb 2, 6:20:37pm
Eathealthytyler: That is something that I appreciate about Julie is that she is introducing me to hot peppers which I never could handle but, my tolerance is going up and I’m from Texas

Tue Feb 2, 6:20:43pm
LisaAll: I rarely cooked with them Vibeke. My hub hates hot stuff (but likes hot sauce!) so I never bothered. All that wasted time.

Tue Feb 2, 6:20:49pm
LaurieCantu: I do better growing them, than sweet peppers, so I’m excited about this

Tue Feb 2, 6:21:37pm
victoriamanda: Are the pickled pepper rings hot?

Tue Feb 2, 6:21:45pm
VibekeVale: what peppers is she comparing?

Tue Feb 2, 6:22:02pm
LaurieCantu: I’m going to have to watch this video on recording, I’m too excited about these chilis too absorb all this!

Tue Feb 2, 6:22:16pm
AngelaPD: if your jalapenos are hot – then our pickled peppers will be hot

Tue Feb 2, 6:22:21pm
victoriamanda: got it

Tue Feb 2, 6:22:47pm
VibekeVale: I’ve only ever seen green jalapenos in my stores.

Tue Feb 2, 6:22:58pm
victoriamanda: same here, green only

Tue Feb 2, 6:23:35pm
LisaAll: Mexican stores have lots of kinds…

Tue Feb 2, 6:24:03pm
LaurieCantu: I fell into a deep depression today when I looked in the fridge and my king sauce container was empty.

Tue Feb 2, 6:24:19pm
VibekeVale: @LaurieCantu I still have not made king sauce

Tue Feb 2, 6:24:34pm
VibekeVale: tomorrow is 10 days on PD… if you can believe it.

Tue Feb 2, 6:24:38pm
LaurieCantu: You have to make it!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:24:40pm
victoriamanda: yayyyyyy

Tue Feb 2, 6:24:40pm
AngelaPD: HA Laurie – I made a triple batch

Tue Feb 2, 6:24:43pm
CJinPodunk: I almost made King Sauce today – would have been the first time

Tue Feb 2, 6:24:49pm
LisaAll: yayy vibeke

Tue Feb 2, 6:24:57pm
LisaAll: Its so good CJ

Tue Feb 2, 6:24:58pm
VibekeVale: Yes, I def do… NYCS too.. Still have to try that.

Tue Feb 2, 6:25:12pm
LaurieCantu: Angela, you HAVE to make double batch!

Tue Feb 2, 6:25:17pm
VibekeVale: I want to make the layered nachos this weekend.

Tue Feb 2, 6:25:29pm
LaurieCantu: They are fab!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:25:33pm
VibekeVale: i freaking love texmex food, it’s my favourite.

Tue Feb 2, 6:25:58pm
LisaAll: I need some strong glasses to see that little inset!

Tue Feb 2, 6:26:03pm
LaurieCantu: That’s what my potato nachos are , replace sliced potatoes with the chips

Tue Feb 2, 6:26:21pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:26:59pm
LisaAll: what kind of peppers are those?

Tue Feb 2, 6:27:50pm
a2ellston: We called them Italian peppers in Connecticut,

Tue Feb 2, 6:28:09pm
Suzanne89: I think the same as the Hatch green chiles in a can.

Tue Feb 2, 6:29:25pm
CJinPodunk: I can’t handle the peppers so much with bare hands.

Tue Feb 2, 6:29:25pm
veganinblack: love smoked paprika on popcorn

Tue Feb 2, 6:29:34pm
LisaAll: oh that’s a good idea marci

Tue Feb 2, 6:29:36pm
LaurieCantu: Wonder If we can “can” diced green chili’s to add during winter months (since they all have citric acid)?

Tue Feb 2, 6:29:37pm
AngelaPD: huh… I never thought of paprika as a pepper.

Tue Feb 2, 6:29:52pm
VibekeVale: I always wear thin gloves for cooks.

Tue Feb 2, 6:29:54pm
LaurieCantu: Yum @veganinblack

Tue Feb 2, 6:30:35pm
LisaAll: the flavor of smoke is growing on me now that I am PDing

Tue Feb 2, 6:31:09pm
veganinblack: i also put it in the chickless salad

Tue Feb 2, 6:31:11pm
Suzanne89: In So. Cal we get deliveries in late Aug of the Hatch green chiles from New Mexico. Some of the grocery stores hold roasting events over an open flame. I buy 10-20lb bags to take home and freeze.

Tue Feb 2, 6:32:40pm
LaurieCantu: I hated parsley! I’m hooked now!! Sheesh!

Tue Feb 2, 6:33:06pm
Suzanne89: Wish my husband would love it!

Tue Feb 2, 6:33:19pm
Suzanne89: Same with cilantro & mushrooms…lol

Tue Feb 2, 6:33:20pm
MollyBurkey: I go through so many spices now with PD

Tue Feb 2, 6:33:33pm
LaurieCantu: I think my husbands taste buds are finally changing

Tue Feb 2, 6:33:46pm
LaurieCantu: me too Molly

Tue Feb 2, 6:34:06pm
LisaAll: what a great hint – cut the bottom!

Tue Feb 2, 6:37:17pm
robinlee: hello everyone!

Tue Feb 2, 6:37:46pm
VibekeVale: Hello Robin!

Tue Feb 2, 6:37:46pm
jerrypd: Hi Robinlee!

Tue Feb 2, 6:37:56pm
LaurieCantu: Hi Robin

Tue Feb 2, 6:38:00pm
MollyBurkey: hi Robinlee

Tue Feb 2, 6:38:12pm
robinlee: late gig tonight… I don’t have to leave until after 9pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:38:13pm
robinfetter: Hi Robinlee

Tue Feb 2, 6:38:14pm
jerrypd: she prefers Robinlee over Robin

Tue Feb 2, 6:38:27pm
robinlee: lol, thanks Jeerrry!

Tue Feb 2, 6:38:34pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:39:01pm
LaurieCantu: I heard that too vegan. bleh, but it’s supposed to make it good

Tue Feb 2, 6:39:29pm
a2ellston: Good tip!

Tue Feb 2, 6:40:05pm
a2ellston: Good night all. Julie, Thanks for answering my question. Time for goon night dog walk. I will see the video.

Tue Feb 2, 6:40:10pm
robinfetter: My favorite chili (vegan but not PD) had cocoa powder in it. Its actually pretty good. GIves a slight mole taste

Tue Feb 2, 6:40:30pm
LaurieCantu: Good night A2ellston

Tue Feb 2, 6:40:33pm
robinlee: that’s what i was thinking, Robin…mole!

Tue Feb 2, 6:40:35pm
vegangirl58: Yes Robin that’s what I’m going for…

Tue Feb 2, 6:40:45pm
Suzanne89: What recipe Robin?

Tue Feb 2, 6:40:47pm
MollyBurkey: Love Mole!

Tue Feb 2, 6:41:02pm
LisaAll: I went to a mole shop in Mexico. Bout died of good smells.

Tue Feb 2, 6:41:14pm
robinfetter: What makes my fav chili not PD is the TVP to act as a ground beef. Could prob replace with quinoa

Tue Feb 2, 6:41:17pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:41:48pm
Suzanne89: Or maybe frozen defrosted baked/seasoned tofu?

Tue Feb 2, 6:41:49pm
sharonhess: what about the tofu like in the bolognese Robin?

Tue Feb 2, 6:41:51pm
AngelaPD: SALSA BRAVA uses the cayenne

Tue Feb 2, 6:42:00pm
LaurieCantu: or Tofu Robin

Tue Feb 2, 6:42:05pm
robinfetter: @sharonhess that might work as well

Tue Feb 2, 6:42:18pm
sharonhess: different seasonings with the tamarin maybe

Tue Feb 2, 6:42:25pm
sharonhess: tamari

Tue Feb 2, 6:43:34pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:43:54pm
jerrypd: Use the search box on the website

Tue Feb 2, 6:43:58pm
LisaAll: I am happy about the wraps! Used to love them at PF Changs.

Tue Feb 2, 6:44:05pm
LaurieCantu: Love jicama, great in stirfry!

Tue Feb 2, 6:44:10pm
MollyBurkey: Love Jicama!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:44:13pm
AngelaPD: Was so good!!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:44:14pm
LisaAll: Also those horrible fried green beans… accckkk!

Tue Feb 2, 6:44:14pm
LaurieCantu: Ok Jerry, Thank you!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:44:15pm
VibekeVale: nycs ancho chilis

Tue Feb 2, 6:44:15pm
jerrypd: entering an ingredient will return the recipes that call for that ingredient

Tue Feb 2, 6:44:33pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:44:35pm
AngelaPD: That is a GREAT feature, Jerry.

Tue Feb 2, 6:44:39pm
robinlee: PF chang’s food is too salty…I bet Julie’s wraps are perfect1

Tue Feb 2, 6:44:49pm
LaurieCantu: great! You’re a rock star JERRY!!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:45:08pm
VibekeVale: @vegangirl58 … what is your name on pdl?

Tue Feb 2, 6:45:10pm
sharonhess: Thanks Jerry!!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:45:14pm
jerrypd: hahaha thanks. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for everyone

Tue Feb 2, 6:45:24pm
robinlee: I have a superbowl party on sunday and I’m totally going to bring some PD stuff1

Tue Feb 2, 6:45:28pm
LaurieCantu: You do a fab job!! Jerry

Tue Feb 2, 6:45:40pm
VibekeVale: @jerrypd A GREAT JOB!

Tue Feb 2, 6:45:41pm
vegangirl58: I’m not on PDL… Marie

Tue Feb 2, 6:45:48pm
LisaAll: Jerry fan club here

Tue Feb 2, 6:46:01pm
VibekeVale: not on FB?

Tue Feb 2, 6:46:01pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:46:01pm
LaurieCantu: Suzanne, hard to find, someone bought them on Amazon

Tue Feb 2, 6:46:21pm
robinfetter: The best chili is a pantry version!

Tue Feb 2, 6:46:31pm
AngelaPD: I am going to order the case on amazon – I see these in my future quite a bit

Tue Feb 2, 6:46:35pm
Suzanne89: I’m not that far from Julie?Jerry..might have the store.

Tue Feb 2, 6:46:38pm
robinlee: I’ve used garbanzos and they taste really good too!

Tue Feb 2, 6:46:48pm
veganinblack: i never liked chili before PD, i made it cuz it looked easy and its amazing, i need to make some

Tue Feb 2, 6:46:49pm
VibekeVale: @robinfetter What do you mean pantry chili? Like where you throw in what you have?

Tue Feb 2, 6:46:54pm

Tue Feb 2, 6:47:00pm
robinfetter: @VibekeVale yes

Tue Feb 2, 6:47:01pm
jerrypd: yes Robin

Tue Feb 2, 6:47:03pm
LaurieCantu: I’m obsessed with aquafaba right now!

Tue Feb 2, 6:47:06pm
robinlee: I just got a secura pressure cooker and I love it!

Tue Feb 2, 6:47:15pm
VibekeVale: @LaurieCantu what are you using it for?

Tue Feb 2, 6:47:35pm
jerrypd: Suzanne, what are you asking?

Tue Feb 2, 6:47:37pm
sharonhess: I haven’t tried aquafaba you can do it w/o sugar?

Tue Feb 2, 6:47:54pm
LaurieCantu: so far, whipped cream for coffee, and pancakes, hoping for more ideas, it’s fascinating.

Tue Feb 2, 6:47:57pm
Suzanne89: Where did you guys find the clean chestnuts?

Tue Feb 2, 6:48:07pm
LaurieCantu: Yes Sharon!!!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:48:10pm
VibekeVale: cool.

Tue Feb 2, 6:48:23pm
VibekeVale: i see people make meringue with it

Tue Feb 2, 6:48:27pm
veganinblack: i got th em on amazon

Tue Feb 2, 6:48:32pm
robinlee: Oh aquafaba! Laurie Ive been wanting Julie to do stuff with it!

Tue Feb 2, 6:48:34pm
LaurieCantu: Me too Vibeke

Tue Feb 2, 6:48:35pm
Suzanne89: THANKS!

Tue Feb 2, 6:48:37pm
veganinblack: so excited for lettuce cups

Tue Feb 2, 6:48:39pm
sharonhess: you just beat it until it gets fluffy?

Tue Feb 2, 6:48:45pm
LaurieCantu: Me too @robin

Tue Feb 2, 6:48:52pm
LisaAll: Julie just opened the can then put the can opener back in the drawer. Watch and learn Grasshopper Lisa.

Tue Feb 2, 6:49:21pm
sharonhess: lol Lisa

Tue Feb 2, 6:49:27pm
robinlee: I wonder if aquafaba would work in the matzoh ball soup recipe… just made some this weekend

Tue Feb 2, 6:49:28pm
LaurieCantu: Sharon, no , you don’t always have to beat it, if an egg recipe says to whip it then you do, if not don’t whip it

Tue Feb 2, 6:49:31pm
VibekeVale: I really need a IP!!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:49:34pm
robinfetter: Found one online

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:03pm
veganinblack: yep just got those today

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:28pm
LisaAll: just lost the feed. Arg.

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:33pm
sharonhess: me too

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:33pm
veganinblack: me too

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:36pm
Suzanne89: me too

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:37pm
vegangirl58: Me too

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:37pm
LaurieCantu: me too

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:37pm
victoriamanda: yep me too

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:39pm
robinlee: me too!

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:40pm
CJinPodunk: me too

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:41pm
MollyBurkey: Me too

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:46pm
LisaAll: oh good, I guess…

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:51pm
sallygill: Me too.

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:53pm
winstoniscute: totally stopped,

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:54pm
sharonhess: guess its everyone!

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:56pm
robinlee: uh oh… what happened?

Tue Feb 2, 6:50:56pm
JanMoorefield: same here

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:16pm
AngelaPD: Hang in there – Jerry will get it going again

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:20pm
sharonhess: well – I’m off to bed – still getting used to living on eastern time!

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:22pm
winstoniscute: I reloaded my browser, did not make any difference.

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:23pm
LaurieCantu: darn. come back Julie and Jerry!

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:27pm
robinlee: anyone know any good jokes? lol

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:28pm
LisaAll: talk amongst yourselves

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:43pm
VibekeVale: oh no!

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:45pm
LisaAll: What time do you go to the dentist?

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:47pm
VibekeVale: lol lisa

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:47pm
sharonhess: Good one Lisa

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:49pm
LisaAll: tooth hurty

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:53pm
vegangirl58: 230

Tue Feb 2, 6:51:57pm
LisaAll: ha!

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:01pm
robinlee: lol

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:04pm
sharonhess: knock knck

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:06pm
protectivediet: my computer froze

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:13pm
protectivediet: I’m rebooting now

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:14pm
robinlee: oops!

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:18pm
winstoniscute: I think I need a new Insta pot, Loving the one I have, but really could use two at a time on SUS, would be time saving. Making soup in one, rice in another, then when one thing done do my yogurt.

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:20pm
VibekeVale: thanks Jerry

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:21pm
LaurieCantu: going for a tinkle, while waiting, lol

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:32pm
VibekeVale: See Julie’s counter?

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:35pm
VibekeVale: I think she has THREE

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:37pm
MollyBurkey: I love have two IPs!

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:48pm
LisaAll: I noticed Vibeke. I could use another.

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:52pm
winstoniscute: yes, I think she has two or three, plus the slow cooker.

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:54pm
sallygill: She has an IP and a Secura, at least.

Tue Feb 2, 6:52:56pm
vegangirl58: Need to get a Secura. On my wish list

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:00pm
Suzanne89: I have both the IP and the Secura

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:03pm
protectivediet: yes two

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:05pm
robinlee: Julie has an IP and a secura, and a slow cooker…

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:07pm
allveg: I bought the second IP bowl/seal ring/glass lid but thinking i should have just bought another IP!

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:16pm
protectivediet: IP and SecuraSecura is her favorite

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:18pm
sharonhess: Happy with my IP

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:25pm
LisaAll: I saw in the the Sur la Table catalog they have one that is like $400 or something.!

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:27pm
robinlee: I love my secura

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:31pm
VibekeVale: When I bought my Vitamix I researched for six months. I guess I should start researching for an IP now.. my birthday is in May.

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:33pm
sallygill: Me too, Sharon, but I use it for everything.

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:40pm
robinlee: aaaaand we’re back!

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:43pm
sharonhess: does the job — went through 2 cuisinart’s before not happy with them

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:50pm
winstoniscute: I have one of those silicone lids that look like a flower from local cooking store, works great , so will not order the glass top.

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:55pm
CJinPodunk: not back

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:56pm
winstoniscute: oops, were on again.

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:58pm
protectivediet: my computer isn’t restarted yet

Tue Feb 2, 6:53:59pm
CJinPodunk: what do I need to do

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:02pm
protectivediet: we’er not back yet

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:18pm
sharonhess: knock knock

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:18pm
VibekeVale: We are just hanging out… chilin in the hood

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:18pm
robinlee: I’m looking at the beginning of the class I think

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:24pm
winstoniscute: Oh, it must be starting again.

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:27pm
vegangirl58: who’s there?

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:28pm
LaurieCantu: me too Robin

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:29pm
protectivediet: I’m going as fast as I can

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:33pm
VibekeVale: NP

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:35pm
sharonhess: orange

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:35pm
winstoniscute: were ok, no hurry

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:37pm
protectivediet: thanks for your patience

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:39pm
sallygill: Yes, probably playing the clip from the beginning.

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:40pm
robinlee: I can catch up!

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:41pm
vegangirl58: orange who?

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:42pm
VibekeVale: NP we’re cool

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:53pm
allveg: restarted at beginning

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:55pm
protectivediet: this is the first time this computer has ever froze

Tue Feb 2, 6:54:59pm
sharonhess: orange ya glad you found PD

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:06pm
VibekeVale: hahah sharonhess

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:08pm
robinfetter: HAHAHAH

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:09pm
sallygill: Yes indeed!

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:13pm
AngelaPD: HA Sharon

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:14pm
vegangirl58: LOL

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:15pm
PDtece: LOL

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:19pm
Suzanne89: I wonder if you use the optional glass lid on the IP if it would work better as a slow cooker?

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:19pm
sharonhess: or orange ya glad you didn’t eat a cheeseburger today

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:25pm
LisaAll: ha!

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:38pm
VibekeVale: I’m glad I haven’t cheated in nine days on PD.

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:38pm
allveg: Yes, glass lid is for slow cook on IP.

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:41pm
sallygill: @Suzanne89 Yes, I tried with the IP pressure cooker lid and it didn’t work well.

Tue Feb 2, 6:55:59pm
VibekeVale: I ate too much tonight though… so full.

Tue Feb 2, 6:56:06pm
vegangirl58: Did you buy your secura through Amazon or is there somewhere cheaper?

Tue Feb 2, 6:56:07pm
sharonhess: WTG!

Tue Feb 2, 6:56:11pm
Suzanne89: @sallygill Does it evaporate like a regular slow cooker?

Tue Feb 2, 6:56:13pm
CJinPodunk: Isn’t IP from Canada?? If so Vibeke you should be able to get a better deal than US in the US!

Tue Feb 2, 6:56:13pm
VibekeVale: thanks!

Tue Feb 2, 6:56:16pm
AngelaPD: Today was definitely an eating day for me!

Tue Feb 2, 6:56:21pm
winstoniscute: It seems to work well as slow cooker with my silicone lid, and I also have another lid from a set of cookware, glass, that fits well. So, I really do not want another glass lid to add to my collection….lol….

Tue Feb 2, 6:56:31pm
sharonhess: I ate too much too — should have had the salad first not the bean burger and fries

Tue Feb 2, 6:56:36pm
VibekeVale: probably CJ.. I will look online first..

Tue Feb 2, 6:56:39pm
sharonhess: oh well

Tue Feb 2, 6:56:42pm
sallygill: I just got the glass lid, Suzanne, so I haven’t tried yet, but it didn’t with the pressure cooker lid.

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:01pm
Suzanne89: @sallygill Does the lid have a little hole in it?

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:09pm
Suzanne89: the glass lid

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:16pm
vegangirl58: I’m running out of room for another appliance but I want a Secura!

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:21pm
MollyBurkey: I have the slow cooker lid for my IP, but I haven’t used it yet.

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:27pm
sharonhess: also made vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing but too full to eat them! Who does that?

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:31pm
CJinPodunk: I have a rice cooker I love and a slow cooker (ancient) that I love. I use those in place of those functions on the IP

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:33pm
winstoniscute: I think looking at the one online that it does have a tiny hole in it.

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:33pm
VibekeVale: what kind do i need to make yogurt?

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:34pm
LisaAll: oh theres Julie

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:38pm
sallygill: We’re back!

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:38pm
robinfetter: yaaaay!!!!

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:40pm
allveg: Yes there is a little hole in the glass lid.

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:51pm
sallygill: Or not…

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:51pm
Suzanne89: I need to get one of those lids.

Tue Feb 2, 6:57:54pm
LisaAll: no its restarting

Tue Feb 2, 6:58:01pm
VibekeVale: lol still waiting here

Tue Feb 2, 6:58:01pm
allveg: Regular IP lid for yogurt.

Tue Feb 2, 6:58:03pm
robinfetter: doh!

Tue Feb 2, 6:58:07pm
sallygill: It started all by itself…:-)

Tue Feb 2, 6:58:09pm
sharonhess: Im not getting anything

Tue Feb 2, 6:58:26pm
LisaAll: never mind it is just playing what we’ve already seen

Tue Feb 2, 6:58:30pm
CJinPodunk: I bought a new slow cooker before the IP but it cooked way too hot, gave it away and stick with my ancient one

Tue Feb 2, 6:58:34pm
sallygill: It’s not on yet. My computer started from the beginning…:-(

Tue Feb 2, 6:58:55pm
VibekeVale: What do they cost in the US? I see then for $154 here CAD…. which would be $109 USD

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:05pm
robinfetter: OK grabbing a couple of woven wheats….brb

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:06pm
Suzanne89: I wonder if the IP used as a slow cooker gets too hot like all the new slow cookers?

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:16pm
LisaAll: I think I paid about $80 for my IP.

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:17pm
vegangirl58: Goodnight all. I’ll check back tomorrow

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:21pm
sallygill: @VibekeVale That’s a pretty good price. They were on sale around Christmas time, but otherwise around $115-130?

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:40pm
LisaAll: I think it was a sale sally.

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:42pm
Suzanne89: The Secura was just on a flash sale the other day on Amazon for $80+

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:43pm
vegangirl58: Yes, Amazon has them around 125-130

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:47pm
allveg: I haven’t tried the slow cook either for IP. The lid came with the extra bowl and ring set.

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:52pm
winstoniscute: many ways to discount the insta pot if you choose that one. If you buy directly from insta pot, put in the discount code “AJ” and it should give you either a 45 dollar or 50 dollar discount.

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:55pm
CJinPodunk: I paid less than 100 for my OP

Tue Feb 2, 6:59:58pm
CJinPodunk: on Amazon

Tue Feb 2, 7:00:09pm
vegangirl58: I’ll check Amazon again. Thanks!

Tue Feb 2, 7:00:13pm
victoriamanda: live?

Tue Feb 2, 7:00:18pm
victoriamanda: i see her

Tue Feb 2, 7:00:31pm
LisaAll: I don’t think so victoria

Tue Feb 2, 7:00:40pm
winstoniscute: I dont see her yet,

Tue Feb 2, 7:00:41pm
victoriamanda: yep were live

Tue Feb 2, 7:00:42pm
VibekeVale: I see her and she’s stirring something

Tue Feb 2, 7:00:49pm
PDtece: wait for Jerry to tell us

Tue Feb 2, 7:00:59pm
jerrypd: Click play, we’re live

Tue Feb 2, 7:01:07pm
LisaAll: yay thanks Jerry

Tue Feb 2, 7:01:10pm
CJinPodunk: please move the little screen

Tue Feb 2, 7:01:12pm
allveg: Got it.

Tue Feb 2, 7:01:26pm
CJinPodunk: can’t see Julie she is behind the close up overhead cam shot

Tue Feb 2, 7:01:28pm
LisaAll: JERRY inset is covering Julie

Tue Feb 2, 7:01:30pm
VibekeVale: I’ll look on kijiji to see if I can find a second hand one.

Tue Feb 2, 7:01:43pm
LaurieCantu: says there is a problem accessing server

Tue Feb 2, 7:01:49pm
winstoniscute: I had to reload my browser to see it, but it is there now.

Tue Feb 2, 7:01:50pm

Tue Feb 2, 7:02:07pm
victoriamanda: yes, so the video is ok for the archives

Tue Feb 2, 7:02:09pm
LisaAll: I think so CJ. We went from chili beans to toppings

Tue Feb 2, 7:02:12pm
sallygill: So we don’t know the chili recipe – she was just starting it when it froze.

Tue Feb 2, 7:02:12pm
jerrypd: yes because we are recording live for the archive

Tue Feb 2, 7:02:17pm
LisaAll: Ok Jerry

Tue Feb 2, 7:02:21pm
sallygill: Ah so…

Tue Feb 2, 7:02:23pm
Suzanne89: I like chili by itself…no rice or potatoes

Tue Feb 2, 7:02:42pm
sallygill: I usually don’t like potatoes with it, but I do sometimes like rice.

Tue Feb 2, 7:02:50pm
jerrypd: The recipe will be published before the superbowl

Tue Feb 2, 7:02:55pm
winstoniscute: I used to eat it with tons of crackers, but now by itself, then leftovers on rice, pasta or potatoes.

Tue Feb 2, 7:03:07pm
LisaAll: Julie is so good at making a nice fine dice of her veggies

Tue Feb 2, 7:03:22pm
winstoniscute: Even like leftover chili over toast,

Tue Feb 2, 7:03:37pm
sallygill: It’s just good any way…

Tue Feb 2, 7:03:39pm
Suzanne89: This is making me hungry!

Tue Feb 2, 7:03:47pm
robinfetter: I’m back…Forgot that I bought Finn Crisp crackers that were PD. great with french onion dip

Tue Feb 2, 7:04:04pm
Suzanne89: I just bought Finn’s today!

Tue Feb 2, 7:04:38pm
Suzanne89: and 5 boxes of woven wheats at Whole Foods…yum

Tue Feb 2, 7:05:10pm
robinfetter: I had Woven wheats in the pantry but I like switching it up

Tue Feb 2, 7:05:38pm
LisaAll: bye J & J and all

Tue Feb 2, 7:05:41pm
CJinPodunk: BYE! Thanks

Tue Feb 2, 7:05:44pm
victoriamanda: bye thanx

Tue Feb 2, 7:05:46pm
veganinblack: bye

Tue Feb 2, 7:05:50pm
VibekeVale: Wow, I will have to watch this whole episode tomorrow.

Tue Feb 2, 7:05:50pm
sallygill: Bye! Have a good evening, everyone!

Tue Feb 2, 7:05:52pm
allveg: bye all

Tue Feb 2, 7:05:52pm
winstoniscute: bye all

Tue Feb 2, 7:06:36pm
CJinPodunk: Vibeke – make sure you get the Yogurt IP…there are diff models

Tue Feb 2, 7:07:24pm
robinfetter: I’m sticking around…hubby is watching a college basketball game on TV

Tue Feb 2, 7:27:53pm
Chuck70: Robin you still here?

Tue Feb 2, 7:28:10pm
a2ellston: I am back Chuck.

Tue Feb 2, 7:28:20pm
Chuck70: Hi Darleen

Tue Feb 2, 7:29:06pm
a2ellston: I go out with my neighbor to walk her dogs. When she calls we go for a 2 mile walk.

Tue Feb 2, 7:29:25pm
Chuck70: Good deal.

Tue Feb 2, 7:29:53pm
a2ellston: Yeah! I do not have to get up with them in the morning. Our neighborhood is strictly on leash with a person on the other end.

Tue Feb 2, 7:30:27pm
Chuck70: Safer for everybody that way, including the doggies

Tue Feb 2, 7:30:33pm
a2ellston: She does all the clean up. I just hold leashes, give pets and get kisses.

Tue Feb 2, 7:31:26pm
a2ellston: Yes, safer for the squirrels and cats too.

Tue Feb 2, 7:31:33pm
Chuck70: LOL

Tue Feb 2, 7:32:55pm
Chuck70: Was tonight’s class all about super bowl snacking?

Tue Feb 2, 7:33:39pm
a2ellston: not really. It was mostly about different kinds of peppers and chillis. What the difference is, how to handle them. Origins of them.

Tue Feb 2, 7:33:59pm
a2ellston: Very informative.

Tue Feb 2, 7:34:21pm
Chuck70: OK … thanks. Well I think I’m going to hit the sack in a few. Have a good evening.

Tue Feb 2, 7:34:35pm
a2ellston: See you tomorrow![/groups_member]

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