Class #183 – Batch Cooking Can Stall Weight Loss

By : | 1 Comment August 15, 2017 | Category : Premium Classes, True Hunger & Eliminating Food Obsession

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  1. posted by Stephanie Hoffpauir on August 17, 2017

    Oh my gosh – the 23:00 minute mark impacted me so much!
    “We cannot expect to invest zero minutes and produce the results I’m talking about. I’m talking about reversing disease. I’m talking about eating until you’re full and satisfied and never ever worrying about your weight. Your weight is no longer going to be an issue.

    I don’t care if you’re starting out 200 pounds overweight. You should never have to think about your weight again if you’re following through with your practice of a Protective Diet every day. That’s all you have to do……You have to expect to invest, maximum, 30 minutes a day…..most weight loss plans have you in the gym for an hour plus a day.”

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