Private In Home Cooking Lessons

Private in home cooking lessons: $500

Lesson includes all ingredients and equipment with a full lunch or dinner for up to 4 people.

Any additional students or diners are $50 each

Julie will teach you her oil free cooking techniques and tricks to eliminate hundreds of empty fat calories. You will learn how to make thick rich sauces without the use of any fat. Choose the subject for class from any of her delicious recipes. She can teach you old fashioned favorites like mushroom gravy, stuffing and garlic mashed potatoes to a Mexican fiesta dinner. Do you know how to make steamed kale exciting or how to make oil free Chinese food that tastes like take out? Leave it to Julie to show you simple techniques to make this lifestyle easy. Her excitement for cooking is contagious. Don’t be surprised if you start looking forward to meal planning and cooking. This is a common side effect from her teaching style and the health results you will experience while enjoying a Protective Diet.

Contact Julie to schedule a class in your home or in the Protective Diet Test Kitchen

  • Educational Presentation Topics:

    Plant-Based Pizza on the grill or in the oven
    Learn to make delicious whole grain yeast-free dough with a gluten-free option
    Topped with quick to make additive and sugar-free homemade pizza sauce
    Layered with oil-free, dairy-free and nut-free Protective Diet Notzzarella Cheeze
    Complete with instructions to make vegan Italian Sausage
    This class will teach you how to make deliciously healthy plant-based pizza any night of the week within 30 minutes or less, including a mixed greens salad tossed with a full bodied low calorie oil-free vinaigrette

    Healthy Holiday Feast featuring Oil-Free Browning Techniques
    Mushroom Gravy, Onion & Herb Smashed Potatoes and Holiday Loaf
    Cut empty fat calories while creating caramelized flavor with oil-free dry browning techniques

    Oil-Free Frying with Chinese Take-In
    Learn to easily and quickly prepare traditional stir fry without the empty calories of oil, sugar or MSG
    Receive helpful tips for cooking perfect brown rice
    After trying this fresh and healthy plant based recipe with Asian flare, you will never be tempted to order takeout again

    Roll Out the Noodles with Homemade Vegan Lasagna
    Make homemade whole grain noodles in minutes, with plant based cholesterol lowering layers of quick red sauce, faux ricotta cheeze and spinach

    South Of The Border with Spicy Green Enchiladas and Cooling Taco Slaw
    Learn how to make traditional authentic green sauce and how to work with tomatillos
    We will fill these flavorful authentic enchiladas with delicious nontraditional healthy options
    Served with a quick-prep and refreshing San Diego style slaw

    Oil-Free Plant Based Grilling 101
    Learn the basics of grilling without the addition of oil or chemical filled oil sprays
    Keep those veggies from sticking, using direct heat to your advantage to add flavor and eye appeal
    Learn the best technique to grill homemade veggie burgers, tofu veggie kebabs, corn in the husk
    Blend up your own sugar-free additive-free homemade BBQ sauce

    Plant-Based Pressure Cooking 101
    Learn how to use this life changing kitchen tool to your advantage
    Make perfectly cooked rice every time and soups and stews that taste like your grandmother made them
    Would you appreciate a hot meal ready and waiting for you when you arrive home after a long day?
    This is the perfect appliance for busy students and professionals
    Join us and learn all there is to know about this modern day electric appliance
    It will save you time and effort preparing healthy meals.

    Beans & Benefits featuring Veggie Chili, Whole Grain Corn Bread and Dairy-Free Sour Cream
    Slow cooker style or simmered on the stove top, this recipe is a crowd pleaser
    It is a high fiber meal that naturally lowers cholesterol and boosts the immune system
    Paired with homemade savory corn bread
    Veggie Chili is sure to become one of your weeknight favorites

    Homemade Salsa 101 Featuring San Diego's Finest Corn Tortillas
    Learn to make three authentic Mexican salsas
    Paired with home-baked tortilla chips to save you hundreds of fat calories
    Salsa Molcajete, Salsa Roja and Salsa Verde will have you walking passed the jarred salsa aisle
    After this lesson, you will earn a reputation for making the best salsa your friends have ever tasted

    Vegan Loaded Nachos
    Guiltless nachos are where it's at!
    Learn to make all the components to layer up health promoting finger licking party pleasers

    Plant-Based Pub Food
    Eating healthy doesn't mean we have to give up our comfort food favorites
    How about a hangover cure that really serves and repairs your body?
    We're talking about onion rings, french fries and buffalo potato wedges
    How about some creamy ranch dressing that will help you slim down and improve your health?
    Join us for a lesson in Plant Based Comfort Food Favorites

    Plant-Based Lunches to Go
    Learn how to pack up kids’ lunches and adult lunches while eliminating processed packaged foods
    Faux Tuna with dairy-free homemade mayo
    Vegan Skinny Chick-In Salad featuring tempeh cooking techniques
    Fruit Jars and Pudding Cups

    Healthy Burrito Bowls
    Plant-based meals on the go
    Perfect in-flight meal
    Learn how to easily prepare and assemble travel meals in a hotel or from the comfort of home

    Oil-Free and Sugar-Free Plant Based Baking
    Learn the tips and tricks to oil-free whole grain vegan baking with delicious breakfast muffins
    This lesson will cover quick to make, low-calorie, health promoting delicious homemade baked goods

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