Azure Medium Grind Cornmeal, Organic

This whole Licorice root has not been processed to remove glycyrrhizic acid. By retaining the natural constituents of the root, this product has a broader range of therapeutic activity.

Licorice root has been used since ancient times, across many cultures as food and as medicine. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Licorice is an ingredient in nearly all herbal formulas for the traditional purpose of “harmonizing” the separate herbs involved. This important tonic herb is often called ‘the grandfather of herbs’.

Chinese Medical practitioners believe that Licorice is such a good harmonizing herb because it protects the body from the effect of some of the stronger herbs that may be added in some Chinese herbal formulas. It does this by protecting the liver cells from free-radical damage. By doing so it also augments the liver’s ability to process toxins.

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