Photo Box for Seed Saving

The novelinks photo cases and the larger keeper are perfect for storing loose photo prints.

The cases and keeper are exactly as pictured. They are very durable and not flimsy like many other boxes and cases.

The bigger keeper has a handle and slots that keep the inner cases in place. The inner cases hold 4*6 photos perfectly, and the keeper keeps everything in line.

The clear cases are perfect so you can take a look at the top photo and get an quick idea of which photos are in each case.

Each case even has a couple spots that perfectly fit a label from a label maker if you want to get super organized and label the cases with dates / events.

Basically, if you have a lot of similarly characterized small items, this could be a good storage solution for you. Embroidery, fly tying, arts and crafts and various hardware all come to mind.

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