Liquorice Tea

This decadent blend comforts with a taste that's both sweet and minty. Sweet liquorice root gives it a velvety richness that calms and soothes the senses. Peppermint and spearmint lend it a cool, refreshing taste and aroma. Whole Leaf Organics features well-balanced blends of the finest organic, Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients including hand-picked whole leaf teas, flavorful herbs, and delicate flowers. The distinctive pyramid shape allows the whole tea leaves to fully expand, yielding the most complex flavors available in a tea bag. The tea pyramids in this package are fully biodegradable. Our boxes are made from 100% recycled material and printed with soy ink. Each tea pyramid is individually wrapped and labeled in a special environmentally-safe, high barrier envelope to protect the freshness and flavor of the tea. With an elegant twist, the retail box converts into an attractive, self-dispensing display. Choice Organic Teas are certified as organically grown by an independent third party. Every aspect of the cultivation, handling and packaging is carefully inspected to insure the integrity of this product from the gardens of origin to your cup. Through diligent care of the environment, our growers produce exceptional teas and herbs. Fair Trade Certified™ products directly support a better life for workers on estates and plantations committed to social responsibility, community development, and environmental stewardship. For every kilo of tea it purchases from Fair Trade Certified gardens, Choice Organic Teas pays an additional premium directly to worker-managed funds, empowering workers to improve their own lives and their community. By choosing Fair Trade tea, you are directly contributing to the livelihood of tea growing communities. Independently certified by TransFair USA. USDA organic. Certified organic by QAI, Inc.

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