50/50 BBQ Ranch Layer Salad Premium PD Recipe

This summer will be your slimmest as you joyfully munch your way day after day through 50/50 BBQ Ranch Layer Salads. Half starch and half veg, seasonally sauced and layered with protection. I vegged up pasta salad with a BBQ twist for an all-in-one-prep-ahead meal or potluck perfection. This salad is easy to transport and toss at party time, and the layered lettuce gets crisper while it chills—the biggest challenge of sticking to a Protective Diet at a potluck this summer will be filling your plate with this salad before it disappears. Healthy Valley Ranch and Quick Mix BBQ Sauce were meant to be together even when celebrating a Protective Diet lifestyle solo! Follow the suggestions to layer salad jars for grab-and-go work lunches or busy day dinners on the fly.


  1. This salad is delicious. The BBQ Sauce and Healthy Valley Ranch are a perfect pairing, and the pasta makes it a very satisfying meal. I am looking forward to enjoying this recipe a lot this summer and it will definitely be at the top of my potluck dish list!

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