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Ah-Ha Poke Bowl Premium PD Recipe

Pronounced “Poh-keh,” meaning cut into chunks. Originally made by Hawaiian fishermen as a seasoned raw fish snack over rice. With the growing popularity of grain bowls, Poke shops have opened in every big city creating a negative environmental impact by turning a finite resource like ahi tuna into the main dish of chain restaurants. Protective Diet is on a mission to transform this foodie trend to offer protection to humans, animals and our planet while preserving the traditional freshness and eye appeal of this dish. Fish is a limited resource and the most contaminated food on earth. It is falsely marketed as a healthy food choice. It contains cholesterol, saturated fat and animal protein, promoting heart disease and stimulating cancer proliferation. The health-conscious have eliminated BPA plastic bottles out of their routine for health and our planet, yet many overlook the toxic plastic and mercury fish contains, making fish the most contaminated food we can consume. Feel good enjoying Ah-Ha Poke and know you are making an impactful difference with every delicious protective bite.

Ah-Ha Poke Bowl Premium PD Recipe

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