Air Fried Chickpeas Premium PD Recipe

Oil-free, crunchy, and seasoned to satisfy these protective nibbles are snack-tastic. Eating high-fiber, spiced chickpeas increases the microbiota’s production of anti-inflammatory short-chain fatty acids. Jerry and I devour them as a protective spiced salad crouton. They add spice and boost nutrition in our grain bowls. We toss them into soup for additional flavor and fiber. Air-Fried Chickpeas add eye appeal to creative Cobb salads, platters of creamy hummus, and Baba Ganoush. Please share in the comments below how you incorporated protective spiced chickpeas into your plant-based meals with this recipe.


  1. This is a delicious recipe. I used the Breville Smart Air to make the chickpeas. My cook time took a little over 20 minutes. The flavor is oh so satisfying. I look forward to using them as croutons in my salad.

    1. Thanks for posting this comment Ilene! I was going to try this delicious recipe in my Breville Smart Air today!!! Cannot wait for yet another amazing PD goody to hit my kitchen!!!!

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