Apple Butter Premium PD Recipe

Slow cook spreadable cellular protection while you sleep for an autumn aromatherapy treat. Hold the cider and skip the sugar when making Protective Diet’s short-cut Apple Butter recipe extra creamy with all-natural unprocessed ingredients. Brightly balanced with a lemon zing. Trust me, add the zing! I’ve been showcasing Apple Butter on all of our favorite PD recipes, dipping everything from pita chips to Soft Pretzel Bites and spreading it on hot Corn Biscuits, Oven Baked French Toast, toasted Whole Wheat Loaf Bread and fresh Everything Bagels with Cream Cheeze. How about a new twist on the Fall Flatbread Pizza or a seasonal Yogi Bowl stir-in? Please share how you enjoyed your batch of DNA protective Apple Butter in the blog below. Did you add one of your prized PD Preserved Lemons or use fresh zest?

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  1. This apple butter was an explosion of sweet Autumn goodness in my mouth. Dorothy is right, it is creamier than normal. I put it on toast with slices of fresh pear on top and couldn’t have imagined a better tasting dessert. Kudos to another great one, Julie!