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Apple Fritter Cake Premium PD Recipe

Celebrate Autumn’s harvest with the perfect guiltless, sugar-free, plant-based apple-kissed crumble-topped coffee cake recipe. Take the chill off the kitchen while naturally filling every room with the comforting fragrance of Fall, blanketed with vanilla and warming cinnamon spice.

  • Apple Fritter Cake Premium PD Recipe

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  1. So good. I love baked goods and I appreciate that Julie Marie has that food group covered. This is such a great treat – breakfast? snack? dessert? You can eat this ANY of those times with NO GUILT!

  2. Want to win over your family at breakfast??? Look no further than this recipe!!! I did a double batch (used 2 pans and separated batch ingredients to ensure consistency) and used organic honeycrisp apples and it was perfection!!! Try this with a PD latte and start your morning off right!!! This can also be served as a dessert but who am I kidding?! No sane person will want to wait all day for this cake!!! Thanks for taking care of our mornings Julie Marie…Thanks to you, I got something worth waking up early to 🙂

  3. Protective Diet’s sugar free, nut free, oil free, vegan apple fritter fritter cake is by far my favorite PD apple treat. The cake is moist and fluffy, with a layer of sauce and topped with a crumble that has a nice crust to it. I devoured it hot from the oven, one serving at room temp and another cold. I will take all three. Thanks Julie Marie Christensen for another winner!