Arrabbiata Pasta Dinner Premium PD Recipe

My favorite perfectly cooked fuss-free all-in-one-pot pasta dinner is prepped first thing in the morning, eliminating the stress of cooking a satisfying plant-based dinner on busy days. This red sauce is bold, spicy and balanced with the sweet richness roasting fresh tomatoes in a slow cooker offers. Cardio- and cancer-protective lycopene will multiply while you go about your day. You will arrive home to an Italian kitchen aromatherapy appetizer, with dinner just one step and a stir from complete. Set the table and enjoy the protection, excitement, and food satisfaction capsaicin offers us on a Protective Diet. If you aren’t into spicy red sauce yet, make it mild. After personally feeling the benefits capsaicin offers I will continue to encourage you with the science and recipe options and ask you to consider becoming a spicy food lover in training just like I did. Capsaicin is the phytochemical responsible for the exciting spiciness of peppers. It is proven to improve blood flow and endothelial function while reducing inflammation, suppressing the appetite, and enhancing food satisfaction. Learn why and how to introduce protective capsaicin into your meals for optimal health and food satisfaction with PD-Ed Lesson #243 – Health Benefits of Spicy Food

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  1. I made this and Greg and I loved. I cooked the pasta separately and we almost finished all the sauce. We were glad I didn’t mix in a full pound of pasta, as we may not have gotten enough sauce with each bite.

  2. Oh man, this is SO delicious! I love the rich tomato flavor in every bite and with the add ins, it’s over the top! My house smells so good all day, too. Bonus! I doubled the sauce the 2nd time because the sauce is that good. My entire family just loved this. 5 forks rating, for sure!

  3. Julie I just gotta say this recipe is so good I can’t even believe it. I used the cherry tomatoes that we grew in our garden and they were so sweet and good and the meal was so sentimental, our homegrown veggies made the dish even better. My family of 3 ate the WHOLE IP full of Arrabbiata! 5 STARS! Thank you!

  4. I love this dish so much. You know how you can open up a jar of whatever might be delicious sauce and it kind of just sits on top of the pasta without giving it much flavor? Well, for this recipe the sauce soaks right in and it’s incredibly flavorful from the first bite. Plus, after coming home from a long day of work, I love that it’s the hot meal waiting for me and I’m going to feel so incredibly satisfied from it. Another great recipe from Julie Marie- Maggiano’s in Chicago should only wish that had such a dish on their menu!

  5. This pasta dish is fantastic and so EASY make…a truly 1-pot set it and forget it meal, but everyone will think you labored long and hard to make it. And the aroma that fills your house from the tomatoes and spices simmering all day in the instant pot will have everyone’s mouth watering in anticipation of dinner! I would proudly serve this dish to any dinner guest, WFPB’d or not! Great job, Julie…winner!

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