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Arrabbiata Pasta Dinner Premium PD Recipe

My favorite perfectly cooked fuss-free all-in-one-pot pasta dinner is prepped first thing in the morning, eliminating the stress of cooking a satisfying plant-based dinner on busy days. This red sauce is bold, spicy and balanced with the sweet richness roasting fresh tomatoes in a slow cooker offers. Cardio- and cancer-protective lycopene will multiply while you go about your day. You will arrive home to an Italian kitchen aromatherapy appetizer, with dinner just one step and a stir from complete. Set the table and enjoy the protection, excitement, and food satisfaction capsaicin offers us on a Protective Diet. If you aren’t into spicy red sauce yet, make it mild. After personally feeling the benefits capsaicin offers I will continue to encourage you with the science and recipe options and ask you to consider becoming a spicy food lover in training just like I did. Capsaicin is the phytochemical responsible for the exciting spiciness of peppers. It is proven to improve blood flow and endothelial function while reducing inflammation, suppressing the appetite, and enhancing food satisfaction. Learn why and how to introduce protective capsaicin into your meals for optimal health and food satisfaction with PD-Ed Lesson #243 – Health Benefits of Spicy Food

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