Artisanal Garlic Onion Herb Bread Premium PD Recipe

There is only one thing better than the smell of bread baking and that is the smell of bread baking that is packed with fresh garlic and herbs. This bread is beautiful, delicious, hearty clean eating. Free of additives, sugar, and fat found in traditional processed breads.

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  1. This bread was easy to make and bake. It is Delicious and is taking over our rolls. We just loved them! Lots of flavor, you really don’t need any butter on it. It is that good.

  2. This bread is excellent and really easy to make. My kids and us love it! I now make it every week. I am going to try to make sweet with cinnamon and vanilla for breakfast for the kids. Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes , it’s amazing !

  3. Yeast and I seem to have a difficult relationship — the bread just didn’t rise much! I bought fresh yeast, so I believe it may have been that the water wasn’t hot enough, so I will try again. The aroma was AMAZING! I also used dried herbs, since I didn’t have fresh — I assume that wouldn’t have made a difference in the rising?

    1. The herbs won’t cause the bread not to rise. Adding salt to the yeast water mix will. Add salt (if using) to the flour. Water temp is hot at 110 degrees. Hot that it feels hot but not so hot it burns the skin.

  4. Delicious! I didn’t have all of the herbs, so I used the garlic, onion, and parsley. I kneaded the dough in the KitchenAid, which is a great option for those of us with fibro hand pain. I love how easy this is to make. I can’t wait to make the Garlic Croutons with it!

  5. my 2nd attempt was just the bread no herbs, way better. im not sure what i did different but now im confident to try with herbs again. the dough seemed to rise better this time. its also has been crazy cold in chicago and it warmed up a bit outside.

  6. this was my 1st try at a bread with yeast since growing up with a mother who bakes challah every friday. the taste was great and got a nice crust. its a heavy bread and i was expecting something lighter. i cut it up and toasted it to make the best croutons ive ever eaten. i will try it again one day.

  7. It was pretty good. I put extra spices in it and on top of it before I baked it. I’m not much of a bread person so probably won’t take the effort to make again, but would eat it if someone else made it ha ha.

  8. This bread is SO good! i love bread too much for my own good… but feel way less guilty chowing down on this one! I didn’t have most of the fresh herbs on hand when I decided to make this but with just garlic, onion, and thyme it is delish!

  9. I’ve never really been confident enough to bake my own healthy bread since in the past some of them could be used for a doorstop but alas! I think I’ve finally got it! Thanks for a simple recipe that has given me renewed confidence to bake some fresh and healthy bread! Made it twice over the past few days both turned out beautiful! Using fresh herbs and garlic made it extra tasty. Thanks again.
    BTW, what do you think of putting black olives and maybe sun-dried tomatoes in the mix for a Mediterranean twist… or maybe I shouldn’t mess with perfection, right?

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