Asian Style Spice Nut Vinaigrette Premium PD Recipe

This is a remake of Trader Joe’s Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette. One bottle of this nutty, sweet and spicy sauce was never enough, so I hoarded this overpriced condiment. At the time, I thought it was worth it because it was so deliciously versatile and had me devouring huge green leafy salads along with rice or noodle bowls every day. Unfortunately, this dressing was packed with fat, sugar and chemical food additives designed to make me crave it. Every vegan I knew was a Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette hoarder, devouring “Fat Salads” every day. When I realized it was the reason for my chubby vegan struggle and high food costs, I gave it up and slimmed down. When I invented Protective Diet Fat-Free Nutty Butter, it was the first thing I made with it. Now I start my week with a double batch of this PD magic to manage my green salad and cruciferous veggie desires. My only current struggle is deciding between a hot brown rice Pro Bowl and a cold noodle salad. Chubby vegan and fat salad challenges aren’t part of our experience on a Protective Diet.

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