Asian Vinaigrette Premium PD Recipe

This is the ultimate oil-free umami dressing, with the body and balance to dress any salad creation from Asian style slaw, to matchstick cucumbers with carrots, to Protective Diet Chop Suey Salad. Use the assistance of a recipe guide to chop up a fresh protective masterpiece, or get creative and have it your way.


  1. I thought I loved the Sweet Mustard salad dressing, but, Holy Moly!!! This dressing taste just like one you’d get at an Asian restaurant. I can not get enough! It is great on a simple salad and served along with Chinese Take In, another great recipe, it feels like a night out!
    Julie Marie is a wizard at creating comforting & familiar recipes. Thank you Julie

  2. I have never liked the taste of ginger. But to leave it out will compromise Asian dressing I suppose. Is there anything else I could use to still retain the Asian dressing flavor?

  3. PD Salad Month! By far my new favorite salad dressing, oil free, sugar free, nut free, vegan Asian Vinaigrette. Julie Marie Christensen thank you, you knew I’d love this one. Organic ready chopped broccoli slaw with carrots, cucumber, red onion, purple cabbage served over hot organic long grain brown rice. Garnished with King Sauce and cilantro, my new staple.

    1. If it was made using the measurements listed and a high-speed blender it will have the consistency of a vinaigrette. It will coat veggies just like an oil based vinaigrette. It will thicken slightly when refrigerated. I use white chia to keep dressings lighter in color. The dark color is not very appealing in some of the lighter vinaigrette. I order white chia using the green link on the recipe.

      1. Thanks, except of the chia seeds, kept true to the ingredient list. It is the consistency of a vinaigrette, don’t know why I was expecting a little thicker. Making the Asian salad today.

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