Baba-Ga-Hummus Premium PD Recipe

Two of my favorite recipes on a Protective Diet are Baba Ghanoush and Creamy Hummus. This recipe is a lighter, short-cut combination of both. With our whole grain cracker, chip, and bread selections on a Protective Diet, creamy, flavorful dips and spreads with fresh cucumbers and unforgettable garden tomatoes have me shouting Baba-Ga-Hummus! Layer it on Seasoned Flatbread Sub Sandwiches or Oil-free Garlic Naan with colorful fermented toppings. Spread it out, garnish with Zaatar Spice Mix and scoop up with Quarantine Crackers while sipping PD Pale Ale for a protective happy hour celebration. If you are looking for a unique potluck dish, waterpark tailgate lunch, or a sunset picnic starter, Baba-Ga-Hummus is a perfect choice.

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