Baba Ghanoush Premium PD Recipe

Baba means father in Arabic, but I think it should mean king. King of Middle Eastern dips and spreads. Baba Ghanoush is the most creamy and flavorful of them all. Served just like hummus, but chickpeas are swapped with smokey roasted eggplant. This dish is traditionally made with yogurt, oil and tahini. I have replicated the creamy original, replacing the oil and fat with protective ingredients, complete with grilling directions to keep the kitchen cool in the summer when eggplants are in season. Since this is the best dish I’ve ever had on a Protective Diet, I included oven-roasting directions for year-round deliciousness.

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  1. I’m not sure if it is the “best” you have ever created, since all your recipes are pretty much “perfection”. You certainly know how to make the best tasting, never fail recipes.

  2. BABAGANOUSH! Vegan, oil free, nut free, sugar free, food additive free, and gluten free depending on what you scoop it all up with. A big plate of Protective Diet’s new baba ganoush served like in the middle eastern restaurants, topped with the last of the preserved lemon quinoa salad and king sauce. Fresh flavors that work very well together scooped with oil free woven wheat from whole foods. This is what I’m making for my next party, it’s a lot of food. My portions are still large and had 4-5 meals from the 2 recipes. This was my 1st of hopefully many times making baba ganoush. The PD recipe has the eggplant a bit chunky, I blended it. It turns out I can’t handle the texture of eggplant, oh and and jackfruit.

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