Baked Ziti Free PD Recipe

Kids love this crowd-pleasing pasta bake and so will the chef. It’s authentic in taste and looks just like the real deal. Get ahead of meal time on busy days and prepare this family style dinner a day or two in advance. All you’ll have left to do is pop it in the oven, bake and serve.

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  1. Tell me WHY I haven’t made this before?? So good and easy! Served for my birthday dinner tonight and everyone liked it, especially my 9 month old granddaughter 🙂 my son in law ate it, said it was good but he has soy “issues” so wouldn’t have seconds. Hubby liked it alot and it’s a good thing because I doubled the recipe. Can this be frozen before baking??

    1. Feel free to use canned or jarred tomatoes or puree, this is what I do. Make your own sauce by browning some finely diced onions, diced garlic add pureed tomatoes or tomatoes in puree. You can also add chopped fresh parsley, basil or oregano. There is nothing special about what is in the 365 whole foods sauce. The reason I recommend it is because of what is NOT it it!

  2. Made this yesterday (I’ve made 8 of Julie’s recipes in the last 2 days!), it makes your house smell soooooooo good, could hardly wait for it to get done cooking but it is well worth the wait.
    I can’t wait to make it again so I can add some mushrooms like Veganinblack suggested! That might be sooner than expected because my niece was eating it for breakfast this morning. I’m really enjoying having this kind of delicious food in the house for others to eat without any guilt or other unnecessary ingredients! 🙂
    Also can’t wait for my husband and niece to start seeing their weight drop while eating food that is so delicious and filling.

    1. If you press out the water in tofu and change the towel out it should be dry enough to soak up the marinade. I’m not a big fan of tofu in it’s natural form. I prefer it made into “cheese”, creamy sauces or dressings. I think a marinated baked tofu “steak” is boring. I prefer it used to replace the cheese in my Spinach Lasagna, mayo in Creamy Mustard & Herb Potato Salad, the base for Sour Cream Dream or Creamy Ranch Dressing.

  3. Oh really awesome! That will be worth my hour drive:) Stock up! I really appreciate all your help! I have been trying quite a few recipes and they are great! Thanks!

    Kristie Clark

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