Batter & Bake Onion Rings Premium PD Recipe

We’re celebrating the harvest of the Texas sweet onion from March to June with the most protective oil-free and naturally gluten-free battered and baked plant-based onion ring recipe. Thick-cut Onion Rings have everyone enjoying their daily dose of anti-inflammatory, free-radical fighting, disease inhibiting onions in familiar fashion. They’re a far cry from the original battered ring at Kirby’s restaurant in Oak Ciff Texas back in the 1920s. As the boss of our body, we have eliminated cancer fertilizing fried food from our diet. Out with the bad and in with the good, making every bite protective, deliciously sustainable and easy to prepare with Protective Diet recipes.


  1. These hit the spot for my onion ring cravings today. I dipped them in tarter sauce and ketchup. I don’t miss SAD onion rings and I didn’t get that tired coma feeling after lunch. Double win!

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