Batter & Bake Vegetables Premium PD Recipe

After tasting these crunchy, well-seasoned, dippable delicacies and learning about protective plant chemicals in the recipe notes, your family will be excited to eat a plant-based diet along with you. First they eat with their eyes, then they reach for the dip, and then the flavor-packed crunch bite. Put these in a fun basket, and bam! They are enjoying oil-free healthy protective veggies! Protective Diet recipes are designed as weekly educational bites to achieve and maintain optimal health with a sustainable diet that incorporates plant-based functional foods based on advances in phytochemical research. Review Pd-Ed Class #296 | Incorporating Dried Herbs for Flavor and Protection and Tips to Resolve Binge Eating Cycles.

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  1. I had such a taste for an eggplant sandwich like my Sicilian grandma made. She fried them in olive oil and made them with love but now I’m PD so decided to make these instead. Love you grandma!

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